Podesta pizzagate
Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of people already occupying positions in high places in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once an influential person had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati, they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm, and even death to themselves and their loved ones. - Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati Founder
Back in February 2015 I wrote a piece for Veterans Today about the undeniable age-old nexus between power and pedophilia when suspected pedophiles Bill Clinton and attorney Alan Dershowitz were caught with their pants down as frequent flyers on their registered sex offender buddy Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express documented flight logs. This coincided with the English royalty connection through Prince Andrew's known involvement. Having spent the better part of a quarter century career in mental health as a licensed therapist and clinician directly working with child and adolescent victims of sexual trauma and abuse in Los Angeles, I recognize pedophilia as a pathological mental disorder and international crime of the worst disorder and over two and a half years ago was compelled to write about human trafficking. Its tentacles have spread like a cancer to every corner of this earth to where slavery is far more widespread today than any previous time in recorded human history. And Pizzagate as the scandal that won't go away is currently forcing us to deal with this abominable human malady like never before.

Last month a few days ahead of Election Day, FBI director James Comey was forced to reopen the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton due to smoking gun evidence discovered on the laptop filed under "life insurance" belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman and husband of 20-year Clinton aide Huma Abedin. With 26 logged flight plans for Bill and at least a half dozen for Hillary, it directly linked both Clintons to Epstein's child sex slave pedophilia operation on his Caribbean island estate. A second file on the Weiner laptop named "DNC Nuclear Arsenal" contained the dirt on Podesta and the DNC. In a third file labeled "Intimate" an NYPD insider claimed it included "X-rated photos of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton with a teenager."

The cat that had already been let out of the bag a couple years ago obviously is not going back in, despite Comey reclosing her case two days prior to Clinton losing the election. Beyond all question or doubt a pervasive international child sex slavery-trafficking ring has already been absolutely established and well documented long before last month's Pizzagate opened up the latest rabbit hole to a whole new can of Satanic worms. This most recent twist strongly indicates that just a stone's throw away from the White House the most egregious sex crimes operation ever committed in the nation's capital directly implicates not only the Clintons and Obama but as prime suspects Bill's former Chief of Staff turned Obama's legal counsel and Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta and his deep pocketed older brother lobbyist Tony Podesta, who for what it's worth, ranks #23 on GQ Magazine's list of the most powerful people in Washington DC.

The weak link at the epicenter of the still unraveling Pizzagate pedophile ring is 41-year old James Achilles Alefantis, owner of a pizza parlor called Comet Ping Pong. By the way, on that GQ power list, this guy's been designated the 49th most powerful person in Washington. That's a bit weird in itself to have out of all the heavy hitters in our nation's capital a pizza joint owner as the 49th most important VIP. Through his posted display of dozens of perverted, bizarre photographs over many months accompanied by sick, highly incriminating commentaries on his public Instagram page (recently switched to private), along with dozens more WikiLeaked John and Tony Podesta emails to and from their intimate circle of criminal friends that include Hillary and Bill Clinton, an extremely strong and convincing case of circumstantial evidence emerges that when compiled together cannot be dismissed, conclusively demonstrating that the most powerful figures in the most powerful nation on earth may be hardcore Luciferian worshipping pedophiles partaking in an international child sex slave trafficking ring.

This presentation will tie the myriad of known pieces together that culminates the exhaustive, still ongoing, admirable effort made by thousands of internet sleuths feverishly communicating and exchanging information in recent weeks on Reddit. Touching a raw nerve, an open wound of pus-filled decadence is now oozing out of the nation's capital, where the most powerful movers and shakers on the planet live and work that could potentially bring down the global crime cabal. In response, no doubt under orders from a reeling, fearful elite, a week ago Reddit closed its subreddit Pizzagate hashtag that's now been replaced by Voat as the online meetingplace hub for sharing info.

What's being exposed here is a thoroughly corrupt, broken system that carries out the most egregious crimes on earth that up until now through centralized media control (run by six oligarchs), its crimes against humanity have largely been sealed and protected. But as much effort as the fake MSM news establishment desperately tries to cover up the overwhelming, in-our-face evidence, with Pizzagate critical mass is reaching the tipping point, and there is no stopping the ugly truth from now being widely disseminated to the global masses. Hence, the establishment is aggressively pushing back with censorship on the internet in a desperate countermeasure to shut down the truth from getting out.

Comment: Which may have as much to do with Trump winning the election and the Western-led war against Russia as anything else.

