I'll be honest; it has been difficult for me to write this piece. I started many times, added some notes here hand there, but had some reluctance to publish it. Despite my going pretty deep, it seemed to me that the issue was still deeper than that. Something still seemed unsaid that should have been said. There still seemed to be some forces, and some hidden, not very flattering features of the human psyche, that were so dark and unsavory that I was unwilling to delve in.

Being an empath and Intellect Shifter, I usually find that there are no mysteries in this world. Everything is usually laid out in front of me like an ever-changing tapestry, including events, their profound motivations, and the deepest human emotions, as well. It is a rather rare instance when I find myself in disbelief that even those I consider smart people can get so easily caught in the web of lies. What is it in human psyche that allows it to build walls so easily, and to believe lies so readily?

In short, I can tell you what it is: it is called fear, the built-in human emotion that is supposed to safeguard us from danger. It's a very useful warning mechanism; yet, due to the misused human ego and mind games, fear most of the time becomes the reason for the humans' self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's just that it's so unbelievably obvious! How can people not see the traps laid out for them by forces with the darkest of the dark ulterior motives?

But this is another topic, which is very important, and I plan to discuss it in my future articles.

For now, I'll repeat the advice I have given before. To get out of the matrix of fear, raise your vibration to the level of reason, and subsequently, to love. Important clue: love without reason will still lead you astray; you need both to effectively function in the middle realm, also described as the earthly human realm.

In this piece I am offering you a unique opportunity to firmly raise your vibration to the level of reason. I will touch upon certain facets of what I call the Putin Phenomenon. The phenomenon of Putin is much larger, of course. This, very detailed and meticulous article is just the beginning. The PUTIN ENIGMA is to follow. As promised, in 2-3 weeks I will present to you a special report, which will give you a complete understanding. When the special report is ready, the announcements and links will be posted on this blog.

The title of this article is controversial at best. We will discuss a lot of juicy stuff, including: different facets of the NWO issue in connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putin; what is the West really after; the real story of the Belgian US Treasury purchase scandal; the related issue of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, as the alleged future capital of NWO.

World's most powerful man or NWO agent?

According to the mainstream media and politicians in the US, EU, and other Western countries, Putin is the biggest problem the world has today. Strangely enough, it appears it is Putin who is behind pretty much every problem the West itself has created.

Putin goes around personally shooting people, and he personally heads up the rebels in Donbass. Don't you see him behind that mask?

In 2004, Putin personally went to Kiev under the cover of the night and poisoned the US stooge and ex-Ukraine president Victor Yushchenko (as if that one didn't generate enough enemies in his own country for that to happen). Putin also personally poisoned the infamous Litvinenko in London (of course, by sneaking into London illegally). It seems only the lazy don't know by now that 9/11 was the inside job, so sadly, they can't blame that one on Putin. Similarly, the useful puppet Litvinenko's so-called plutonium poisoning was in fact a false flag by UK's MI6 gone bad.

Another example of a botched false flag was the 2013 hit on ex-Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. When Berezovsky mysteriously, and totally out of character, hung himself in his London mansion (for which, strangely, the investigation was never completed), Russia, and of course, personally Putin, were supposed to be blamed. Russians realized right away what was going to happen, and a brilliant move followed. Russians made public the secret letter Boris Berezovsky had sent to Putin, begging him for pardon and a return home. The UK couldn't manufacture another anti-Russian hoax in view of the clear evidence to the contrary. This is how the hastily put together self-hanging version emerged, never mind the uncharacteristic bruises on Berezovsky's neck. Berezovsky, the long-standing agent of MI6 and Rothschilds, who inflicted untold damage on Russia throughout the '90s, knew too much. He could never be allowed to return to Russia and spill the beans. Isn't it clear who benefitted from Berezovsky's death, and who didn't?

But never mind that little hiccup... It's still undoubtedly Putin who starts wars all over the world, unseats governments, creates areas of instability and arms/trains terrorists. To follow the Western logic of absurd to the end, it must have been Putin who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, trained/armed Al Qaeda, bombed Libya and Serbia. Putin was certainly the one who masterminded and created Wall Street and the world of virtually worthless Western money; he supported the banksters and their predatory practices around the world. Putin is behind the greedy global US and UK corporations, and he masterfully manipulates public opinion through the Western MSM he controls. Why not? If Putin can personally poison a US stooge in Kiev, why can't he do all the above as well?

At night he personally sneaks into Ukraine, bombs innocent civilians in Donbass, and yes, he was the sniper who personally shot people on Kiev maidan. He is also to blame for the civil war in Ukraine. At least that's what Ukro MSM would have you believe. Grotesque?

