We recently wrote about the 'parade of horribles' in Syria attributed to Assad's forces all coming from one primary source: the 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' (SOHR), an 'opposition group' run by a Syrian 'expat' living in Coventry, England. RT has since picked up the trail of the elusive 'Rami Abdulrahman' and his fantastic claims about events in Syria:

From the moment Russia launched airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria on September 30th, Abdulrahman's word was again repeated as fact across Western media, this time providing the claim that the initial wave of Russian airstrikes against terrorist sites had killed 36 Syrian civilians. Abdulrahman's powers of observation appear to be so astute that he 'confirmed' those civilian deaths before the airstrikes even began.

Far from being "isolated by the international community", as Obama claimed in New York City on Monday, Putin arrived today in Paris for talks with French president Hollande and German chancellor Merkel - ostensibly to discuss next steps for peace in Ukraine, but Russia's intervention in Syria and the systemic shift in the global balance of power it heralds will probably be top of their agenda.

'ISIS', meanwhile, has reacted to the airstrikes by posting a tweet warning 'Death to Putin: We are coming #soon' with a picture of the Kremlin in flames. Note the logo top-left: we once again have private US-Israeli SITE intelligence group to thank for 'speaking on behalf of the terrorists'...

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Inventing crimes out of whole cloth, or worse, passing off crimes committed by themselves or their stooges in order to hoodwink the masses and sell wars, is standard operating procedure in U.S. foreign policy. In 1990, America's largest PR firm, Hill & Knowlton, was paid $10 million in 1990 by Bush Senior to pull off a 'Saddam-Hussein-is-evil-incarnate' media campaign. Most notoriously, they enlisted the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter to appear before a US congressional committee, where she poured her eyes out over "Saddam's Elite Republican Guard throwing babies out of incubators", despite no such thing having taken place.

15-year-old Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ in tears during her testimony to a televised congressional committee that essentially sealed Saddam Hussein and Iraq's fate in the American public's eyes. It was later revealed that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and Canada and had been put up to this act by the largest PR firm in the US, Hill & Knowlton.
History may not repeat exactly, but in modern America's case, it's currently stuck on 'repeat', playing the same sadistic track over and over. As the Western media scrambles to counter the shift in domestic mass opinion behind support for Russia's intervention in Syria, it is busy rehashing old 'crimes' committed by the al-Assad 'regime', in the vain and fast-vanishing hope that at least some of the wickedness they attributed to al-Assad can be passed off onto Putin.

A case in point was yesterday's 'exposé' in the London Guardian on an anonymous person going by the name 'of Caesar' who claimed to 'defect' from said 'regime' to Qatar with thousands of photos of 'victims of Assad torture in Syrian detention centers'.

Qatar, which has invested at least $4 billion in the war against Syria, and promised to commit another $20 billion in the 'reconstruction' of the country it has actively been annihilating, is hardly a disinterested party. Qatari Emirs are hell-bent on removing the al-Assads and remaking Syria in their own franken-Islamic image. That is why, on the eve of Syria peace talks in Geneva in January 2014, the anti-human, medieval state of Qatar commissioned an elite London law firm - Carter Ruck - to whip up a glossy 'report' on al-Assad's "industrial-scale torture and murder."

An alleged 'defected military photographer' known as 'Caesar' (blue jacket and hood) testifying before U.S. Congress in July 2014 about 50,000 images depicting victims of regime torture he allegedly smuggled out of Syria to Qatar, stored on USB sticks.
The London law firm they hired, Carter-Ruck, is about as reliable an 'independent' source as Tony Blair is a 'peace envoy'. Carter-Ruck was, curiously enough, instrumental in launching another earlier propaganda maneuver against Syria (that whole shrill spiel about 'Assad's chemical weapons of mass destruction'). As Joe Quinn pointed out here, "Carter-Ruck has a long track record of 'defending' important, scandal-ridden clients and corporations against "defamation" that turned out to be not so defamatory after all."

Going by the pattern in Syria to date, it's highly probable that these 'torture photographs' show entirely different victims, and that this 'independent report' was cooked up for propaganda purposes; specifically, to bolster the manufactured perception that Bashar al-Assad is 'the newest Hitler', and thus call for him and his family (and hundreds of thousands of their fellow Syrians) to be massacred by NATO.

It's far more likely that the victims 'uncovered' by 'Caesar', like most others held up to Western audiences as victims of Assad's 'regime', were tortured and killed by the foreign 'Islamic' mercenaries co-funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia - after all, thousands of hours of actual video evidence showing them doing such in Syria, Libya and elsewhere are all over YouTube. Alternatively, these photographs show victims from among the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Libyan torture victims under US occupation/bombardment.

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Spot the difference
If we think back to the hysteria generated in 2012 by images of butchered children in the 'al-Houla massacre' in Syria, while it was an 'Assad massacre', the story was blasted out across all propaganda channels, but it then disappeared down the memory hole when it emerged that the victims were actually dozens of Syrian children in families loyal to the Syrian government, shot, knifed, and axed to death by the CIA-trained 'Free Syrian Army', with possible direct assistance of US agents.

Yes, those same 'moderates' against whom the Russian military is now launching airstrikes, and about which the Pentagon is very upset. It needs to be stressed that there are no 'moderate terrorist groups' in Syria. This is merely a distinction used in Western discourse because it enables the regime changers to 'keep their options open' and the narratives 'dynamic'. The very same people labelled 'ISIS' one day can be re-branded 'rebel fighters' the next, and it's impossible to verify who is who. So when US Senator John McCain complains that "Russian airstrikes were against the individuals and groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA," we can, for once, take this distinguished international observer at his word.