That the everyday citizens must be enlisted to function in the role of detectives working the internet trenches 24/7 to break the "story of the century" wide open, rather than wait for the nation's law enforcement apparatus to complete the criminal investigation, speaks volumes in and of itself. The fact that the FBI refuses to follow through on releasing its explosive findings only confirms its leadership is more than a complicit accomplice but an integral part of the systemic problem within a perversely diabolical system operating with total impunity, protecting the guilty at the top. Reddit's shameful attempt to undermine and thwart the citizens' online investigation, the MSM whores' failure to expose and law enforcement's failure to indict all prove that the system is completely broken beyond repair. The criminal establishment is currently in a state of pure panic, terrified that truth is spreading and under the clear light of day, like cockroaches the elite's running for the hills.

Pizzagate is the single most potent driving force behind America's secret shadow government and its MSM minions conspiratorially, frantically colluding with internet giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Reddit to remove all traces of the uncovered ugly truth from the World Wide Web, deceitfully mislabeling and censoring it as "fake news." However, having now reached the point of no return, enough of the American and global public is finally onto the elite's criminal madness and propaganda brainwash that have successfully misshaped and manipulated our perceptions of reality for far too long.

This breaking story exposes the most appalling and perverse criminality at the top of the globalized food chain and in one fell swoop threatens to bring down the existing NWO international crime cabal that's owned, operated and controlled virtually all human affairs throughout every corner of this planet for centuries. It's time we smite the cabal's vile head to vanquish this demonic monstrosity once and for all, ultimately liberating a long suffering humanity from its genocidal stranglehold. As citizens of the world we must rise up and come together in unified solidarity in the name of truth and justice to demand fundamental change as we clean house, drain the swamp and root out this overwrought evil to hold the guilty accountable, starting with full disclosure of the Pizzagate story.

Honest renegade elements within the New York FBI offices and the NYPD grumbled loud enough to threaten to blow the lid off the Clinton pedophile cover-up based on the trove of incriminating evidence found on Weiner's laptop. Suddenly the US intelligence community responsible for so many of the WikiLeaks data dumps represented by Steve Pieczenik's YouTube videos announced days ahead of the election that a peaceful countercoup was underway removing the Clinton crime machine from power. At that same time, hundreds more of John Podesta emails were released by WikiLeaks, and the shocking revelations began emerging just a week before America voted Donald Trump on November 8th to be our next president.

Checking with FBI code words commonly associated and widely utilized in pedophile circles and investigations, instantaneously social media became abuzz on the frenzied, unstoppable Reddit message boards busily deciphering the leaked Podesta emails and connecting them to the pizza shop owner's strange and disturbing social media entries, piecing the clues together to come up with a dark sinister picture of the northwest DC's pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong that's apparently been acting as the front for a major child sex ring network. Shaking this tree may bring down the cabal.

The facts that Clinton fundraisers have regularly been held there in addition to two Obama phone bank fundraisers during his 2012 reelection campaign, another Comet sponsored fundraiser at the White House where Obama was photographed playing ping pong with a child along with owner Alefantis being a White House guest at least five times, a letter sent by Hillary thanking Alefantis for hosting a fundraiser, a document showing Hillary paid Alefantis $10,000 and even her main financier George Soros donating another $11,600 to Comet Pizza through the PAC American Bridge 21st Century, these things don't happen to just any pizza joint owner in America but only to one with direct connections to the most powerful players at the top of the power pyramid. So when vigilant citizens investigating and scrutinizing Podesta emails crosschecked them with Alefantis' Instagram pages, a clear picture began emerging of a child sex slave trafficking operation indicating the most powerful puppets in Washington are guilty as sin. And linking Alefantis and Podesta to both the already confirmed Weiner evidence and the previously well-known Epstein child sex slavery ring, a more complete picture of hardcore evidence is now crystalizing that all the MSM deception in the world can no longer hide or suppress.

With all his brash, grandstanding bravado exhibited on Instagram for all the world to suddenly see, James Achilles Alefantis quickly became the Achilles heel to the Clinton-DNC big wigs' active pedophilia ring. Despite James promptly switching his accounts to private once the Reddit investigators were exposing him, dozens of highly disturbing photographs along with his and his followers' equally bizarre, more than suggestive Instagram responses began circulating all over the internet, speaking volumes for the fast-growing, inquisitive worldwide audience busily putting two and two together.

