aid convoy
© REUTERS / Marko Djurica
Back in August the world was seemingly united and practically foaming at the mouth in moral outrage that Russia would presume to send food and medicine to the people of Donbas (eastern Ukraine, aka Novorussia). After agreeing to the aid convoy, and after Russia providing all documentation and inspections required, Kiev hemmed and hawed, further delaying the convoy's entry, Russia finally just said, To hell with it, we're going in. They did, Kiev cried Invasion!, the people of Donbas were happy, and after establishing the precedent, Russia has since sent five more such convoys with much-needed supplies for a people whose homes are being shelled daily by Kiev's forces. (The last, on November 4, delivered 100 tons of aid in 20 trucks, arriving and returning to Russia on the same day.) Now it's time for a seventh.

Planned to leave today, November 14, Moscow has officially asked Kiev for its assistance, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich: "We have officially turned to the Ukrainian side with a request to assist in allowing this cargo through as well as in helping with security issues. We also hope for cooperation with the International Red Cross," he said.

In a replay of the first convoy mission, Kiev will no doubt end up looking the bully to anyone actually paying attention. The convoy will be spotless (i.e., only legitimate humanitarian aid), Kiev will delay, cry Invasion! once more, and Russia will rightly look like the wronged humanitarian hounded by genocidal jerks. And speaking of genocidal jerks...

Ukrainian Oligarch-President Petro Poroshenko is doing a good job living up to his image as being a heartless ponce. In the past few days, a video of a speech he gave on October 23 at Odessa's Opera House has gone viral in Russian social media. As if his face weren't offensive enough, Poroshenko had this to say:
...we [in Ukraine] will have work - they [in the Donbas] won't. We will have pensions - they won't. We will care for our children and pensioners - they won't. Our children will go to school, to kindergartens - their children will sit in cellars. They don't know how to organize or do anything. This, ultimately, is how we will win this war.
And commenting on the criticism that Odessa, where he was speaking, had become home to the Banderites, he quipped: "I consider there to be no higher complement for Odessa." Seriously... Remember the Odessa massacre?

Keep in mind these statements were made before the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk, and thus while the ceasefire was at least nominally still in effect (even though Kiev violated it pretty much every day). And that reference to children in cellars? What could he possibly have meant?

The 'cellars' are bomb shelters. The children are 'sitting' in them because their neighborhoods and homes are being bombed. Their neighborhoods are being bombed by Poroshenko's army. They are not in school because Poroshenko's army is also bombing their schools.

And Kiev has the audacity to claim Donetsk and Lugansk don't want peace?! Clearly Poroshenko had no plans of stopping the shelling of civilians. This two-faced scumbag billionaire has no shame and no conscience.

So while Russia plans yet another humanitarian mission to bring aid to people being bombed daily, Poroshenko revels in the fact that the children of Donbas will not be in school - they'll be huddling in some dark, dank bomb shelter while the bombs drop overhead, destroying their homes and schools, killing their friends and relatives. Good choice, America. Good choice, Europe. You've given your support to the scum of the earth.