Trump at Aipac

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. on March 21, 2016
No sooner did I finish writing my last article inferring if not suggesting that Donald Trump may prove to be more than a thorn in the side of the ruling elite, a couple hours later I was watching his speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference. I stand by my account of accurately detailing the over-the-top rush to judgment and all the mass media hype the globalists are viciously attacking in efforts to smear and defame Donald Trump. Calling him the incarnate Adolf Hitler himself is the same mode of character assassination by which Western leaders and MSM have relentlessly demonized Vladimir Putin as the pure evil dictator he is not. But after watching Trump's AIPAC speech yesterday, my wishful thinking that Trump may just be the anti-elitist champion America's been desperately needing and waiting for was disappointingly shattered.

As a journalist I do my best to report the truth as I see it. But witnessing Donald Trump paying such saccharine unholy homage throughout his entire half hour anti-Iran diatribe of pure unadulterated pandering before the almighty AIPAC dollars that have come to be the make-or-break kingpins lording over American politicians, for the first time I actually found myself embarrassed over what I'd just written.

In a déjà vu-like moment I was immediately reminded of how so many of us were taken in eight years ago by Barack Obama preying on America's hope for change, finally electing a president that we believed would do right by the American people. Many of us citizens were swept up by our first elected black president's promise to transform America from the sordid misery and untold damage of the preceding eight devastating years under the sinister Bush-Cheney regime. But once Obama took office, our sense of national betrayal began setting in when we started learning that "the hope" was all just an Obama act to get himself elected, and his true colors as a treasonous imposter were becoming clearer. Now Barack Hussein Obama will likely go down as the worst president in history for actively destroying America. It was a bitter pill to have to swallow realizing Obama was same as the old boss, representing eight more years of the same tortuous neocon madness made of the same horribly destructive policies of war and chaos - only worse in Obama's concentrated, accelerated form - than the previous criminal Republican administration.

As a nation we painfully learned that a Democrat occupying the White House was no different from a Republican. We also learned that presidential elections are a mere formality, an obscenely gluttonous, monetarily corrupt waste to simply buy the president. Over a half billion's been wasted on just the Republican dropouts alone so far this year. It's degenerated into a tiresome ritual every four years that only provides an illusion of choice and self-serving fiction that democracy in America is still alive. It isn't, not in this century anyway with two Bush stolen elections. We learned our democratic republic was dead, hijacked by an oligarchy that ruled in the land of the no longer free, with plutocracy and technocracy its closely associated companions. And of course the nightmarish transformation Obama delivered to America was not what we had in mind. Obama was groomed from his controversial CIA birthright roots to be the "Manchurian" president selected early on by the ruling elite to carry out the mission to undermine and ruin America. And with ten months still left in office to go, the globalists would have to give their Obama boy an early mission accomplished A+.

Following the elite's marching orders, the Bush-Cheney-Obama regime chose to invest taxpayer dollars to the staggering tune of $6 trillion (estimated 3 years ago prior to ISIS invasion of Iraq), near 10,000 American lives lost in the so called neocon invented war of terror, wasted sacrifice in two protracted, still-not-over, imperialistic Mideast wars shamefully killing 4 million Muslims (including North Africa) to date, all promulgated on never-ending MSM propagandist lies demonizing manufactured enemies based on US oil and hegemonic interests exploited by the Greater Israel Project. And this doesn't include the countless dirty little secret wars fought by US Special Operations Forces the world over covertly occupying three fourths of all the earth's nations that we don't even know about.

Modern Western civilization consists of nonstop history of war and bloodshed fought on Third World soil massacring Third World citizens just to maintain its imperialistic full spectrum dominance and control over the global masses and earth's most valuable natural resources - a never-ending saga of rape, pillage and earthly plunder. Piggybacking off the 1980's success of financing the use what was to become Osama and his al Qaeda proxy terrorists in Afghanistan to break up the Soviet Empire was followed in the 1990's with al Qaeda helping to break up Yugoslavia in Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia. Then at the turn of this century came the neocons' PNAC partnering with both Israel and Saudi Arabia to at least on paper hire more Wahhabi terrorists to create its "new Pearl Harbor" and "endless war on terror" with the agenda to destabilize the planet, engage in regime change at will around the globe, and destroy nation after nation after nation turning them into failed state wastelands - Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Ukraine just to name more than a few in the last decade alone. All the while keep in mind not one of these countries ever posed any threat whatsoever to America, its "national security" or the American people.

After the Bush neocons with Netanyahu and the House of Saud deployed their CIA, Mossad, MI6 as covert handlers to finance and manipulate misguided young Muslim patsies to pull off such "new Pearl Harbor" events like USA's 9/11, Spain's 3/11, UK's 7/7, with a little help from their usual friends, purported Muslims Obama and his CIA Director John Brennan then helped carry out last year's French Hebdo and Friday the 13th attacks. Hebdo came within weeks after the French government moved to recognize the Palestinian State and talk of lifting economic sanctions from Putin's Russia. Last November's Paris false flag attack was the violent jolt US Empire needed to renew the allied coalition in Iraq and Syria spearheaded by France in their "endless war on terror" right after Putin had stolen their thunder busily wiping out the West's longtime precious investment ISIS terrorists fighting their proxy regime change war in Syria.

