Weiner laptop
More details are surfacing by the hour implicating the Clinton's connection to an international child sex ring based on what's stored on Anthony Weiner's now infamous laptop computer. It will be certain to bring down the Clinton crime syndicate crashing to the ground as the biggest political corruption and debauchery scandal in United States history, throwing the 2016 presidential election into a tailspin with Election Day just a few days away. If it fails to remove Hillary from next Tuesday's ballot, it will be certain to cause her to lose the election by a popular vote landslide that will go to Donald Trump. But the voting apparatus is already so heavily rigged, Trump's odds of winning still may be doubtful.

Because the ruling elite has so stacked the system with fixed electronic voting machines and election fraud rigging the outcome in Hillary's favor, she still could emerge next Tuesday as the false victor which potentially could trigger a citizen uprising. Voter fraud expert Bev Harris at blackboxvoting.org asserts that a software first deployed in 2001 but more often since 2006 has the capability of fractionalizing votes instead of treating them as whole numbers to easily rig elections. The system called GEMS is estimated to count about 25% of all votes across the US. This and the overall nightmarish debacle of the 2016 election has stripped naked a corrupt political machine of a once great nation presently in free fall decline. America's days as the sole world superpower along with its unchallenged global unipolar hegemony are officially over. And this year's fraudulent political circus has been the prime vehicle that's made the United States a pathetic laughing stock of the entire world.

With all its ugly warts and puss oozing from open wounds never before so plainly visible to other nations, US influence, respect and power in the world is drastically shrinking by the day. Russia and China and the BRICS alliance have been preparing and waiting for this day - the downfall of America and its US dollar/petrodollar as the global standard international reserve currency. Ever since the 1913 privatized central banking system (aka the Federal Reserve Act) snuck into power seizing control over the money supply, the dollar's lost 92% of its value and for over a decade kicking the can down the road to ward off complete financial collapse and ruin cannot be prevented by simply printing worthless paper fiat out of thin air. Those days are over too.

The consequences unfolding now have the Clinton-Bush-Obama-CFR puppets running for cover in sheer panic. Having been the public face fixture fronting the rigged Rothschilds-Rockefeller global monopoly game that since 9/11 has tightened the noose around the masses, currently the elite has both humanity and our planet on the brink of extinction with severe loss of biodiversity and habitat, and both World War III and the global financial system ready to explode.

The propaganda lies of the Democrats' mantra that "the Russians did it" are now fully exposed. To think that content on one pervert's laptop is about to topple this criminal dynasty's long reign of terror is both inconceivable and unbelievable. But it's happening today as at least a few public figures that have been behind genocidal mass murder lose their grip on power and control. But the globalists behind them will only step up efforts to plunge humanity off the doomsday cliff. So the serious question then becomes, if the same ruling elite remains entrenched, and only a fresh sea of changing faces appear as their next puppets, it amounts to nothing more than "same as the old boss."

A group of brave Americans within the US intelligence community (yes, there are good guys amongst law enforcement, the CIA and the military though no doubt a minority at the top of the power pyramid) have grown increasingly alarmed and disgusted by the Clinton-Obama-Bush corruption and brutality. So a few have apparently decided to start leaking all those tens of thousands of emails to WikiLeaks. A video featuring Harvard psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik who served as a State Department official in several administrations represents past and current insiders working together via WikiLeaks to deliver the necessary evidence to the American public to fully expose the cesspool of cronyism and corruption embedded in Washington, really ever since the JFK assassination over half a century ago. He accuses the Obama-Clintons of pulling off a tyrannical coup and his group countering it with a "soft coup" of their own via the information war on the internet. His second appearance on YouTube comments on the breaking Clinton sex scandal as further evidence of the counter-coup's success.

What is coming to light today is the Clinton connection to the demonic international child sex slavery-trafficking ring that's already been known and written about for some time. I wrote about this nearly two years ago with an article entitled "Power, Pedophilia and the US Government." But apparently disgraced former 7-term New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop provides the smoking gun details uncovering the darkest sins of the planet's most powerful elite. And this latest development should put the final nail in the coffin on the present international crime cabal fraudulently posing as the United States government.

