Bodies litter the streets of a Paris alley after a series of coordinated terror attacks in the French capital on Friday, November 13th, 2015
A mass shooting took place tonight inside a Paris restaurant on the Rue Bichat and at the Paris Bataclan concert hall where terrorists killed at least 100 people according to police reports.

In what appears to be a direct message to the French and German governments, two explosions also occurred near the Stade de France sports stadium (one in a Quik fast food restaurant) where France and Germany were playing in an international friendly match, President Hollande was in attendance.

French journalist Erwan Desplanques says a friend who was able to escape from the Bataclan concert venue has told him there were five or six gunmen there and they mentioned Syria during their attack. Bodies were seen lying on the ground. There were several gunshots over five minutes, he says.

Victims lie on the pavement outside Paris restaurant following a terror attack in the French capital tonight

The locations of the shooting and bomb attacks
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The bomb at the stade de France stadium was heard during live TV coverage of the event.