Additionally to fuel Obama's obsessive compulsion for gun control, a string of false flag mass shootings have been amateurishly staged from the first Fort Hood shooting in 2009 to 2012's Sandy Hook and 2013's Boston Marathon bombings to last year's Chattanooga military post and San Bernardino killings among others, all except Sandy Hook blamed on so called Muslim terrorists working with CIA handlers all confirmed acts of Western state sponsored terrorism. The all too obvious agenda of the terrorism on domestic soil vis-a-vis mass shootings is to repeal the Second Amendment and implement gun confiscation from American citizens.

The true enemy of the people are shadow government agents and elected leaders acting as globalist pawns using a wide array of WMD's within their unlimited arsenal to terrorize and murder their own people just to enflame and keep their war on terror going indefinitely. A war against Islam using Muslim scapegoats was created purposely to spread fear and hatred leading to fomented religious wars as part of the Greater Zionist Project. Ongoing oil wars in turn gave rise to the globalist manufactured migration crisis in Europe threatening to bankrupt and destroy that once prosperous continent.

Another lethal weapon the powers-that-shouldn't-be frequently deploy in recent years is their scalar pulse weaponry (as evil misuse of Tesla's genius) to demonically create unnatural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes in order to punish nations that dare to defy Empire's full spectrum dominance. The 3/11 Fukushima quake that's been killing off Pacific marine life in the world's largest ocean slowly poisoning the planet with unprecedented record radiation levels for an entire half decade now is but another example of the demonic forces at work to control Western puppets like Japan. Former Forbes Asian correspondent Benjamin Fulford has firsthand accounts of manmade Japanese earthquakes as diabolical manifestations of the international crime cabal seemingly operating with impunity around the globe.

The Washington neocons working within an evil alliance with the state of Israel and their Western affiliates all demonically dance to the dictates of the central banking cabal. The six oligarch owned mega-media corporations dictate and control over 90% of the news and information outflow, shaping public perception and opinion bias based nearly exclusively on deep state lies, disinformation and propaganda. The entertainment industry including film, television, sports, music and video gaming through today's far-reaching technology multi-mediums wields massive brainwashing hypnotic trance-like effects to mold values, beliefs and norms of mass generations that make up an enormous global audience that further facilitates mind control and engineered programmed behavior over an increasing worldwide population. When we consider that a mere handful of human beings comprising the Council of 13 richest families on earth most visibly represented by English and European royalty along with the infamously super rich Jewish families notably the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers control the world and virtually all major world events and developments, it is truly mind boggling.

That's why to become president of the United States in this warped, inversely disordered, perverse world even someone hated by the rulers of it like Trump must go before them, in this case the world's most powerful Jewish lobby AIPAC, and kiss their ass. Of the $4,189,000 spent last year on pro-Israel lobbying, $3,388,700 came from AIPAC - over 80%. Those rare politicians that have been ballsy enough to criticize Israel are harassed and have their campaign financing dry up suddenly while AIPAC selects their opposing candidate to generously fund and beat them in their next re-election. So to stay alive in Congress, you simply do not bite the hands that feeds you and politicians become bought and paid for whores for Israel. That's how Israel gets away with their repeated crimes against humanity.

As a case in point, despite boldly claiming just two weeks earlier amidst boos in a debate that Trump would dare "be neutral" in his negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, he was anything but neutral on Monday night. In fact the so called maverick was singing his masters' praises like a songbird. As degrading as sucking up to AIPAC was, striving to become a serious viable front-running presidential candidate, Donald Trump knew what he had to do to keep his hopes of becoming president alive. As the affection gushed forth, this intimate pillow talk statement says it all:
I will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between America and our most reliable ally, the state of Israel.
So Hillary and Trump took turns trying to out-woo the other in their lavishing praise for Israel and their powerful special interest audience. Trump made multiple references echoing the Zionist mantra blaming Iran as "the world's largest sponsor of terrorism" when fact-check clearly points to the US-Israel-Saudi-Gulf States-Turkey-Europe-NATO axis-of-evil. His performance trashing Iranian and the Palestinian leadership elicited the desired effect from the zealots of Zion crowd cheering uncontrollably with synchronized ovation after ovation. Additionally in a symbolic holy gesture, Trump said he's totally in favor of moving the US Embassy in Israel from its capital in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, drawing one of the more exclaimed cheers. Throughout his and Hillary's speeches absolutely no sympathy or compassion was spared nor heard for the plight of the oppressed Palestinian victims from either frontrunner.

His first day on the job in the White House Trump promised to torpedo the US-Iran nuke agreement that took years to broker, maintaining that Tehran has already violated it and the alleged built-in loopholes have given Iran full speed ahead implementing military applications of its nuclear power capabilities. Of course for added fearmongering touch, Trump concluded if nothing is done to stop "that terrible deal," fully armed with nukes Iran will attack Israel and perhaps even the US mentioning the missile tests reaching a distance of 1250 miles. His aggressive ultimatums he promised to punish Iranians and the Palestinians with as his top priority played like music to AIPAC ears. Like the best and worst of them, as the albeit unelected, veteran politician Trump is, he showed he can charm his audience like putty in his hand simply by throwing himself into every line and lie that they came to hear.

