Edgar Maddison Welch
Edgar Welch: Mind-controlled dupe of the deep state or unhinged individual who's pissed about elite-run child sex trafficking?
It didn't take long for deep state to unleash what is most likely a false flag amidst the still breaking pedo-Pizzagate scandal. In one fell swoop blaming Russia, Trump's appointed National Security Advisor retired General Michael Flynn and of course those "fake news" internet conspiracy theory websites guarantees to deliver a big payoff for deep state tyranny bent on silencing all truth from Americans. By bringing in another gun wielding stooge to execute Sunday's shooting at the Comet Ping Pong pizza joint, the epicenter of a child sex trafficking ring, all the mainstream media outlets are busily jumping on a ready-made bandwagon charging the alternative "fake newsmakers" for triggering an allegedly unstable violent wacko. For more than a month MSM has launched a witch hunt, blasting alternative news for being purveyors of only "fake news." With Sunday's gun toting incident, MSM has blamed alt-news for endangering patrons at the "much maligned" pizza parlor known as Comet Ping Pong.

Comment: Though the Comet Ping Pong pizza place is clearly at the center of some very unsavory people, the jury is still out as to whether or not it is actually the epicenter of a child sex trafficking ring. We simply can't say for certain at this time. Same with the would-be shooter that this article focuses on. While it's certainly possible that he was "following orders" to fulfill the function of furthering the mainstream media "fake news" narrative, it is also quite possible that he may just be an unstable individual whose wiring got crossed... and the msm took the opportunity to pounce on the story.

Meanwhile, mainstream news has refused to report on the highly disturbing and incriminating photos and comments belonging to Comet's owner James Alefantis' Instagram account. Nor has MSM covered the sick art hanging on the walls of both Comet pizza and Tony Podesta's home. Or the encoded pedophile language used in hundreds of Hillary's campaign chairman John Podesta's emails that transparently refer to sex crimes involving underage children. Instead MSM has extensively rushed to Alefantis, the Podestas and Clintons' aid defending them as victims of alternative news' lies, reporting that Comet pizza and the rest of the businesses on the NW Washington city block that appear to work together in an international child sex trafficking ring have unfairly received hundreds of threats of violence, culminating in Sunday's attack as a direct result of alternative media's "fake news."

Comment: There's no evidence of "encoded pedophile language" in the Podesta emails. There are many mentions of pizza, and a few odd references to pizza and other foods. IF these are codes, we don't have the key, and they could be codes for anything. (And no, the list provided on Reddit is not a key - it's a list some random person made alleging to be a key, with no evidence to back it up.) This kind of jumping to conclusions IS irresponsible.

False flags have become increasingly predictable in today's fake world. Any time damaging truth about deep state gets exposed, like clockwork another wag the dog counter-event is staged to divert public attention away from the negative publicity exposing the dirty truth. This deceptive tactic is the classic trademark that has come to define virtually every false flag. Deep state consistently stands to gain the most by way of motive while possessing an easily accomplished means to achieve the desired orchestrated outcome through staged violence (be it with real people dying or in this case with no loss of life damage). False flag events always allow deep state and mainstream media to work in tandem to immediately generate the preplanned false narrative as their diversionary strategy to take the heat off some damaging truth that's recently been exposed by alternative media.

Comment: And even then, that does not imply in any way that every major breaking-news story about a shooting, bomb attack, etc., is a false flag.

In this case, the unveiling of the Clintons and John and Tony Podesta's direct ties through Comet pizza and its fellow businesses on the same block running an international child sex trafficking operation is threatening to bring down the entire Bush-Clinton-Obama crime cabal and therefore had to be covered up before any further damaging news comes out. So enter another hired actor acting as another lone gunman brandishing another assault rifle putting lives at risk shooting up Comet pizza so that the "fake news" alternative media can easily be blamed for inciting the violence, proving that "fake news" is presenting a clear and present danger to public safety by causing "radicalized" conspiracy nuts to become unhinged and go off the deep end. This false flag is a three-pronged attack on alternative news, the Trump administration (through General Michael Flynn and son) before they even take office as well as targeting the demonized cold war enemy Russia for its "interfering" in the internal affairs of sovereign nation USA, once again falsely accusing Putin of doing exactly what America with its hypocritical exceptionalism constantly gets away with all over this planet.

Comment: On the balance of probability, this was NOT a false flag. People have been getting hysterical over the mostly totally unfounded allegations surrounding pizzagate. It was only a matter of time before someone sought out some vigilante justice. It would be more reasonable to actually look at the evidence critically.

Still reeling from its child sex trafficking ring's exposure, the diabolical establishment is clearly on the ropes, desperately pushing back with another false flag PSYOPS. Ever since the mother lode of false flags - the Project for a New American Century's "new Pearl Harbor" - otherwise known as 9/11 - the global crime cabal matrix has relied on an ongoing series of state sponsored false flag terrorism after 9/11 launched its fake "endless war on terror" to keep the people terrified and easily controlled with Madrid's 3/11/04, London's 7/7/05, 2015's two Paris attacks, the attacks in San Bernardino, Brussels airport, and on and on it goes. Afraid that a global population is becoming increasingly aware of the cabal's demonic agenda for never-ending war and terrorism, theft-debt based slavery in a house of cards, crumbling economy, fast moving towards one world government tyranny, the cabal has struck once again with the Clinton-Podesta-Soros-Rothschild pedophile ring about to bring down the existing New World Order.