On his Instagram account Alefantis posted photo after photo of babies, toddlers and young children all in less than subtle poses suggesting they are of no more value than a secret stolen commodity for sale. One such photo shows an infant holding packs of cash dollars extending into its mouth. Alefantis posted another pic of a baby being held by an adult male with the Alefantis caption "cuteness is serious business." Another yawning cutie includes a for sale sign reading "German baby for sale $1,200 please do not touch!" with Alefantis' comment "way overpriced." Or the photo of his large underground, austerely empty room that looks like it could be a cold storage unit but has Alefantis' comments "oh yeah looks like fun," with his "#murder" hashtag and another's "#killroom." The guy who wrote the #killroom hashtag has on his Instagram account photos that suggest he makes child sized coffins. In that dark context, it could easily double as a torture/death chamber with another comment saying "just rinse it off when you're done." Tony Podesta sent an email to brother John stating "Still in torture chamber." Another photo shows a very young girl about 3 with both her arms strapped down with tape and an adult male lurking behind her at the "kid-friendly" pizza shop, suggesting both bondage and torture.

For a pizza joint that advertises itself as a local family-friendly hangout where parents come to share pizza with their kids and can listen to music while their young ones happily play ping pong in adjacent and downstairs rooms, the wall murals in the kids' ping pong rooms and the live after 10PM "adult" entertainment performances totally contradict this "wholesome" family image being sold. Alefantis posted Instagram pics of large murals on the walls with X-rated themes depicting adults holding children's decapitated heads while real kids are playing ping pong. This place has secret rooms, a dark basement and eye slits on the wall to see through. On a bathroom door hidden behind secret panels a sign reads "shut up and fuck." Hardly the kind of kids-friendly atmosphere the pizza joint supposedly prides itself on.

An oft booked after hours adult entertainer at the Comet pizzeria is Amanda Kleinman (aka Majestic ape). In a YouTube video of her live show she emphasizes not celebrating Christmas at a friend's January birthday but instead her demon child sacrifice god Moloch in a bizarre diatribe that mentions euthanasia and jokes about pedophilia. Her brother Christopher Kleinman is serving a 43-year sentence for multiple counts of child molestation.

The Comet manager interviewed by a local TV reporter repeatedly emphasizes mutual trust between staff and customers, as if they need to keep secrets. Makes no sense for trust to be the keyword to describe a pizza joint. It's far more likely that only criminals, conspirators and those who have something wicked to hide would have so much riding on trust.

Strangely or not so strangely, two doors down from Comet is Besta Pizza that has a logo taken straight out of the FBI data base as a symbol for "boy lover" pedophiles. Even more telling is the Besta owner Andrew Kline as a Bill Clinton appointee is an attorney who works at the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit at the Department of Justice. Across the street from Comet pizza in NW DC there's an office housing an NGO called Beyond Borders that allegedly works with Haitian orphans. Often services ostensibly set up to help refugees operate as a front concealing exploitive criminal activity. Think about it. Haiti destroyer-crime boss Hillary Clinton-Haitian trafficker Janet Silsby-likely murdered anti-trafficking journalist Monica Petersen (more on Silsby and Monica later) intersects with Comet pizza child pedo trafficking ring-Besta DOJ anti-trafficking attorney-trafficked Haitian orphans office. Every single establishment on the entire block are part of the Hillary fanatic brigade. This insulated do-loop seems like an ideal set-up for the illegal child trafficking operation financed by the Clinton-Soros-Rothschild money.

Just to add more questions involving more than chance connections, a Doug Band email with the subject line pizza.jpg sent on August 8th, 2009 to John Podesta, Huma Abedin and a couple other Clinton big wigs includes an attached photo and says "As John said, it doesn't get any better than this." Doug Band was the Clinton Foundation man who made the Clintons multimillionaires after they left the White House. The photograph depicts two woman and a daughter happily eating pizza. The two Asian American females in the pizza pic happened to be the two journalists while covering human sex trafficking mistakenly crossed into North Korea and were apprehended by the military. After spending the previous 140 days locked up in a North Korean prison, three days earlier to the email, they had arrived back home on US soil after Bill Clinton had negotiated the reporters' release. And on that trip to North Korea Clinton was accompanied by his former Chief of Staff John Podesta and real estate heir and Democratic Party contributor Steve Bing. By the way, Bill and Bing were both Lolita Express flyers to fellow pedo buddy's Epstein's sex slave island. All this coincidence? I don't think so. The ecstasy expressed in the email by John and the Clinton crew might just be over the additional capital earned by Bill's heroics vastly improving their prospects for a flourishing child sex trafficking ring in the coming 7 years ahead - that is until the SHTF with Pizzagate a month ago.

Another anomaly are several photos Alefantis posted on social media of underground chambers where workers are digging holes below his restaurant. Despite this kind of renovation needing permits, there is no record of the Comet owner ever being issued a permit in the last several years of the 10-year old business. Then Alefantis actually jokes about filling in the dug out holes with the babies pictured on his other posts. This kind of very sick commentary permeates his Instagram account and of course cements in the minds of thousands of internet users James Alefantis' guilt as a murderous pedophile. It has also fueled speculation of a reported underground abandoned subway system in DC with tunnels interconnecting all the pro-Clinton buildings on his block that are working the child trafficking pipeline together.

