California meteor fireball map
© American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 17 reports (event 4157-2017) about a meteor fireball seen over California, Arizona and Nevada on Wednesday, November 8th 2017 around 09:22 UT.

The meteor fireball appears bright blue in this video (until 4 second mark).

Within the last week in California, there have been several reports of meteor fireball activity seen from Lake Tahoe and San Diego was rocked by a loud boom and shaking which was not reported as an earthquake by USGS.

These 'mystery booms' appear to be occurring with increasing frequency around the world. Not all of them can be attributed to 'sonic booms' related to military aircraft activity. A very small sample from the SOTT archives: The one possible explanation that is not being put forward is that overhead explosions could be caused by micrometeorites exploding in the atmosphere without being detected first. NASA space data supports citizens' observations that - meteor fireball activity is increasing dramatically!