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The Australian author Prof. Tim Anderson affirmed that West led by the US is giving up on moral principles by waging a dirty war against Syria.

In his book titled The Dirty War on Syria, Anderson, who is a Senior Lecture at University of Sydney, wants the book to deliver a message of solidarity with Syria and reveal the truth about the war waged against it, noting that Western mentality is based on the concept of imperialist domination and interference in the affairs of others which is contradictory to international laws and human rights.

The author continued that the West set out since the beginning of the crisis to launch a propaganda and fabrication campaign, adding that they claimed to support the "democracy revolution" in Syria, but after the facts were revealed, they tried to play on the chord of sedition and concocted stories that collapsed quickly with brutal crimes committed by terrorists who are protected and supported by the West.

He said the West resorted to inventing a phantom war waged by the so-called "moderate opposition" against extremist groups and there is thus a need for the intervention of external support for "these moderates" against these terrorist organizations.

Anderson pointed out in his book that since the beginning of the events, some Western and Arab countries, especially al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, proceeded to falsify facts, locking themselves in a proxy war against the Syrian Arab Army as they receive funding and weapons from the United States and its allies in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to direct their weapons against civilians.

The author added that despite of differences between these organizations and their sponsors, which stand out from time to time, the two sides share one goal of undermining the secular and nationalist regimes in the Middle East.

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In Syria, the author explained that the West and terrorists faced a national army which has not disintegrated as it was planned for it in spite of all provocations and plans for that purpose, and at the same time citizens were suffering daily by terrorist attacks against towns, cities, schools, hospitals, adding that Syrian army has been launching strikes against terrorists, who are being recruited by Saudis and Qataris to join to mercenaries who are fighting in Syria.

He said that Western countries and their allies in the region and in a bid to end the game to their advantage and achieve their goal to get rid of the resistance axis of Syria and Iran and Hezbollah have worked to bring down the Syrian state.

"The US and its close regional collaborators Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel, we now know, have been behind every anti-Syrian extremist group since the beginning of the recent conflict. They have used the worst of reactionary and sectarian forces to further their ends. We can answer this hostility towards Syria to the central role that it played in the Arab wars against Israel, particularly in 1967 and 1973."

Prof. Anderson spoke in his book about a continuous spate of horrific crimes committed by terrorist organizations, adding that the West leveled accusations against the Syrian government and army about using chemical weapons and spread claims about killing children. "But if we look at the facts, we will see that we were fooled."

Anderson pointed out that the major problem facing reports and fabricated stories of the Western and some Arab media which tried to tarnish the image of the Syrian government is the wide popularity of President Bashar al-Assad inside Syria in spite of all the problems that the Syrian citizens faced, which could not influence the popularity and real love binding President al-Assad and the Syrian citizens, and even Syria's fiercest t enemies cannot deny this truth.

The author also touched on the beheadings and criminality used by terrorists, noting that this phenomenon dates back to Wahhabism which forms the basis of governance in the Gulf in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood which are known historically for conspiring with major powers.

He indicated that Western states, mainly US, UK and France are providing terrorist organizations with weapons, money and training.