It's not like child sex trafficking networks are a new phenomenon. Longtime UK kiddie host-kiddie Satan worshipping predator Jimmy Savile whose pedo-files led straight to English royalty, high court judges, prominent parliament members and even a former prime minister. Current aging Prince Charles, his father Prince Philip and Charles' mentor Lord Mountbatten, all longtime close friends of Jimmy, have been reported to be pedophiles. Savile is believed to have supplied victims for the UK royals and elites. Even Prince Charles' intimate relationship with Savile is raising questions. Yet protected by the BBC, the sexual predator enjoyed a career spanning more than a half century gaining easy access to vulnerable children he opportunistically raped. Despite so many insiders aware of his brutal crimes, they stayed silent allowing him to continue decade after decade. His pervasive "invisible" criminal record only surfaced after Savile's death in 2011, revealing that he and his powerful friends in high places have been brutally molesting thousands of young victims uninterrupted over a span of indefinite time.

This wall of shame that's paralleled the Catholic Church's own sinful pedo past and cover-up shows how deep state continues to protect its global network with complete impunity, literally stealing several million children from their homes every year, a 2002 study estimated an annual 800,000 missing children in America alone. That number has likely skyrocketed in the past 14 years. Another estimate 17 years ago in 1999 stated that over 1.3 million US children went missing. Those outdated statistics even outnumber all cancer deaths by a third. According to those obsolete records, 1 in 92 kids in the US winds up missing each year.

If it's this deadly perilous for America's boys and girls, the number of child trafficking victims in Third World nations like Haiti, Colombia and in Asia is far more alarming. Let's face it, it's a gargantuan, largely untalked about human epidemic that Pizzagate is forcing us to finally confront and come to grips with to try and stop. Exposing the guilty now offers removal from power the very crime cabal network of sickos who've been ruling over the earth for centuries. Rather than continued ignorance and silence, the present horror coming out of Washington is presenting an opportunity to wipe the slate clean by purging these diabolical predatory monsters, and that's actually a Godsend.

Pedophilia is a growing black-eye everywhere on this planet now. In the US the Franklin scandal unfolded throughout the 1980's trafficking hundreds of underage boys and girls from the Boys Town Nebraska area into Washington, even late night visits to the White House under Skull and Bones NWO ghoul George H.W.'s watch. The widespread scandal is featured in a British documentary entitled "Conspiracy of Silence" that was scheduled to be aired on the Discovery Channel but at the last moment was pulled to keep the pedophilia problem hidden from public awareness. Fortunately one copy was retained by courageous former Nebraska state senator John de Camp who documented the disturbing story in a book and the documentary has been redistributed on the internet chronicling this tragic miscarriage of justice that victimized hundreds perhaps thousands of innocent minors, some of whom were actually double punished with false imprisonment.

Because pedophilia and child trafficking have been kept so tightly under wraps by the elite rulers for so long, the international crime rings engaging in child abduction, child sex slavery, even child sacrifice and cannibalism in Luciferian rituals practiced for centuries by secret societies has remained unchecked and as a result only grown from bad to worse.

In addition to the higher profile Franklin scandal, there was also the Presidio military post scandal with known pedophile and career Army intelligence officer Michael Aquino who was Church of Satan leader Anton's LeVey's protรฉgรฉ from 1969 up to 1975 when Aquino left to declare himself high priest of his own Satanic Set Temple in San Francisco. Meanwhile, he spent 22 years in the Army abusing hundreds of children everywhere he went and incredibly was never even charged for a single crime despite being identified by victims. He was even involved in Nebraska's Franklin scandal as well as ordered the abduction of a Des Moines paperboy. Additionally, HW Bush used Aquino with Col. Ollie North as an operative in the Iran Contra scandal smuggling cocaine into the US from Central America.

At the Presidio daycare Lt. Col. Aquino and his subordinates ritualistically abused and tortured children at least from 1986-1988 despite evidence destroyed in a series of arson fires to further obstruct justice. The military authorities simply proceeded to sweep the horror under the rug as no charges were brought against any offenders. Finally it's reported that the Army involuntarily retired Aquino but with an honorable discharge at full pension in 1990. Of course Aquino denies all allegations citing never being charged as proof of his innocence. He also furnishes online a discharge from Army Reserves in 1994 as proof the Army did not force his resignation from Active Duty in 1990. To this day the pedophile is still practicing his brand of Satanism in his San Francisco temple.

