This week on Behind the Headlines, we'll be taking another look at the Las Vegas Massacre on October 1st and analyzing the latest statements made by the Las Vega Police Department and the FBI about what really happened that night. Anyone with a few neurons still firing correctly and who has been watching the events unfold will already know that the official story is laughably inconsistent and unbelievable. Within the last few days, the authorities have changed their narrative a third time while the alleged 'hero' of the day- security guard Jesus Campos - has 'disappeared' with both him and his family allegedly under a 'gag order'.

As always, using common sense and critical thinking, while steering clear of the more outlandish and improbable claims, we'll do our best to paint as close a picture as possible of what really happened that night.

We'll also be taking a look at recent development in the Trump administration, in particular the increasing bellicosity aimed at Iran.

Join us from 12-1.30pm EST (6-7.30pm CET) for what will, as always, prove to be an enlightening discussion.

Running Time: 01:54:57

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