Comment: No "child sex trafficking ring" has been exposed. At most, a group of shady individuals who are perhaps involved in something more disturbing has been exposed. It's not as headline grabbing, but there ARE alternative explanations for all the "evidence" presented so far. Overstating the case is not helpful.

The hired gun this time is yet another stage actor straight out of a Hollywood B-movie named Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina. Welch entered the restaurant around 3PM Sunday and proceeded to point his weapon at a pizza employee who ran to the rear of the building calling 911. Within minutes the Washington Metro Police immediately swarmed the premises and when the disarmed 28-year old suspect exited Comet pizza 45 minutes later with his hands up, Welch was taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon, an AR-15 assault rifle. He also was cited for carrying an unauthorized Colt .38 handgun and had a shotgun confiscated as his third weapon.

Comment: Yes, Welch had done some minor acting work. That does NOT imply he was hired to "act" his way into Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle.

Right away comments began pouring in touting the quick response from law enforcement in preventing further tragedy. Easy to look good and take a bow when the entire event was likely preplanned and carefully staged. As if to distance itself from inevitable charges of executing another false flag, the police department initially maintained that the shooter was not connected to the Pizzagate scandal. Yet on cue a Comet employee was quick to let the already positioned mainstream press know that the gunman was undoubtedly headed for those "fictionalized" tunnels and the trafficked in children he'd been hearing so much about from all that citizen hype on the internet. Mainstream rags like the Washington Post identified the suspect's motive as a desire to "investigate" Pizzagate for himself.

Comment: "Likely"? Based on what formula?

A favorite standard tactic from the get-go used in every false flag is to assign an immediate false narrative blame, in this case singling out "fake" alternative news for riling up a member of America's impressionable fringe element who then poses a danger to society. Also shortly afterwards in the media frenzy to establish its scripted narrative, the next development confirms alt-news to be fully at fault by announcing that the gunman's Facebook page shows that he is an avid follower of popular "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jones.

Comment: And that would have been the outcome whether this guy was a plant or not. The over-the-top "reporting" on pizzagate has created a large pool of useful idiots who will continue to reinforce the image of "crazy conspiracists".

Regarding the accusation against Trump's selected national security advisor, retired General Michael Flynn, a tweet he made over a month ago was initially claimed by MSM to have inspired the Pizzagate gunman to attack Comet pizza on Sunday. Honest individuals within both the FBI and NYPD threatened to hold a press conference disclosing the incriminating Clinton evidence found on Anthony Weiner's laptop, which compelled FBI director Comey to reopen the Hillary investigation 11 days prior to the election. In response to NYPD insiders' statements, Flynn's tweet was actually accurate, so any blame that he inspired Welch by simply telling the truth is preposterous. His November 2nd tweet reads:
U decide - NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc. MUST READ!
The former Defense Intelligence Agency director of course is an expert on intelligence and if there's anyone who should be familiar with Hillary's crimes, it's Flynn. The general was only telling the truth, just like when he outed Obama as his failed commander-in-chief who refused to heed Flynn's 2012 expert warnings to not back ISIS in Obama's regime change obsession in Syria since the intelligence expert predicted the likelihood that the soon to be largest terrorist group in the world that Obama and Clinton gave birth to would attempt to expand its territorial control into an Islamic caliphate, which of course has all come to pass. Trump appears to have made a wise choice since Flynn will help the US work in partnership with Putin to defeat ISIS, unlike Hillary and Obama who are treasonously still secretly supporting Islamic State terrorism and would plunge us into WWIII against Russia.

General Flynn's son, Michael Flynn Jr. who is an advisor to the senior Flynn, on Sunday called out MSM's rush to judgment against his father for a bogus claim that the general's tweet last month inspired the Comet attack. The younger Flynn had this to say about Pizzagate:
Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many "coincidences" tied to it.
The son's tweet believing that the Pizzagate scandal may be real drew even more flak from all the MSM Clinton lovers.

A third bogus target blamed by the mainstream fake news for inspiring Welch to show up brandishing weapons at Comet is Hillary and her MSM's favorite target blamed for everything in this world gone wrong - Vladimir Putin. On November 30th the House passed HR6393, a bill designed to censor any news sources deemed pro-Russian propaganda, which have already been specifically cited on a list. It ushers in a new and dangerous McCarthyism that attempts to eliminate alternative news that may dare print the truth as opposed to MSM fake news, using the lame excuse that the alt sites may be working with Russian intelligence.

As a truth journalist, to have my recent article exposing Pizzagate cited in the online fakery rag Spin is a badge of honor I'll gladly wear. The crime cabal establishment is becoming increasingly threatened and worried that its continued incriminating exposure will ultimately lead to its demise. We seekers of the actual truth in this world can be aided by simply accepting everything that emanates from the federal government and its ministry of propaganda as fake deception and pure 100% lies. Simply reversing whatever they claim to be true has now become a reliable shortcut method to arriving at the truth. That there are alternative news sites that risk heavy consequences telling the truth as revolutionary enemies of deep state in an Orwellian truth-starved world provides a testimonial that the truth shall set us free. We citizens of the world will prevail in resisting, opposing and combating this demonic, in-our-face devilry of the Luciferian Satanists that have ruled this planet for far too long.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/.