Boris Johnson ducking into a milk storage unit has been gleefully mocked on social media
Boris Johnson ducking into a milk storage unit has been gleefully mocked on social media.
Nobody woke up this morning expecting to tweet about the prime minister leaping into a milk fridge, but thanks to Boris Johnson's cowardice around journalists we now have the hashtag #fridgegate with less than 24 hours before the nation goes to the polls.

Boris Johnson had been hoping for some positive press from his latest stunt, assisting on a milk round - but that all unravelled when his aide swore at the Good Morning Britain team on live television and the PM ducked into a nearby milk refrigerator in efforts to get away.

Twitter did what it does best and roundly mocked the prime minister.

CityMetric editor Jonn Elledge kicked things off by saying: "A senior Tory source tells me that, outside the liberal metropolitan bubble, the people of Britain hide in fridges all the time."

Jeremy Corbyn, campaigning in Middlesbrough, had his say - pointing out that he wasn't participating in staged photo-ops, nor hiding in fridges - and even did a passable impression of Johnson.

Broadcaster Peter Garbacz re-edited the whole scene in comic high speed and put Benny Hill music to it, saying: "Boris Johnson looking every inch the statesman this morning. If Benny Hill was a statesman."

Numerous deeply meta gifs and photoshops were offered up, including a spoof-of-a-rip-off-of-a-spoof based around Johnson holding up a sign in the doorstep scene in Love, Actually - which now says: "can I hide in your fridge?"

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There were numerous completely justified takes based on the "Brave Sir Robin" song from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Omnipresent freelance journalist Otto English perhaps won the day by quote-tweeting the prime minister saying: "This tweet works much better if you imagine it being shouted from inside a fridge."

While Twitter user Elinor Elliott made a valuable serious point: "Pay very close attention to the contempt for accountability shown here. If this is how they behave with a camera crew present, can you imagine their real views?"

Election's tomorrow, folks. You know what to do.