This same despicable pattern occurred at a daycare facility at my own alma mater West Point, New York in the mid-1980's. The abuse was ongoing for a couple years before legal action was finally taken after a sergeant murdered a child but was given a dishonorable discharge as his get out of jail card. A consistent pattern prevails at military facilities across the nation where victims and their families are not even believed when they report the crimes. Assigned US Attorney Rudy Giuliani prior to becoming NYC mayor worked in cahoots with West Point officials and the FBI to minimize the public scandal at such a "fine, prestigious" institution by essentially letting the perpetrators walk. Then afterwards the victimized families were advised to "just move on and forget about it." But life for a sexually traumatized young child never goes back to "normal," nor does it for the family. Nightmares, paranoia, acute mistrust and anxiety haunt victims the rest of their lives. Like known pedophile priests that the Vatican condones by allowing its perps to transfer from one assigned location to the next to continue inflicting unfathomable pain and suffering on countless child victims and their families, similarly the US military is an unconscionable accomplice to pedophilia crimes committed by military personnel both on and off US military posts throughout the world. Offenders in uniform are egregiously further protected as federal employees.

But the wall of silence in the entertainment field is even worse. Both Hollywood and the music industry are notoriously saturated with pedophiles who've remained untouched and allowed to continue working successful long careers as child managers, directors and producers while permanently destroying kids' lives, ceaselessly preying upon underage boys and girls. "An Open Secret" is but one revealing, very sad documentary showcasing the widespread severity, stigmatization and damage perpetrated on young aspiring actors and singers.

And then there's the fact that careers of so many of the most famous superstar entertainers - Beyoncรฉ, husband Jay Z, Kanye West (who was mentally hospitalized recently for publicly turning against Clinton), Rhianna, Miley, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Madonna, the list goes on and on, all have been shaped by demonic handlers spreading their cabal message as decadent pied pipers of gloom and doom. Historically the immense popularity of entertainment stars has been exploited by MKUltra and other brainwashing programs perpetrated by the CIA/Mossad/MI6 handlers as mere social engineering tools used by ruling elite to globally influence, program and control generations of billions of impressionable fans.

This topic of pedophilia is not going away, not this time anyway. Just last week Norwegian police arrested 20 and identified 31 more suspects in the largest child sex ring discovered in that country. No doubt related, on the same day of the arrests, the Norwegian government announced that its 2017 contribution to the Clinton Foundation will be cut by near 90% from last year's peak. Three months earlier 75 arrests were made in a pedophile sweep across Europe involving 26 of 28 EU nations plus Norway and Switzerland as a result of a yearlong Europol investigation in trafficking child pornography after decoding the "dark web" encryption system. The so called dark web is a haven for these child porn mongers using bitcoin to peddle their diabolical wares.

Headlines in Australia a month ago detailed the massive child sex network still operating 40 years later after a victim came forth to hold a press conference addressing her sex slave experience that began at age 5 when abducted and raped repeatedly by VIP's high up in the Australian government. She maintains that her maltreatment by unresponsive authorities ever since has been more traumatic than the sex abuse itself. A senator stated that he holds a list of identified pedophile perpetrators from police consisting of 28 prominent government officials including a former prime minister. Additionally similar to Norway, last Friday Australia announced that it will no longer contribute any money to the Clinton Foundation after totaling $88 million in the last decade. To think that worldwide contributions made to that charity fraud have supported the Clintons' globalized child trafficking network is mind-blowing.

As the epidemic of child sex rings becomes even more exposed globally than ever before in history, punctuated by the Clintons' filthy fingerprints all over the mounting evidence, critical mass in America is currently occurring as the latest Pizzagate developments spread only wider across the globe. Meanwhile establishment rags like the New York Times, Washington Post and NPR reacting in full damage control mode are feebly rushing to Comet Ping Pong's defense, accusing the internet of fabricating the story yet failing to cite any facts to back up their bogus claim, only proving how desperate their real fake news is now that their credibility has dwindled to near zero.

A cursory examination of James Alefantis' life is rather revealing. He is presently the romantic partner of David Brock, ex-right-wing journalist-hatchet man turned Hillary hatchet man, founder of such tax exempt nonprofits as the liberal watchdog group Media Matters and Control the Record as well as a former Bitcoin director. Time Magazine describes Brock as "one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party." The illegal activities that Brock's been hiding for years provided a spurned former lover to accuse Brock of "financial malfeasance," cooking the books of his Control the Record Hillary Super PAC with a blatant money laundering scheme. As a result, Brock had to sell his Delaware home in order to pay off his ex with $850,000 in hush money that Brock himself calls "blackmail payment." It's also speculated that Bitcoin is conveniently used as an untraceable financial mechanism that's enabled human trafficking rings in recent years to flourish under the legal radar.