As the estranged husband of 20-year top aide to Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner is being investigated for pedophilia brought about by sexting messages and photos of Weiner exposing his wiener earlier this year to a fifteen-year old teenage girl living in North Carolina. A New York Post article reported on September 22nd that the New York Police Department Victims Unit armed with a search warrant raided Weiner's home and confiscated all four of his electronic devices. Then the Victims Unit stumbled upon a vast trove of incriminating evidence Weiner marked under "life insurance" and other hidden files that were subsequently handed over to the New York FBI office on October 3rd.

The FBI investigators sat on it for over three weeks per the Washington Post before finally bringing it to the attention of FBI Director James Comey last Thursday October 26th. Resistance to the evidence moving forward came from both the stonewalling Justice Department and pro-Hillary stooges in the FBI like Deputy Director Andrew McCabe but eventually succumbed to the growing pressures from both NYPD and FBI investigators. Realizing the overwhelming evidence, Comey had no choice but to cover his own ass and reopen the case. After not indicting Hillary last July, acquiescing and colluding with both the Clinton crime cartel and his compromised boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch who illegally met with Bill Clinton while the investigation was still ongoing, Comey sent his bombshell letter to Congress last Friday that opened the floodgate to further inquiry leading to today's criminal dynasty ending headlines.

NYPD sources told True Pundit that they've gathered enough evidence "to put Hillary and her crew away for life." In addition to proving the Clinton's guilt in numerous crimes, the emails implicate numerous Clinton aides, government insiders including both current and past members of Congress, high ranking military officers, judges, other foreign government operatives as well as royalty participated in sex crimes with children. Their felonies include sex crimes with minors, child exploitation, pay to play crimes through the Clinton Foundation, money laundering, perjury, obstruction of justice, and destruction of evidence. The NYPD detectives and Chief (just under the Commissioner) have stated that if the Justice Department and the FBI drop the ball again, they will ensure that the incriminating evidence moves forward and made public themselves. The NYPD Chief was appalled at what he saw:
What's in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach. There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.
Apparently both Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are now cooperating with federal authorities in efforts to seek separate immunity deals. She sent her lawyers to talk to the FBI and he checked himself into a sex addiction rehab center. Much of the sex scandal involves convicted pedophile and registered sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who on his Lolita Express Boeing 727 pimped underage girls and boys as sex slaves for international dignitaries on his Caribbean island estate. Hillary is said to have made visits at least a half dozen times while Bill a frequent flyer with least 26 confirmed flights. Apparently Weiner, Hillary and Bill have all made trips to sex slave island. Turns out Hillary has a well-documented history as a sex predator of underage girls. Law enforcement officials are now determining whether serial rapist Bill Clinton had sex with children between 5-14 years of age. Reports indicate that the authorities are closing in on the former president and potential next president.

Comment: Though we know that Bill did take a number of trips on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express, some of the above is still in the rumor (if quite possibly true) stage. We still have to wait and see what comes out of the investigation.

Of course the thousands of new emails present just more supporting evidence that classified and top secret documents were sent on unsecured servers to and from Hillary, Huma Abedin as well as Anthony Weiner already confirmed by WikiLeaks and other sources. But FBI sources maintain that potentially dozens of others had access through Weiner's email accounts to classified State Department material.

Turning to a closer look at the largely unknown central figure Huma Abedin in all these discombobulated gyrations exploding around Hillary every day since last Friday, for the last two decades Huma has been Hillary's mysterious right hand woman. The woman Hillary affectionately refers to as her "surrogate daughter" apparently has been allowed to infiltrate to the highest echelon of Washington's crime cabal while her mother currently residing in Saudi Arabia sits as the longtime editor of a radical Sharia Law Middle Eastern journal that she took over after Huma's father died years ago.

