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Comment: Watch Peterson respond, head-on, with specifics and sincerity to some challenging questions; a great reminder of why this intellectual and humanitarian powerhouse poses a threat to those who would rather you don't think too much on the policies being peddled by the left in today's Western society.

Controversial academic Jordan Peterson told RT's Afshin Rattansi that the left's obsession with equality of outcome is doomed to failure, advocating instead for individuals to assume greater personal responsibility.

"It seems to be very difficult for people on the left to draw a line between what's acceptable and what's unacceptable," Peterson told the host of RT's Going Underground when asked to comment on the rise in popularity of socialism-friendly politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.

While acknowledging that the moderate left has ushered in labor laws and other reforms which have benefited society, the Canadian professor argued that the emphasis on "diversity, inclusivity and equity is a sign that the left has gone far too far."

Calls for equality of outcome, as opposed to equality of opportunity, particularly worry Peterson, who has become a pariah among liberals after he spoke out against gender-neutral pronoun legislation being proposed in Canada - an intellectual rebellion which launched him into the limelight.
I think that any attempt to pursue equality of outcome is doomed to a totalitarian tilt, because it's technically impossible to equalize outcomes across all possible identity groups
Peterson, however, insisted he has no illusions about the hardships of life which may make socialism so appealing to so many. But he suggested a different path.

"My contention is the best bet that you have in this veil of catastrophe and tears is to take responsibility for your own life and speak truthfully and act courageously," he told Rattansi.

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