But wait, that's not all! Of course, he personally shot down that unfortunate Malaysian MH17 Boeing 777 over Eastern Ukraine (at least this is what hysterical trolls on YT would have you believe), specifically so Russia could be blamed for it, all because he is the stupidest man in the world... Or he is devil incarnate.

The Western MSM, and it appears even parts of the so-called alternative media, have been very busy vilifying Putin and Russia since forever. I know all about it having lived in the West for most of my adult life. But even I am surprised at how vicious and senselessly crazy the defamation of Putin's character has become lately.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, having predicted the super-volatile energy of this year in my Year of the Wood Horse Predictions in January 2014, and the senseless, gloves-off mass psychosis of this entire decade. But can I personally ever get used to how unreasonable and vicious humans can be sometimes? I don't know...

Let me illustrate my point:

After the shooting of the MH17, the biggest and most respected publication of Germany, Der Spiegel, put Putin on the cover with these words: "We must stop Putin before it's too late." This info comes from a German journalist - see his video in German and Russian about that. Let me get this straight: The plane flew over Ukraine territory; the Ukraine air traffic control in Dnepropetrovsk made the plane deviate from its course and fly over the war zone, thus deliberately putting it in danger; it was shot down and crashed on Ukraine territory - but Russia, and personally Putin, are to blame nevertheless.

This is important to understand! Are they after vilifying Russia? Yes, they are. But we must be clear that the above headline, just like many others, are much more targeted. Did you notice they don't say 'Russia?' THEY BLAME PERSONALLY PUTIN. If you look around the MSM output, you will see that Putin, not necessarily Russia, is in the headlines. Why? Because this is done specifically to unseat Putin. This is the strategy of convincing the world, and even certain Russians, that their leader is super-bad. Vilifying a leader who doesn't bow to them is the long-standing strategy used by the West to soften up - to tenderize, like meat before frying - their own sheeple, as well as the population of the country to be destroyed, before the actual process of destruction of said country has begun.

Many examples of this are available when the defamation, character assassination, and massive multi-prong slander of the leader preceded the wholesale demolition of a country. Russian Emperor Nikolay II in 1917, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Kaddafi of Libya, Assad of Syria, Milosevic of Yugoslavia, and the most recent, Yanukovich of Ukraine. One example here stands out: neither Syrian people, nor the leader, ever betrayed their country, and they never bowed to the West. As a result, Assad is still there, and the US proxy Al Qaeda rebels can't take over the country. Of course, it is also largely due to the Russian support and Putin's derailment of their plans in Syria... In both of these regards Assad is similar to Fidel Castro of Cuba, possibly the most vilified leader of all time, who survived 600 assassination attempts, but who is still there.

This brings us to Vladimir Putin, who, in my opinion has already replaced Castro as the most vilified leader. The West can't forgive Putin that he saved Russia from the abyss; that he rebuilt Russia; that he is conducting wise, peaceful and effective policies that are about to ruin the cushy predatory lifestyle they had created for themselves at the expense of the rest of the world.

Another bit from Germany: a German politician announced recently that Russia should be denied the right to host the 2018 football (soccer) World Cup as a result of flight MH17 Boeing 777 catastrophe in Ukraine, because... Russia cannot guarantee the safety of Russian airspace. I always thought Germans were smart and well-educated. But I must have been thinking of some other Germans. For the slow ones, one more time: Boeing 777 flew over Ukraine, was shot over Ukraine, etc., etc. Germans, please buy a map and read Wikipedia or something to figure out where Ukraine is, and where Russia is.

Conclusion 1: Germans either have become very stupid ever since I knew them (as a student I had a couple of very smart German friends, Anke and Michel, and I'd been to Germany a couple of times), or they are so thoroughly under the US thumb that all they can do is parrot what lies US dumps on them. Sad, sad, sad!

Conclusion 2: No matter what Russia or Putin says, or does, no matter what the evidence shows, Putin will still be culpable of all mortal sins, and Russia will still be blamed by the West, no matter how absurd.

Warning: Let me remind my readers that I warned from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis that USA's goal is to put a wedge, and if possible, to create a war, between Russia and EU - most importantly, Germany, as the most powerful country of the EU. Let me remind Europeans and Germans that in the course of the 20th century, Russia and Germany were successfully pitted twice against each other, which created two devastating world wars. The same forces that succeeded back than, are trying to play the old card. And judging by how Germans act, they ARE succeeding yet again. It won't matter how low-key, reasonably and peacefully Russia acts, if Germany takes the bait again, and again, as it did in 1914 and 1941... Russian Emperor Nikolay II tried to convince parties to resolve the conflict peacefully in 1914; in 1930s Stalin tried for years to create anti-Hitler coalition with the West. None of this worked. UK (Great Britain), USA and of course, Germany, still led the world into two world wars!