Huma Adedin was born in Michigan but moved to Saudi Arabia with her family at age two and grew up a Saudi until age 18 when she returned to the US to attend George Washington University. Remarkably just two years later, prior to what many consider to be the legal adult age, Abedin was already selected as the First Lady's White House intern soon to be hired as Hillary's fulltime employee and personal assistant. In 1996 the first year Huma Abedin began serving her crime boss Hillary, she was also working at her family business, a monthly journal published by the Institute of Minority Affairs and owned by the Muslim World League, a Saudi organization that promotes violent Wahhabi Islam espoused by ISIS, the world's largest terrorist organization that Hillary helped create. In fact in 2009 Hillary herself declared the Muslim World League a terrorist organization. For the first dozen years while Huma worked for Hillary, Abedin was also employed as an editor at her family's Sharia law promoting journal. All along the treasonous Secretary of State was fully aware of her then Deputy Chief of Staff Huma's family background and ever-so-close ties to terrorist organizations.

Security staff assigned to protect Hillary while Secretary of State later testified before the FBI investigating the email scandal that Huma Abedin carried far more power to regularly circumvent standard security protocol especially when handling sensitive CIA briefs as well as Abedin's frequent trips to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The terrorist backing Muslim World League and the Abedin family owned Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs even share the same London business address where Huma's mother and brother still work at 46 Goodge Street. Mama Adedin is a card carrying member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the counterpart organization to the designated terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood, which happens to be the same outfit that Obama's half-brother is known to have raised funds for. Having met Hillary on a number of occasions, Huma's mother Saleha has gone public as the journal editor supporting such Sharia laws as female genital mutilation, subjugation of women as second class citizens with no civil rights, women's participation in violent jihadism and the death penalty for those leaving Islam.

On 9/11 Huma Abedin drew paychecks from both then Senator Hillary and Huma's family organization that funds terrorism. And in more recent years while her crime boss was Secretary of State, Huma acted as the go-between for the Saudi government to buy influence by handing over $25 million to the Clinton Foundation and financing 20% of Hillary's election campaign. And now finally as the hidden link between Saudi terrorism and the Clinton crime cartel is unveiled, at long last Huma Abedin is being outed. Despite helping to set up the unsecured server in Hillary's Chappaqua, New York home, testifying under oath in April during the FBI investigation, Huma lied claiming she never knew her boss had a private server. So among many other crimes, Abedin is a known perjurer.

The meteoric rise of Huma Abedin from complete obscurity as a young Saudi girl raised steeped in Wahhabism indoctrination, then suddenly catapulted overnight to the very top of the most powerful nation on earth, plants a reasonable suspicion that Huma's placement in the White House was orchestrated by foreign interests, namely the House of Saud and perhaps even Mossad.

Huma's mother currently sits on the Presidency Staff Council of the International Council for Da'wa and Relief, a group chaired by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. The UK recognizes the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and the US Congress was about to follow suit but Obama adamantly refuses to accept it on the State Department list. Controversy stems from the Brotherhood's known ties to terrorism and a document calling for "a strategic plan" that seeks power through infiltrating America through government at all levels. Under Obama and Clinton leadership, their vowed open border policy and their undeniable terrorist ties to al Qaeda and ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood plan's been working exceedingly well - till now.

Currently the Obama administration is fearful that the Clinton scandal is about to drag it and him down as well. On Wednesday the American Center for Law and Justice filed a federal lawsuit against Lynch's Department of Justice demanding full disclosure of the Bill Clinton ambush of the AG on June 27th at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport tarmac. Like the predatory stalker he is, Clinton set out to "bushwhack" the Attorney General in order to intimidate her into calling off her FBI hounds, and barely a week later the DOJ closed its investigation of Hillary's email server and a week and a half later Comey cleared Hillary of all criminal wrongdoing. Now with this lawsuit, it will all come out in the dirty wash how secret blackmail deals are made in Washington to maintain control over others just like any other organized crime cartel.