A far looser connection but worth noting is the one Instagram member who is most in agreement with all of James Alefantis' perverted postings happens to be Arun Rao, the DOJ's US Attorney's office chief in the southern district of Maryland that borders Alefantis' neighborhood. Like the Besto pizza owner two doors down from James, Rao also handles prosecutions involving human trafficking and child pornography. Again, coincidence that all these guys "love" little kids? I don't think so. The very people high up in Washington whose jobs it is to protect children from pedo traffickers are likely the same guilty players who are part of the criminal operation. That's how sick and corrupt our government's become.

And if it's true that our own federal government is behind the epidemic of international child sex slavery trafficking like it definitely is behind the international drug smuggling operation that funds black ops, then that explains why Washington DC and Virginia have the highest per capita missing child rate out of the entire United States. According to records at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, kids in Virginia are 4.67 times more likely to end up missing than the kids in the rest of America and 2.67 times more than the second most per capita state Florida. Only one other state, the most populated California that has a population nearly five times that of Virginia has more children missing.

One more disturbing trend, the number of missing Virginia kids without even photos posted on file has skyrocketed this year, up from just 8 in August to 74 in November. And 3 out of 4 child victims of sex trafficking are already in the child "protective" services (CPS) system. What does that tell you? Our own governmental arm that's supposed to protect and keep kids safe is doing exactly the opposite. But then if in fact it's the government that are the human traffickers, again that completely explains why.

One child advocate who recognized the rampant abuses committed by CPS was Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer. She made such a ruckus exposing systemic child kidnapping destroying so many families forcing unwanted national attention to the growing mistreatment of children in social services care that one night in March 2010 she and her husband were most likely murdered. The "official explanation" was ruled a homicide-suicide case with her husband blamed for killing her and then turning the gun on himself. But those who knew the couple well think very differently and claim that she was receiving death threats. Sadly, exposing the heinous wrongdoing of a criminal system carries high risks.

There's a truism that says the company you keep says a whole lot about you. Applying this principle to the Clintons, the Weiners, Jeffrey Epstein, James Alefantis and the Podesta brothers, it doesn't reflect very highly on any of these dark shady characters. What's increasingly clear by the Clinton-Podesta WikiLeaks data dump is that as partners-in-crime they're all intimately in tight with each other. In fact a recent photo of James Alefantis and Tony Podesta with arms wrapped around each other was taken at Tony's 73rd birthday party in October.

But the Podesta boys have another very close friend they invite to dinner for both entertainment as a performance artist as well as a chef of sorts concocting a strange brew called "spirit cooking." Enter high Wiccan priestess Marina Abramovic. Her brand of spirit cooking mixes together such "delectable" ingredients as fresh human breast milk, human semen and swine blood (simulating human blood although she's known to use menstrual blood as well). What she and the boys call art when demonstrated in public she herself calls occult rituals when conducted in the privacy of their own homes or such venues as Comet pizzeria's "after dark" hours. In one video Marina is filmed painting in blood on a wall the following words: "With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand" and below it "eat the pain." And wouldn't you know it, a photo currently floating around the web casts a devilishly smiling John Podesta dutifully exhibiting his sliced bandaged middle finger of his left hand with the number 14 in his right open palm and the fish symbol drawn on his left palm, juicily inviting cryptic occult speculation galore on the internet.

Strong evidence suggests that the Podesta brothers are pedophiles who participate in Luciferian rituals. Tony Podesta has mural paintings plastered all over the walls of his home showing minors in S&M bondage and Katy Grannon photos of naked teenagers. He also owns a grotesquely sculptured bigger than life-sized one ton bronze replica called "Arch of Agony" of an actual macabre photo of one of serial murder-cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer's headless victims that Dahmer forced into an odd postmortem pose.

In another John Podesta email to his brother, the childless middle-aged man shares that he is "seated with the kids so a little wired," referring to children sitting next to him on a plane, using the word "wired" likely inferring his arousal as a pedophile.

Between the sick, demented so called art and the infinite email references to pizza obsession encoded in pedo terminology conferring sex with underage children, supplemented by Alefantis' obsessive fixation for babies for sale in his pizza shop Instagram photos with his kid-unfriendly pizza parlor's wall murals and flyers depicting pedophiliac predators raping infants, this kind of graphic imagery perversely plunges far beyond any suggestive realm of "twisted art," transgressing deep into dark, lurid acts of criminal pedophilia. Pizza and pedophilia simply do not mix except in the deranged twisted world of fellow pedos.