The Euroclear Hoax, or how Belgium acquired over $200bln in US Treasuries overnight

I have received this question from a number of people at once. Unfortunately, I don't have the link to the original article to which these readers are referring, nor do I have the name of the author. However, I will explain its essence so that if you see this conspiracy theory floating around, you'll know.

One reader says: "Lada, have you taken a look at "Euroclear"? These folks serve as a clearinghouse for countries including Russia, to broker financial instruments like treasuries for others to buy. It is closely linked to the east and west, especially Russia and the IMF and BIS. It is possible that this east west paradigm is nothing more than a facade to allow all the elite to issue in a new worldwide currency like SDR's that are tied to the IMF and the BIS thugs that were linked to Hitler, Bush, etc. A crisis like Ukraine etc. is all that would be needed to allow them to "slip in" a new currency after the dollar falls. What do you think?"

Another one writes: "Lada, help... is this stuff @ Putin and Euroclear true?"

First of all, here is how it works in the financial markets: From Russia using a certain company as a clearing agent (the one the author alleges is called #Euroclear) does not automatically follow that Russia is in bed with those who secretly own such company (allegedly, the past owner is JP Morgan). When any country or company issues government bonds, it has to go through a specialist to broker these bonds, and IF Euroclear is that specialist, it simply can't be avoided dealing with them whether you want to, or not. Those who understand how financial world works will know that there are very few specialists in a certain narrow field. As we know, financial world has been monopolized by the US and UK, therefore, everyone has to go through the same agents.

In this comment, I heard the word 'Hitler,' as well as the dreaded NWO agent JP Morgan, who supposedly used to own Euroclear (but doesn't any more). Based on that, the stretch is made that IF JP Morgan USED to own Euroclear, and JP is NWO, and if Russia used Euroclear for its bonds, then Russia is also part of NWO. Do you see how ridiculous this sounds?

In other words, if I used to have a bank account with JP Morgan (I had one over 10 years ago, when I worked on Wall Street and the most convenient bank was JP Morgan), then per this logic, I am a part of NWO conspiracy, Illuminati, and definitely secretly linked to Bush and Hitler. Wow...I am starting to get afraid of myself! But if the author of some obscure conspiracy theory that is floating around the web says so, it MUST be true?

Another example, if you ever wore a Hugo Boss suit and/or owned the Ford stock (being a woman, I never wore HB suits, but I owned the Ford stock at one point in the 1990s) both of whom were in bed with Hitler, then it obviously follows that you are a Hitler supporter!

I later received this additional message from a reader: "I completely forgot about the negative implications of the Euroclear allegation and I am certain that Russia has honourable motives.... Perhaps Lagarde maybe referring to the 'Inclusive capitalism' an initiative started by Lynn Forester de Rothschild!” (this is a reference to IMF SDRs - special drawing rights used presently by banks and countries internationally).

Note, all the above references by readers are based on article(s) in alternative press.

I'll be direct. Unfortunately, not all "alternative" media is created equal. There are many alternative media sources that thrive on fear and unproven, poorly understood conspiracy theories. Discernment is advised in all cases. I don't know this author, and perhaps he makes more sense in his other writings - perhaps not. I am not interested to find out after the above hoax. I can tell you with full confidence he doesn't understand Russia and Putin at all, projecting Western values and mentality onto it, and substituting this false projection for real knowledge. I have read and met quite a few real deal alternative journalists and alternative analysts. Please choose to listen to the ones who know what they are talking about! Discard the rest.

In this case it doesn't matter whether Russia's intentions are "honorable" or selfish, or anything in between. Russia will do, like any other country, what's in her best interests. Right now the country is governed by a very good team, the best any country has - and mind you, this wasn't always the case. Of course, no one's 100% infallible. But these people know what Russia needs, what she doesn't need, and they work to steer the country in the right direction.

Consequently, who, in their right mind, would ever think Russia (or Kazakhstan for that matter with another smart leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev) for a moment would want to be a part of the CRUMBLING, DYING Western system? Russia and China are working on replacing this system - and US is NOT invited. EU may be invited, if they play nice - but NOT as the leading player.

