Goes to show the strength of bonds and connection can change how we perceive and respond to life.
This was the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time, so I wanted to share this true connection with you all. I'm sure that all dog lovers out there can appreciate this and also anyone who has a compassionate bone in their body. This bond is real, and it goes to show just how much us humans thrive on connection and need it in our lives. It is also a wonderful example of how much our animal friends can assist us on this path if we are open to their assistance.

"He loves me unconditionally. I count my blessings every day."

This story is also a prime example of the notion that the opposite of addiction is connection. This man was addicted to drugs and quit so that he could help his dog get off the drugs. All of a sudden he had a purpose in life, and that purpose was to take care of this little friend who loved him unconditionally. In doing so, he was able to live his life, get clean, and recover from suicidal tendencies. My heart just melts to see this. There is no judgement with animals. Humans tend to make judgments and assumptions very quickly, especially about homeless people on the streets, but animals do not see these perceived "faults," and they love us anyways.

We can truly learn a lot from animals, as they have much to teach us about unconditional love and acceptance. We are so happy for this man and his little animal friend and hope they enjoy their time together.