At Children's Hospital Los Angeles, transgender industry Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy refers healthy but confused teen girls as young as age 13 to the surgeon for radical mastectomy - "top surgery," or "chest surgery." Girls and young women will likely also have their uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes rooted out before too long. Many even go through outrageous surgical horrors to jerry-rig some sort of pseudo-"penis." Because they're "men"! Or at least, so they have been led to believe by the "trans" industry.

And what about the "women"? In the United States, boys who think they're really girls can get their genitals de-fleshed and inverted to become a pseudo-"vagina" when they are as young as age 16. Surgeons say they would prefer to do these operations before the boys finish high school, because they suppose the parents would wait on these lads - oh sorry - "girls" - hand and foot during the several months of aftercare.

Forget about waiting for years and years to get this party started, going to therapy or any of that nonsense. Many "gender" clinics in the USA go by the "informed consent" model - which means it's really "on demand." Health insurers now scramble to cover the greatest variety of unnecessary surgical procedures for teens and adults with the minor mental illness of "gender dysphoria."

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Olson-Kennedy J, Warus J, Okonta V, Belzer M, Clark LF. Chest Reconstruction
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The backdrop to this mayhem is that in North America, Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, there is currently an epidemic of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) in adolescents and young adults. It is called "rapid onset" but it could just as well be called "sudden onset." Young people, primarily young women, are suddenly declaring themselves "trans" and demanding to "transition," despite never previously having shown any confusion about their sex. Whole friend groups at school are "coming out as trans." It is a social contagion, developed as young people ruminate (often with a friend) about how dissatisfied they are with their lives, and idealize their fabulous futures as members of the opposite sex. School adminstration lackeys of trans activist organizations have given them unparalleled access to kids in schools, and they have taken full advantage of it. The situation in the United Kingdom is much the same.

But transgender industry personnel utterly deny the existence of ROGD, despite abundant evidence for it. Why do they deny it? Because they are desperate for an innate, inborn, "opposite sex gender identity" to be a thing, nonsensical as that sounds. It gives the male transgenderists an "alibi" against the embarrassing truth, or so they hope.

Meanwhile, even younger children continue to be "transed" at a nauseatingly high rate. Why? A fringe group of ideologue doctors promoting "affirmative care" has gained some influence these days. Their main mantra is to "listen to the child" - and make enormous life-changing decisions for that child, based on childish prattle. For example, if little Johnny seems to like sugar & spice & everything nice, that means he is a girl. If little Jenny seems to like snips & snails & puppy-dog tails, that means she is a boy. Hey, Johnny says "she" wants to "socially transition"! How fun!

Well, except that a study showed that children (especially boys) who "socially transitioned" were much more likely to "persist" into a drug-blocked puberty (which generally includes, at no extra charge, sterilization). Puberty-blocking drugs - an implant in the arm - are typically prescribed from around age 8 or 9. From around age 13, doctors hook the kids up with the hard stuff - a lifelong regimen of synthetic estrogen for the boys, synthetic testosterone for the girls. And soon: A horrific range of unnecessary surgeries.

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Despite decades of "research" in which transgender industry scientists have tried to locate the source of "opposite sex gender identity" somewhere in the human body, the best evidence they can put together is wildly speculative at best, with huge gaps. Copious "spin" is used to cover over these gaps. Where they say "not completely understood," you can take that to mean they have no idea. That's because this "gender identity" doesn't exist. It's all just mind games, word-play and auto-suggestion. Transgender activists and their admiring "allies" in academia are desperate to prove that it does exist, because the alternative explanation - that perhaps they really do have mental illness -likely a personality disorder - is hard to bear. However, there should be no stigma or shame in mental illness. It is best to be honest with oneself.

Until recently, "gender dysphoria" more commonly was called "gender identity disorder." Most people understood this to mean something like "GENDER IDENTITY... (disorder)." It really should convey something more like this: "gender... IDENTITY DISORDER." Because it is a disorder of identity, perhaps part of a personality disorder.

People who believe themselves to be "trans" are *not* at an extraordinarily high risk of suicide. That's just the propaganda used to socially engineer society to give them what they want. Suicide attempt rates are higher than those in the general population, it is true, but they are similar to rates in other relevant sub-populations, such as people with mental illness and people who have been bullied. The extremely high rates of 40% or more that have been reported in the mass media were derived from surveys using faulty methods. It is surprising that well-funded transgender activist organizations would take such short-cuts and then report findings with a straight face, but that's what they've done.

Nor are they at particularly high risk of being murdered. Middle-class male transgenderists in high income countries often sound the alarm, poor them, they are being murdered in droves. Except they're not. A 2017 study that used data from the "Transgender Day of Remembrance" organization found that men who were considered to be "trans" became homicide victims in the United States at a similar or even lower rate to persons in the general population. A subsequent informal analysis compared country-specific "trans" homicide rates from the "Transgender Europe" organization to general population homicide rates from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Again, notwithstanding high numbers of homicides in some countries, the rates were similar around the world - the "trans" rate is comparable to that of the general population. If thousands of ordinary folks are being murdered in a given country, a proportional number of "trans" are murdered.

In high-income English-speaking countries, the vast majority of male transgenderists - as much as 90% of such men - are heterosexuals. They are straight transvestites, just as we've had in society for hundreds of years. In the past few decades, especially since the internet came along, large numbers of these men begin an illusory "transition," in the belief that they can magically become "women" through taking synthetic estrogen. They typically have autogynephilia, defined as an erotic attraction to a fantasy image of themselves "as women." Most of them claim to be "lesbians," which is an impossibility because they are men. Indeed, a large proportion of these guys in recent years don't bother having genital surgery. Instead, they speak of their "female penis" (sic). Even so, they aggressively pursue lesbians. When women reject them, they condemn the women as "bigots." If they go on dates with other men, researchers suggest it is only part of the autogynephilia fantasy.

It is not true that men claiming to be "women" are perfectly safe "nice ladies" in the presence of real women in sex-specific restrooms, locker rooms etc. There are numerous examples of male trans violence, voyeurism and other crimes in these and other settings. Indeed, there is evidence from a study in Sweden that even after their genitals had been surgically rearranged, men who claimed to be women had a similar conviction rate for violent crime as age-matched control group men. This rate was 18 times that of age-matched control group women. In other words, they "kept a male pattern of violent crime." Unfortunately, much crime committed by male transgenderists nowadays is officially recorded as crime by "women." Our crime data are being skewed terribly by politically-correct fear of "misgendering" these guys. Meanwhile, on the internet as well as in real life, they quite openly make violent threats to women.

Although transgender industry activists and researchers claim that the rate of regret in "trans" people after surgery is extremely low, it is likely instead to be quite high. When regret is even assessed in follow-up studies, it is often defined in very narrow terms, e.g. there must be a notation about this in the patient's medical record. Meanwhile, losses to follow-up are often quite high, well above the 20% levels that in other research would be an enormous red flag of trouble. After all, these patients need to take hormone drugs for the rest of their lives. How could 30%, 40%, 50% just be "lost," in our high-tech world? They must be in care somewhere, right? Have they killed themselves? Possibly. Although suicide rates are not as stratospheric as trans propaganda would suggest, they are still at higher risk than the general population.

These are just a few of transgenderism's "inconvenient truths."

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