Russia wants to free herself from the Western trap, not get deeper into it. IMF Head Christine Lagarde lives in the dream world, if she thinks they can trap Russia again via SDRs, IMF or any other way. The SDR idea is outdated and SDRs have been recognized as imperfect and unsuitable as reserve currency for years. This appears to be someone's sensationalist attempt to push an old, irrelevant agenda.

But - this is important to understand: while Russia pursues her own core interests, these interests align fully with interests of the whole world, as the whole world desperately needs to restore balance and fairness, and get rid of the present, grossly distorted Anglo-Saxon economic model. Russia is the ultimate global balancer. If Russia is balanced, the rest of the world will be in balance as well. Read more about that in Predictions.

Russia - new secret buyer of US bonds?

This is especially hilarious! It appears some went as far as suggesting that Russia is the NEW SECRET BUYER OF US BONDS. The basis for the assumption that Russia is the secret new buyer of the US bonds, thus propping up the dollar, is apparently based on the sudden appearance of the large amount of US bonds worth $200bln in Belgium's possession.

This suggestion appeared at the time that Putin stated that Russia will DECREASE its foreign bond holdings after the US/EU sanctions. As I have predicted from the start of the Ukraine crisis, Russia will be pivoting more and more to the East (Eurasian Union and Altyn as the new Eurasian currency; signing the Holy Grail gas deal, and other deals with China; ditching US dollar) and to the Global South (consider the mega-successful recent trip by Putin and Russian leading politicians/business people to Latin America).

Such redirection of Russia's priorities will be happening regardless of whether the West continues insisting on slapping more sanctions, or not. This is the new reality, and they might as well get used to it.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Reagan's Asst Treasury Secretary and Father of Reaganomics), who knows a thing or two about US economic policy, believes that these $200bln in US bonds are the hidden purchase by the US FED, camouflaged as another country's independent acquisition. Of course it's not fooling anyone as this amount constitutes 1/2 of the entire GDP of Belgium and therefore couldn't have happened with the Belgian funds. Dr. Roberts further believes that 'a COUNTRY with large US bond holdings' has dumped a significant portion of its holdings in the market, and that the FED had no choice but to buy them up to avoid the run on the US bonds.

Meanwhile, Belgians believe that the $200bln in US bonds came to them via Russia. When I first heard this news, I initially thought that Russia had to park the US bonds in her possession in Belgium, where US wouldn't get its hands on them if it decided to sanction Russia further. But the more I thought about it, the more I saw a completely different picture emerging:

The FED had to urgently purchase a large amount of the US bonds dumped by another country - and this country is Russia. After threats of financial sanctions, Russia dumped on the market about $104bln in US bonds and the FED had to pick them up, passing this amount, plus additional Treasury quantities, to Belgium to avoid crashing the US bond market if it became known Russia was dumping. Russia is SELLING US bonds - not buying!

Why did Russia agree to keep quiet about it? This would be in the realm of politics, is much as economics. In exchange for keeping quiet, Russia would obviously get something, like the US and EU paying for part of the Ukraine multi-billion gas debt to Gazprom, or a better deal on these bonds than expected, as a couple of examples.

The West in general, and USA in particular, have lost the high moral ground on just about everything. Putin and Russia meanwhile are acquiring more and more high moral ground, and respect, worldwide. This includes many in the West. Putin's approval rating has recently hit a high of 83%.

Meanwhile, since US is now tainted with continuing allegations of spying, underhanded behavior and aggression, it has effectively lost what Americans love referring to as "the war for the hearts and minds." US is seen all over the world as a force of evil and aggression. Americans are perceived as arrogant and untrustworthy.

There was a time throughout the 20th century, when America was a dream of freedom for simple people in some parts of the world. The reason I say 'some parts of the world' is because even after the slavery was abolished in the US, African-Americans didn't have equal rights until after 1960s. At the same time, Native Americans were kept in reservations where they died a slow death. At the very same time, US dominated Latin America, sucking out resources and exploiting population. These parts of the world hardly considered USA a 'land of the free.'

However, such was the opinion of many immigrants from Europe who ran from various world wars and conflicts, which were the trademark of the European continent. The reputation of the USA as the ultimate safe haven had only increased after WWII, when USA remained effectively the last man standing. Europe was in ruins both physically and in spirit. Russia was destroyed and lost 27 million people. While Russia and Europe were trying to recover, USA was free to claim the global reserve currency status, as well as the status of the undisputed leader of the Western world: ideological, political, cultural, financial, military and industrial. One of the perks of all this was the ability to produce less and less, while consuming more and more. Why not - it was all paid for by the hard-working nations that bought US Treasuries and sent their cheap goods. Another perk: all Western nations and many Third World nations started storing their gold reserves in the US as the "safest place on earth."