Comment: The Donald sure knows which side his bread is buttered on, see: After nuclear deal US still wants Iran's blood

Never mind that Israel along with North Korea, India, Pakistan and South Sudan are the only nations on earth that refused to sign the anti-proliferation treaty (189 have signed) and Israel proceeded to illegally develop through US gifted and stolen nuclear technology to accumulate by the late 1990's estimates of up to 400 nuclear warheads. Despite pressures to at least acknowledge and declare their stockpile allowing UN inspectors, Israel defiantly refuses... and the US is always complicit never even urging Tel Aviv. Israel is the only nation on earth that's committed nuclear blackmail against its own allies vowing to deliver unilateral nuclear strikes as part of its Samson Option if it so much as suspects an ally of not supporting Israel.

But none of this matters, with such gusto Trump kept repeating how much he loves the brutal apartheid rogue state that engages regularly in genocide against the Palestinian people, illegally stealing their land, bulldozing their homes, constantly allowing more Israelis to settle in the occupied West Bank in newly developed communities while continuing to daily oppress and murder more Palestinians in a nonstop bloody crime spree that Israel forever gets a free pass on. Year after year the Jewish state perpetrates atrocities killing 2114 in less than two months in the summer of 2014 that co-opted partner-in-crime the US always looks the other way. Meanwhile every single year Washington would rather bleed its own middle class dry, faithfully sending more than $3 billion for Israel military aid ensuring that bullying, torture, maiming and murder of more Arabs with no accountability continues unabated. But let's not forget that the Donald "loves Israel."

And just to remind us once again how big and strong the political muscle the Jewish state possesses over US politics, Robert Parry of Consortium News wrote a poignant article this last weekend. A Zionist group called the World Values Network took out a full page ad in the New York Times with the message "Hillary Clinton must disavow her anti-Israel advisors," referring to Hillary's longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal and his son Max. Because the Blumenthals have apparently made statements critical of Israel, those behind World Values Network make it their job to go around policing others for exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and accusing them of being anti-Semitic for expressing statements believed unfavorable to Israel. Some people not even of Jewish persuasion and Israel itself will often deploy a worn out weapon like a club lording it over others in order to subdue, silence, intimidate and/or manipulate guilt in anyone who may simply be offering an opinion or attempting to hold a Jewish person or persons including the murderous rogue nation Israel accountable for what may be perceived as negative behavior that may or may not have anything to do with anyone being Jewish or Israeli. It's another overused variation of the race card theme. And it what's allowed Israel to continue to bully and abuse Arab nations in the Middle East and beyond. But it's also emerged as yet another harmful aspect of modern day McCarthyism. This twisted rationale is very similar to how perceived violations of political correctness that may or may not potentially induce offended feelings in someone on the planet now trumps running roughshod over free speech rights (excuse the Donald pun).

And then to hold not even a veiled threat over a presidential candidate that if she even wants to entertain chances of getting elected to the highest office in the land, she sure as hell better disavow and renounce her lifelong friendships or else on no uncertain terms she will lose the election. And the fact that the threat was emboldened onto the world stage in the form of a full page ad in the world's largest circulated newspaper is nothing short of blackmail in boldface. I guess that explains why the mighty Donald must go before the biggest bribery group in all of American politics and pucker up to placate those same powerful interests. It speaks mega-volumes illustrating just how equally powerful the Jewish lobby is with its power to be so pervasively abusive.

The same day Parry's article was published F. William Engdahl wrote a scathing anti-Trump piece for New Eastern Outlook about the narcissistic "Mafia Don" revealing the many years young Trump was the protégé of notorious gangster attorney Roy Cohn until Cohn died of AIDS in 1986. But as New York City's Studio 54 attorney, up to near his death Cohn hosted many a parties and orgies in the famous club basement where young adult Donald described well known supermodels on display getting laid on benches in the middle of the room. A year after Cohn's death Trump bought his first Atlantic City casino and began a series of shady partnerships with individuals linked to organized crime. But whenever asked about them Trump never fails to invoke the infamous denial or foggy memory. Engdahl's final paragraph is classic Engdahl:
There are two possible conclusions to draw from the above documents of a fifty some year history of businessman Don Trump and a myriad gaggle of business associates who are tied to the mob. Either it is true, as he says again and again, that he was unaware of their mob ties and worked with them for superior their business skills. In that case, with fifty years of such abysmal lack of elementary due diligence in checking backgrounds of those he works with in the most sensitive positions, Don Trump is demonstrably not qualified, on national security grounds, to even be White House gardener. On the other hand, if the ties are with knowledge and clear intent, from Roy Cohn to those of the last several years, Don Trump then is a narcissistic pathetic real estate and casino gangster who ought never to step near the most powerful office on Earth.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at