american nations
The United States is a big country, but its population is anything but homogenous. For its entire history the people of its various regions have clashed over everything from politics and economics, to religion and cultural norms. But why? Today on MindMatters we discuss Colin Woodard's book American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, inspired by the earlier work of David Hackett Fischer. The current cultural landscape of North America traces back to its beginnings: the first settlers of its numerous colonies and their eventual spread west across the continent. From the Tidewater gentry and Puritan Yankees, the Spanish mestizo in the south and French in the north, the Dutch in New York and the Quakers in the Midlands, to the plantation slavers of the Deep South and clannish warriors of Greater Appalachia, the Left Coast and the Far West - the cultural template of each region was set by their respective 'founding fathers', and those trends have continued to the present day.

Tune in for a look at the fascinating, bloody, and often courageous history of North America, with all its twists and turns. This isn't the history your boring high-school teacher taught you!

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