The status of the world reserve currency, gold reserve center, and the political/military center of the Western world brought untold riches to the US. Let's also recall that only WWII ended the American Great Depression. If not for the war, US may have never recovered, and the land of the free may have looked completely differently.

From this alone we can make a very important conclusion: US needs wars on European continent; it needs to pit against each other the most powerful competitors. These are, and have been previously, Russia and Germany. USA has a new power house rising: China. US has been trying to pit China and Russia against each other for years, with no result. US has to settle for trying to pit Japan and China against each other, with partial success.

From the above we can clearly see how much Chinese and Russians are smarter than Europeans, who take the bait every time. This is for the rational Europeans out there: you now know what they want - DON'T take the bait.

Let's get back to our history lessons: The US riches and influence simply skyrocketed after the collapse of the USSR. There was no one left to challenge the US, and no one to keep its ambitions in check. From this, we can also make a conclusion how desirable the collapse of the Soviet Union was for the US. It is well documented that through a series of manipulations, lies, economic sabotage, and treason, US manufactured the collapse of the USSR and Russia in 1980s-1990s.

As a result, the world started tilting into a bigger and bigger imbalance as the US claimed the status of the only super-power in the world, "exceptional" in every way. This claim went unchallenged as everyone in the 1990s simply swallowed it, thinking the times of prosperity for all had come, courtesy of the infallible American Empire's economic model. You can read more about this in Predictions.

The US seemed to not be able to go wrong. Russia was bashed and maligned, or simply put down. Russia was seen by many, even inside the country, as finished. At the same time, US was put on the pedestal. By whom? By all of us. WE ARE ALL COMPLICIT. WE WERE ALL SHORTSIGHTED!

The difference is, some of us came back to our senses and saw the truth, while others are still asleep and happily deluded. For the first time, I saw the truth during the 1990s bombings of Yugoslavia by US and NATO. I think, that was a cold shower for many Russians, no matter where they resided. I woke up completely in 2002 - after 9/11 and before the invasion of Iraq. I traveled to Asia, and was shocked to find how little Chinese, Malaysians and Indonesians trusted US in those days. Americans were openly called 'imperialists.'

This brings us to the following conclusion: We still live in the 'habitually West- centric world.' I can assure you that the tide is changing, but due to the pervasiveness of Western penetration into every sphere of the planetary human existence, it will take a while to unravel all the dependencies. This is why we are in for a number of very tedious and unpleasant years. My point is, we are constantly talking about what the West thinks, says or does in relation to Russia and other countries. In many Asian cultures people always thought differently, same with Latin America and Africa. We need to stop validating the spoiled West by paying this much attention to their tantrums. It's a good idea to finally start starving them for attention, giving much more prime time to other countries' opinions. Yes, I know, they had taken over the entire world's communication system, including MSM, the web, social media, and it seems partially even the alternative media. This is why we need more articles like this one - we need more of those who tell and spread the truth.

Let's return to the US 'success story:' in the second half of the 20th century, USA succeeded in accumulating tremendous financial, political and psychological capital as a result of a certain sequence of events, its own clandestine efforts to topple the USSR, and the naiveté of the earth's population. And what do they do with this unsurpassed capital? They squander it within 20 years, making USA the most hated and distrusted country in the world, even by the standards of the thoroughly brainwashed world's population.

This brings us to the present moment. USA has lost its clout. It has lost trust. It has lost good will - completely. Perhaps a government/country that still had some honesty left would have admitted mistakes and would have done some soul searching? Perhaps it would strive to change its ways? What does US do? It plows on, insisting on its "exclusivity" and "special-ness." It steamrolls across countries, leaving ruins and dead bodies in its wake, it spies on the whole world, it kidnaps, stages bloody coups and threatens everyone who is not entirely subservient. It spreads senseless chaos and destruction all over the world.

For those US cannot threaten or eliminate directly, it kills via its propaganda. Character assassination is one of the favorite weapons of the United States of America.

Since US cannot be seen as a positive force any more, the only thing that is left for its propaganda is to discredit the opponent. To do that, the US needs to twist the reality in such a way that the opponent is painted with the tainted brush.

In other words, US is not interested any more in proving that it's a force for good in the world. Alas, it's too late for that as everyone's aware of the truth. USA isn't trying to show it's not the driving force behind NWO. It is abundantly clear that America has lost the fight for the hearts and minds.

