germany police
There have been no immediate reports of casualties although ambulances were reportedly spotted at the site of the incident.

An unidentified assailant armed with an axe took one patron of a slot machine hall in the German city of Buchholz, in Lower Saxony, hostage at around 12 p.m. local time on 30 November, the online media outlet Nonstopnews reported.

An hour later, responding police units commenced the operation to free the hostage, with the perpetrator reportedly fleeing from them into the gaming hall's restroom. The person was later overpowered and arrested by police officers.

A gaming hall employee and two guests were evacuated from the building and are currently being attended to by medics in an ambulance, which arrived at the scene along with the police. There is currently no information if someone was injured in the incident.

Police are working to reconstruct the incident and promised to publish a proper press release later.