Meanwhile, sensing his morally corrosive boat is now sinkable after hitting a renewed FBI iceberg, on Friday night Obama missed no time at all cancelling his dozen Clinton campaign appearances leading up to Tuesday's election. The weasel-in-chief is clearly in full panic mode now busily distancing himself from the Clintons. He even lied previously that he knew nothing about Hillary using an unsecured server despite being caught later having used a pseudonym to send her email on her unauthorized server.

After Comey reopened the case on Hillary last Friday, the FBI continues even today releasing emails confirming that classified documents passed through Hillary's private unsecured email server. One email even showed the State Department's under secretary of state for management, Patrick Kennedy, approached the FBI seeking to make a shady deal to lower the classified security status of a particular Hillary Benghazi email in order to block it from solicitation under FOIA, committing conspiracy for obstruction of justice. The FBI official was openly ready to play corrupt ball with Kennedy in exchange for more field agents assigned to Iraq. The FBI's email dump at this time shows just how desperate it is, intending this "too little, too late" disclosure to demonstrate its desire to clean house. Realizing the writing's on the wall and the axe ready to fall, the FBI appears to be engaging in yet more CYA maneuvers knowing it's crunch time for Obama, Lynch and her DOJ, the State Department and yes, the FBI too. AG Lynch will be the first rotten apple to fall from Obama's rotten admin tree.

But it won't be long before Obama and his predecessors Bush and Cheney et al will also be going down in flames for their plethora of treasonous war crimes. Obama could even delay or suspend the election. Meanwhile, traditional Hillary-supporting, liberal MSM rags like the Chicago Tribune headlined an article on Saturday calling for Hillary to step down.

Comment: Bush and Cheney going down? Daddy Bush and Cheney are so much a part of the deep state that the likelihood of this occurring seems, at least for now, to be slim to none. We can hope though!

In today's world, no major event happens without the globalists' order or approval. Thus, just days ago the powers-that-shouldn't-be assessed their growing damages with Hillary their preselected choice and concluded their interests are better served abandoning their once darling Hillary and are now throwing her under the bus. She's been deemed too big a liability, a too heavy load with her scandalous baggage, not to mention her deteriorating health yet another liability. So the rulers of the planet decided to pull some strings, cutting Hillary's off and conceding to shift toward Plan B, which could manifest in any number of ways and scenarios.

A false flag crisis providing the pretext for cancelling the election and implementing martial law may still occur. Or allowing the fixed election to run its course with Hillary getting elected might still happen. The criminal elite have spent years and billions rampantly rigging the electronic voting machines currently in place. Rather than let all their meticulous planning go to waste, they may allow Hillary to falsely declare a hollowed out, empty victory despite Trump's overwhelming popular vote, and permit the first elected US president be sworn into office while under a criminal cloud soon facing impeachment and imprisonment. The globalists may see this as the most expedient path to further destroying America, put through an agonizingly humiliating, painful death. Timed with the launching of their world war against Russia, China and Iran and simultaneous collapse of their global economy, what riper conditions can lay the groundwork for their New World Order one world government?

That said, with everything now being finally forced overnight out into the open light of day, even fools who've long buried their heads up mainstream media's lying ass will learn the truth that an international crime cabal is represented by virtually every national government in the West and beyond, all owned and controlled by the same ruling elite that goes back centuries. Their bankrupt, fast crumbling system is now being exposed like never before and the US has finally begun its long overdue task of a thorough house cleaning. Other equally corrupt Western vassal nations in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea will only follow suit. Empire's Middle Eastern partners-in-crime Israel and Saudi Arabia are both on their way down as well.

No matter what the next dropped bombshell is, the tide is fast turning against the entrenched Washington criminals now scrambling like rats ready to jump off their sinking ship. Soon enough in America a truth and reconciliation commission should organize to commence bringing forth more evidence of the most sordid, egregious crimes committed against humanity now rocking the world on what's destined to become the biggest scandal ever in United States history. Perhaps we are finally turning the corner and mobilizing forces for good just might prevail after all.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co