Therefore, USA's new strategy is to paint everyone else with a tainted brush, so everyone seems tainted as much as the USA, and this especially concerns Russia and Putin.

This is actually a brilliant tactic, which easily confuses people - even the smart ones. This is called "I am going down, but I am determined to drag down with me everyone I can." Will it work? Short term - yes, as it confuses people and slows down the progress of transitioning to a better, more equitable society, not based on US hegemony and US dollar dominance. People start questioning if it's even worth protesting, or getting to the bottom of the truth, if all global elites are corrupt equally.

However, it will not work for long. The US doesn't really think long-term. All they are attempting to do is kick the can down the road.

Who sees through the tainted picture? 1. Those who have a very good inner lie detector, who can read people and the energetic imprint of their actions. 2. Also, those who know the reality on the ground - what is Russia and what her aspirations are, the psychology, history and mentality of the Russian people. 3. Of course, those who can see the world through clear eyes. 4. Those who live in the Russian space. Every time Russians see Putin criticized in the West, they just smile: this means that he is doing something right. (Note: This doesn't mean that there are no Russians who think differently. There is a pervasive, but diminishing, Western presence in Russia as a result of the USSR collapse and the '90s. There are NGOs, fifth column, Western-style neo-liberals, who are generally despised, and simply deluded people as well. Here I speak of the prevailaing energy and the growing healthy forces that are clearly visible.)

That said, blaming Putin for being a secret part of NWO is a very insidious tactic and it's geared towards the smarter and more awake people. These would naturally support Putin because of his actions. But if they succeed in twisting the truth so he seems like a double agent of the West, than he is distrusted and branded the same as others by those who are predisposed to believe conspiracy theories, however outlandish - simply because such theories offer a seeming alternative to the existing official point of view.

When the tainted brush propaganda technology is turned on, distrust and confusion are the result. These lead to paralysis and inaction - and this is exactly what they want to achieve! They want the majority to be passive and subservient, and the smarter minority to be passive and distrustful of all. Mission accomplished!

Let's dig deeper. For that we need to return to the issue of Euroclear. In the above-mentioned article, the author, who obviously knows zero about Russia and Russians, seems to conclude that Russia and Putin are secretly working together with the US and EU on creating one world currency. This assumption is based on a circumstantial coincidence that Russia uses a certain company, supposedly called Euroclear, to market and distribute its government bonds. This article also concludes that what is happening in Ukraine is just a smoke screen to distract from the creation of the single world currency under the guise of the IMF and Western dominion.

The first thing that comes to mind is that this conspiracy theory is geared towards English-speakers, who know nothing about Russia. Only they would buy such obvious bs. Everyone else knows how deeply personal and painful what is happening in Ukraine is for Russians, including Putin. How important it is for Russians that there is peace and prosperity in Ukraine, which they consider their brotherly nation. Russians are also extremely defensive about their soft underbelly, which is Ukraine. After many wars and revolutions, Russians are also very anxious to keep peace at all cost. In short, Russians would never generate a conflict in Ukraine, or anywhere else near their borders, with an absurd goal of distracting humans (who are asleep anyway) from the creation of the global currency. All this is so absurd that it appears only a complete idiot, who has no idea of what he is talking about, would propose such a silly conspiracy theory. Or a US government shill...

The next thing that comes to mind is that following the logic of this article, Vladimir Putin - the most powerful political leader in the world, according to multiple international polls, is in fact nothing more than just a lowly double agent for the West. Putin, who has 83% popularity rating in Russia, who has proven throughout the years that he protects Russian interests, is in fact a traitor to his country.

Why would the world's most powerful politician and a patriot do any of this? For money? But if Putin were interested in money, he could have all the money in the world, being the leader of Russia. In fact, being the undisputed and trusted "tsar" of Russia, he could benefit financially much more in Russia than by awaiting a silly handout from the bankrupt US, EU and Western banksters. Why would he need worthless digital currency, if he could have real wealth? Russia has all the natural resources in the world - and this is where the real value lies. Putin knows all this much better than most of us; so, provided he were after wealth, he would be an absolute idiot to be NWO agent. And I think that even those who hate Putin would agree he is one of the smartest men alive.

But suppose he is actually after power. In that case, why would Putin ever surrender any of his existing formidable power to some silly NWO? He is the undisputed and highly praised leader of the 1/6th of the earth's landmass. Can he do any better being a NWO agent? Will they give him more power or more landmass? Obviously not - they want it all for themselves and they will take away the power he has.