Speaking of "birds of a feather," aside from Alefantis, John and Tony Podesta have maintained long term friendships with at least three known convicted pedophiles as well - disgraced ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert, infamous offender Jeffrey Epstein and Sigmund's grandson British writer, broadcaster, chef and politician Clement Freud. And those are just the ones who got caught.

Yet another heavily covered angle on the internet Podesta saga shows their spitting images drawn in two police sketches made right after three year old Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal in May 2007 at the exact same time and place where the Podesta brothers were staying at their old child molesting chum Clement Freud's million dollar estate just a third of a mile away from where Madeleine was abducted. Even Tony Podesta's mole on his forehead matched the mole in the police drawing. Just what do you think the odds are of that? Out of the country, Freud had loaned his home to his fellow pedo buddies and even after Madeleine's disappearance, Freud made contact with the little girl's parents.

The latest interesting piece of circumstantially incriminating evidence to surface is an Andrew Breitbart statement made on Twitter dated back on February 4th, 2011:
How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upper defending unspeakable dregs escapes me
Perhaps such dangerously true revelations is what got 43-year old Andrew likely murdered one year later.

Though there appear dozens of Podesta-Clinton emails that are red flags of something sinister lurking behind the thinly veiled pedo lingo, the following WikiLeaks released email to John Podesta and other Clinton players from a fellow DNC insider who happens to be a step-grandmother pimping off her underage grandchildren obviously forgot to throw in the pizza as their standard cover:
We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you'll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.
When all of this massive amount of circumstantial information together is taken into account, it really isn't such a farfetched stretch to believe that such aficionados of the black arts as the Podestas in context with their wider circle of DNC friends many of whom are known perverts and felons, John and Tony may in fact be Luciferian worshipping pedophiles. If John Podesta is being wrongly crucified in the court of online public opinion based on what at least appears incriminatingly suspicious, why has he chosen to remain silent throughout? Perhaps because anything he says may be used against him in a court of law. Knowing both the Podestas and Clintons' scandalous common history and their warped sexual preferences amongst their common friends, the only logical explanation is that they're both two pea pods falling out of the same shaken pedo pair pod tree.

Let's now take a brief look into the past at John Podesta's crime boss Hillary. Obama and Hillary's ideological mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated his 1971 book Rules for Radicals to "the first radical known to man - Lucifer." Hillary paid homage to her Luciferian admiring guru in her 92-page Wellesley College thesis.

Then there's former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich who as an astutely trained White House observer was stationed in the Clinton residence from 1993-1995 during Bill's first term in office. Aldrich was so distraught by what he witnessed, it compelled him to write a book to warn America about the Clintons' grave misdeeds that seriously endangered national security.

Of particular concern when considered in the context of Hillary's darker occult involvement history, Agent Aldrich went into detail to describe how the First Lady chose to decorate the famous Blue Room Christmas tree in both 1993 and again in 1994, using ornaments that featured nude fornicating figurines, "crack pipes hung on a string," ornaments made of "syringes, heroin spoons and [marijuana] roach clips." He also noted that Hillary included "Five Golden rings - sex toys known as 'cock rings.'" The FBI agent summarized Hillary's bizarre, un-Christmassy exhibit on public display this way:
So many of the ornaments didn't celebrate Christmas as much as they celebrated sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Many observers including Clinton insider Larry Nichols have stated that Hillary regularly participated in witch coven meetings. Others insist that she is a fifth degree Luciferian witch. Famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward wrote that Hillary Clinton conducted numerous sรฉances inside the White House, contacting her idol Eleanor Roosevelt. Hillary herself in a June 10th, 1996 column even admitted to talking to Eleanor's spirit. Bill Clinton mentioned in his My Life memoir that he and Hillary had the opportunity in 1975 to participate in a voodoo ritual in Haiti where dead spirits took possession of participants' bodies. Clearly Hillary has been an avid practitioner in black magic occult practices.

That first Clinton trip to Haiti was followed 35 years later by their infamously greedy return to rip off the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere for millions of dollars after the deadly January 2010 quake that killed 300,000 Haitians. According to attorney and human rights activist Ezili Dantรฒ, as the UN envoy in charge of $6 billion in humanitarian relief offered to rebuild Haiti, Bill Clinton saw to it that less than 1% of that money went to the Port-au Prince government. Speaking of the Haitian rip-off, Hillary gave her brother Tony Rodham a sweet deal with controlling interests in a goldmine company in northern Haiti that's only swindled more precious assets from the Haitian people. But the nefarious mining company's primary purpose has been as a front for the Clinton child trafficking ring... as right after the earthquake Haitian children went missing in droves from hospitals.

