Maram Susli SyrianGirl
© Syrian Girl/YoutubeSyrian-Australian blogger Maram Susli, who goes by Mimi Al Laham or 'Syrian Girl'
Syrian Girl sheds some light as to what is happening in Douma Syria, where a chemical weapons false flag threatens to plunge the world into nuclear war..

Syrian Girl explains how Saudi Arabia is behind the groups staging the hoax chemical attack in Douma.

Saudi Arabia may very well be behind the entire false flag, in its quest to dominate the European oil market and deliver a fatal blow to Iran... something which coincidentally pleases Israel.
Saudi CrownPrince
© Hamad I Mohammed / ReutersSaudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Remember that MbS just finished a PR tour of the US and France... the two nations at the forefront of pushing for an attack on Syria.

Paul Joseph Watson and Syrian Girl break down the dangerous situation unfolding in Syria...