Moreover, Russia's influence is one the rise. Smaller countries and regions are begging Russia to accept them as part of the country or part of the Eurasian Union. Putin just had a great visit to Latin America, where he participated in the creation of the BRICS Bank and a dozen countries clamored for his attention and business. Why on earth would he give up, or dilute, this power by playing a second fiddle to the NWO??!

Going further - what the conspiracy theory in question talks about is more of the same: substituting dollar for SDRs or similar instrument. Incidentally, SDRs have existed as the IMF international settlement instrument with limited capacity for a long time. A proposal to use SDRs as one world currency has been on the table since about 2005-6. However, this proposal was quickly discarded as it was admitted early on by many experts that SDRs are not suited for the role of a single world currency. Their usage is too limited, and not widely recognized, their structure is inflexible and imperfect. There are other reasons as well. So, the author of this theory is using very outdated information to weave this unlikely theory.

Another crucial point! Suppose the impossible - Putin is really working for the West. In that case, why on earth would he allow himself to be humiliated like this??! Sanctions against Russian politicians and constant problems for Gazprom; West cancelling G8 in Russia; threats of boycott of the Sochi Olympics; constant scandals; West giving Russia a cold shoulder, excluding Putin from meetings; Putin went through years and years of defamation of his character. The most recent: while Putin was in Latin America, celebrating the BRICS Bank and meeting with various leaders, the US imposed the third round of unilateral sanctions on Russian banks and business, clearly trying to humiliate him and spoil the celebrations. Putin is personally blamed for the downing of the Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner in Ukraine. Ask yourselves, what kind of stupid secret organization would do this to its member? This is a terrible advertisement. After this, who in their right mind would ever join, or stay as a member of, such organization?

What on earth can be worth it? Do people who put this together even realize how ridiculous the whole thing sounds?

This gets us to another point: at the very same time, Putin is consistently believed to be the smartest, and most powerful politician in the world, according to various global polls. People from different countries keep wishing he was their president, or even the World's president. Yet, according to others, he is nothing more than a subservient, dumb agent of NWO. So, where is the truth?

I think the answer is clear, and all we have to do is reconcile the available facts in an intelligent manner. Below, I will lay out all the facts for you. I will analyze them and also pull out from the Universe, and interpret, the hidden information, so that in the end, we arrive at the inevitable conclusion.

As always, you can read much more about this in Predictions.

Why 'Putin is NWO' Hoax Was Needed

Let's ask ourselves why the 'Putin is NWO agent' conspiracy theory emerged and gained traction at the same time Putin was giving checkmates to the West left and right? Let's recall what was happening between 2013 and 2014.

Putin and Russia, through a number of brilliant moves, didn't let US/UK attack Syria. Ukraine's Yanukovich refused to sign the EU association agreement, opting instead for the Russian association. Russia had a mega-successful Olympics in Sochi. Krim (Crimea) after a landslide referendum, announced it wanted to re-unite with Russia, and was accepted, without a single shot fired (despite attempts by the West to drag Russia into an armed conflict in Ukraine). US was planning on turning Crimea into a giant military base; tearing the geopolitically important Crimea away from Russia was USA's dream and one of the main reasons for Ukraine mayhem. Derailing this plan was a major checkmate to the US.

Next, Putin, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev announced the formation of the Eurasian Union, and of the new Eurasian currency, Altyn. Russia announced anti-GMO policies. Putin signed new mega-deals with China, including a massive 30-year gas supply deal and various development deals. China and Russia agreed to conduct all their trade outside of the dollar. Putin had a spectacular week-long trip to Latin America, where various deals were signed that will change the balance of power on the American continents, including gas, oil, agriculture, military, security, transportation and communications. Putin and other BRICS presidents formed the BRICS bank with $100bln capitalization, in direct competition to the predatory IMF and World Bank.

Before that, there were other brilliant moves, one of them - the 2008 South Ossetia-Georgia-Russia conflict, resulting in the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as well as Russia preventing the planned attack on Iran. This happened when Medvedev was President and Putin PM. I wrote about that in my early articles.

Very importantly, during his tenure, Putin managed to completely turn around the country and undo the catastrophe generated in the 1990s by the US and UK in Russia (with the help of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, the above-mentioned Berezovsky, and Chubais). Putin managed to reign in the greedy and disloyal oligarchs (again, peacefully, without disrupting the economy and country's development), he turned around the situation in Chechnya to such degree that those Chechens who fought Russian soldiers and blew up schools in 1990s-early 2000s, now are some of the fiercest protectors of Russian sovereignty. In short, Putin derailed every single plan of the destruction of Russia that was concocted in the Western secret labs.