... which brings us to yet another damning Haiti connection in seedy character Laura Silsby, a convicted child trafficker who was caught trying to kidnap 33 Haitian children out of the country. Silsby is supposedly the former director of a phantom "New Life Children's Refuge." Yet the vast majority of children she was holding at the time of her arrest had two parents. Leaked WikiLeaks emails show that Huma Abedin constantly funneled all emails directly to Hillary concerning Laura's Haitian enterprises. Emails as far back as 2001 link Silsby to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's chief of staff and known perjurer Cheryl Mills, confirming that for years Hillary had a personal stake in Silsby's trafficking affairs. Leaked emails from Hillary herself demonstrate that she protected the child kidnapper from prosecution, arranging legal counsel for her and the 10 others arrested. The real kicker is that the attorney who defended Silsby is a convicted sex trafficker himself. Again birds of a feather... one WikiLeaks Clinton email even goes so far as to discuss prices for trafficking child cargo.

A very much related story that has just come out of Haiti in November is the mysterious death of young journalist Monica Petersen working for an anti-human trafficking organization. She was allegedly piecing together evidence connecting Hillary's brother Tony's mining company, the Clinton Foundation's board of directors and the Clintons' child sex trafficking ring, especially after the Pizzagate story broke. Meanwhile her family has been kept totally in the dark with no explanation of her death. One report specifies that Monica committed suicide with an alleged note yet no one has access to it and friends and family disagree with that typical cause of death in so many of the suspicious Clinton-related cases. At least one friend has gone on record suspecting that Monica was murdered for uncovering yet more damaging evidence that threatens to take down the Clinton crime cabal.

Of course like any Mafioso boss, a trail of near three dozen dead bodies hovers over the Clinton crime family suspected of multiple murders of both "friends" and enemies spanning numerous decades from the early Arkansas coke running days to silencing DNC leaker Seth Rich last August while stealing her party's nomination. And now another "mysterious" hit last month? You be the judge.

Hillary Clinton's blood lust for naked power at all cost has become her widely accepted trademark. An FBI agent called her "the anti-Christ personified." Given the universal principle that like attracts like, it's a natural fit that John Podesta was destined to become Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff and her campaign manager. More apropos in this case, evil attracts evil. The late Andrew Breitbart pinpointed Podesta's deep interests in child smuggling operations and lo and behold Hillary's connections run even deeper in trafficking defenseless kids. Pizzagate is simply the hottest tip of a diabolically ice-cold glacier meltdown.

Democide, the systemic willful murder of innocent people by their own government, killed an incredible six times more humans in the last century than all the military wars combined, and that includes world history's two deadliest wars on record. Thus, we citizens have been our government's expendable targets in the crosshairs for a very long time. Decades ago we've been deemed "useless eaters" by the likes of Clinton's globalist guru Henry Kissinger, who proposed "justifiable" wholesale murder of residents in Third World nations, and he personally saw to it during his tenured Nixon years that over a million Southeast Asians were murdered and thousands more in his Chilean coup that he and other war criminals like Obama are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The elite has made no bones about culling the human herd to just a half to under a billion people from the current 7.4 currently breathing on this planet. A secret Luciferian network has controlled human affairs that include the financial debtor-theft system, endless wars, monopolized stolen energy resources, and a nonstop parade of presidential puppets and puppet controlling CFR advisors for over a century in America and for several in Europe.

Throughout their reign of terror known as human history, deep in shadows beyond our view the powers-that-shouldn't-be have been freely engaging in ritualistic human sacrifice and murder, violating in the most monstrously vile ways our little defenseless children, all the while managing to effectively keep their evil demonic savagery hidden from us - that is until now! It's high time that we the people, all the decent family loving citizens of the world, learn how our so called world leaders have betrayed us in their incessant slaughter of the most innocent amongst us for far too long. The Podesta-Clinton-Soros-Bush-Rockefeller-Rothschild bread crumb trail of the ruling elite are clearly identified demonic criminals who are now naked and terrified that we the masses are finally waking up and learning the truth about their rotten filthy, pathologically sick lethal habits. With the truth as our power and God as our guidance, we must bring justice and peace to this troubled planet before these animals kill us all. A truth and reconciliation commission must be brought forth immediately to begin official investigation holding these evildoers accountable for their genocidal sins, so that humanity can be liberated from their absolute malignant control once and for all. We now face both the opportunity and challenge to take down these life, love and God hating creatures before they do us more irreparable harm.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/.