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Astronomer from Quebec Gilles Couture conducted a study using computer simulation. Because of this he was able to prove that early in the Solar system, stars, there was a "duet". But one of them left our galaxy and flew in the space provided, leaving the Sun in splendid isolation.

According to the study, conducted by the astronomer, the weight of the mysterious star was 2-3 times less than that of the Sun, and the speed of its movement ranged from 25 to 100 kilometers per second. The astronomer did not say when the second star was in the Solar system, although, in all probability, it could be a fairly short time.

Apparently, it is the presence of the second the stars in our galaxy were the cause of the unusual elongated shape of the orbits of some planets are in the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune, which contains a huge number of blocks of ice. To affect the orbits of the planets could have some kind of rogue planet, whose mass should be 16 times more than Earth. Previously it was thought that the gravitational pull the orbits of TRANS-Neptunian objects could be due to the existence of the ninth planet. This explained the location of other planets and celestial bodies. in addition, the researchers identified five factors proving the existence of the ninth account of the planet.

Thus, it is usual to all mankind the concept of the existence of one single star in the Solar system, undergoing change. Although scientists assume that the boundary of the Oort Cloud there is another star to watch that every 32 million years. Of course, given such a considerable period of time, it is not surprising that it is still tracking her, no one has.

By the way, our system is unique compared to others - because they are, basically, two stars (a binary system), and we have only one with such a wealth of planets have their own orbit. As a potential second star scientists periodically assume a brown or a red dwarf Nemesis. Although 30 years ago they were more confident that the screen flows, and mass extinctions that have befallen our planet and other global events were to blame for Nemesis, that is, as already mentioned, once in 32 million years, but even then find it almost impossible, as the Northern hemisphere has more than three thousand potential "candidates".

The Nemesis scientists have also attributed the extinction of the dinosaurs, which could happen because of an asteroid or comet, disturbed by Nemesis in the Oort Cloud. In 1984, astronomers Richard Muller, first suggested that the companion star provides the rotation around the Sun in such a huge time period, assembled a team of colleagues to search for the mysterious Nemesis. They studied the stars belonging to the correct spectral type. Has been studied more than 3000 fields, that is almost all red dwarfs of the Northern hemisphere. Thus, the number of potential candidates was greatly reduced, even with a limited number of days when it's easy to observe these stars.

Theoretically, the two stars of the system can not be limited to known even with 6 stars. But astronomers did some calculations and concluded that the Solar system will appear again in the second star and it will happen approximately 1.3 million years. A potential candidate for the title of the second star in the Solar system is assigned to the star Gilese 710. Which through the above-mentioned period will be removed from our lights in the 16 thousand astronomical units. Besides, at this point, scientists predict asteroid-comet collapse, which will start at the time of joining orange dwarf, which is Gilese 710, in the gravitational area of the solar system. The orbits of the planets will change as in our galaxy, and the Oort Cloud.

A close collision of stars, in principle, the event is inevitable, as the Solar system moves into the constellation, as well as other stars who have their own way. Fortunately, given the cosmic ways of measuring the "close collision" scientists call the situation that occurs when the distance between the objects is many trillions of kilometers. Although the cause of the cloud of comets potentially more than three hundred thousand stars.

It should be noted that frequent mention of the fact that the stars "go out". I especially love to use them in various prophecies. But this does not mean that the stars literally will cease to glow. Because such a huge cosmic body with a giant mass accumulate an incredible amount of energy that is used in fusion processes and emitted over millions of years. This radiation occurs not only when the heavenly body lives, but for a long time after his extinction. But then it ceases to exist and disappears into nowhere - it is either transformirovalsya a white dwarf, or is reborn in a supernova, exploding. The more absurd seems the statement that all the stars can go out at the same time. Another thing is that the inhabitants of the Earth, immersed in the cares and problems just once at least from time to time to raise your head and admire a scattering of brilliant lights in the sky.