rachel maddow
Last Saturday, Rachel Maddow tweeted an article from the Washington Post decrying the fact that YouTube's algorithm had recommended a video from RT in searches for videos about the Mueller Report. "YouTube recommended one video source hundreds of thousands of times to viewers seeking information, a watchdog says: RT, the global media operation funded by the Russian government." Maddow appended the tweet with the phrase "Death by algorithm".

The 'controversial' video in question is an interview Chris Hedges did with Aaron Maté - so, between two award-winning journalists (Hedges was awarded a Pulitzer, Maté an Izzy Award, specifically for his reporting on 'Russiagate') - whose collective journalistic weight dwarfs Maddow's 'Alex-Jones-of-the-Left conspiracy theories', by several orders of magnitude. The idea that YouTube should not be recommending this kind of high-caliber discussion, 'because Russians', is simplistic and reactionary.

Maté, understandably, took issue with this mischaracterization. In response he provided a "thread offering a sample of the falsehoods, innuendo, and propaganda that [Maddow] has aired on her top-rated cable news show". Strap in, this is epic.

Here's the thread unrolled via Thread Reader.

"Deliberate trafficking in unreality" is exactly right. If anyone ever needed any evidence that Maddow is little more than a rabid liar, obsessed with non-existent 'Russian interference' and pushing propaganda on her equally delusional fan base, this is it. As journalist Michael Tracey said, "If the YouTube algorithm should be criticized for promoting anybody, it's Rachel Maddow, given the many provable lies and deceptions she's fed her audience." Why anyone still listens to this woman is truly one of the mysteries of our times.