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Finer and finer orders of control
Another mass shooting took place in the US last week, this time at a high school in south Florida. The gunman was apparently 19-year-old dropout Nikolas Cruz, who waltzed into the school with an AR-15 rifle and some spare clips of ammo, then slaughtered 17 students and teachers in cold blood. He escaped the shooting scene by hiding among the fleeing students, but was later picked up by law enforcement.

Cruz was associated with a White Nationalist group in Florida, suggesting that his motive was revenge at society. He also said he heard voices telling him to do it. The important thing is that he has plead guilty to committing the crime, the NRA and Putin are being accused of somehow conspiring to make him do it, gun control is back on the agenda, and the US can now move on and mourn as One (Nation Under God).

This week on Behind the Headlines, we examined the criminal mind that can do such crazy things.

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