Now, let's put the two and two together: why do you think the conspiracy theory that Putin is NWO agent appeared and flourished at the exact same time that Putin and Russia took new, massive anti-NWO strides?

Is it because Putin, the world's most powerful world leader, is in fact under the US thumb? OR, is it because he is the biggest threat US, and the West in general, with their mad drive for the world hegemony, have ever encountered? I think the answer is obvious: there is no bigger, or more terrifying threat for NWO than Putin!

Who is really behind NWO?

Let's examine another rumor that is actively being circulated in the 'alternative' media. For that, we will backtrack and ask ourselves again whether the Russian President Vladimir Putin is an essential part of the clandestine and evil force commonly known as NWO? Is Russia in fact an integral part of the global conspiracy, and its opposition to the US is just a very insidious, very elaborate game?

Is the global elite preparing to dump the poor United States, along with the dollar? Those who ask these kinds of questions obviously think that America is just a poor, innocent victim. Americans obviously never massively benefitted from the unlimited free money US dollar status as world reserve currency gave them.

So, are the NWO elites getting ready to dump the dollar and move collectively to Moscow, or to the new "NWO headquarters" in the futuristic Asian city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan?

Before we proceed, I want to say a word about "the poor, innocent Americans." My readers know that my goal is to get to the bottom of the real truth, and I don't do truth substitutes. And here it is: it's not so much NWO everyone has to fear. It is US, and by extension UK. The NWO would get nowhere IF without the US - its military brawn and financial muscle. It is understandably hard for some Americans to admit that it is in fact their beloved motherland that is the evil empire everyone has to fear, that it's in fact their country that craves the unchallenged global hegemony. (That said, there are also healthy forces and smart people in the US, just like in any other country.)

From this I can make an inevitable and very sad conclusion: those Americans in the alternative media who are perpetuating the "Putin is NWO and global elites are about to move to Astana" myth are in fact trying to absolve USA from responsibility. Clearly, they see much more than they admit. They know that US is to blame directly or indirectly for the vast majority of distortions and imbalances in today's world. However, being American, they can't bear the truth. Therefore, their ulterior motive is to shift the blame to Russia and Putin.

What can be easier! Americans have genetic fear and distrust of Russia firmly imbedded in them throughout the decades of the anti-Russian brainwashing. In doing so, these alternative media representatives are in fact siding with, and playing into the hands of, the same NWO they claim to oppose, whether they intend to or not. Who needs enemies with allies like this...

Everyone must also shed illusions that all this is done for the sake of corporate profit. Profit is secondary to geopolitics and unchallenged world hegemony at all cost. Yes, global corporations and banksters are in on it. Yes, there are other countries that are willing US helpers and associates; there are many forces that want to jump on the bandwagon. There is Vatican, there are European monarchs, and there is Israel. But the one and only entity in today's world that has the military, financial and surveillance power to subdue and enslave the entire planet is the United States of America.

According to the master plan, global power and unlimited profit are a predatory symbiosis that feed each other. But the primary idea here is that America is exceptional and that it has the right to dictate to everyone. Global corporations are secondary and are simply agents of US power and manipulation. According to the US doctrine, unlimited profit is a natural result of unlimited global power, therefore, it's not the goal in itself. If it were, US wouldn't be shooting itself in the foot by racking up debt and bankrupting the country. They honestly believe that once global domination on all levels is achieved, they will be able to write off all of their debts by resetting the financial system to their advantage.

And by the way, profit can easily be gained outside of the US corporations. Examples: US banks give loans, which are generated by simply adding zeroes in the computer - here's your fake profit; gold belonging to other countries and stored at the NY FED disappears - more profit; billions in foreign assets held at the US bank are being stolen, such as in the case of Libya and Kaddafi, or presently, in the case of Argentina; and of course, CIA's profitable heroin trafficking from Afghanistan - big profit.

In short, the real culprit is US, and associates. The terms I use in my writing: US, the West, and NWO are practically synonymous.

The important thing to understand once and for all is this:

For NWO to succeed, they have to eliminate the only obstacle they have: Vladimir Putin, and Russia in general.

Once the leader holding together Russia, the entire global Russian civilization and all anti-imperialist forces, is eliminated, they will proceed to destroy Russia. Russia is the ultimate balancer of our planet and of the human world. With Russia gone, NWO is the global future for us all. Both Russians and those who don't want NWO running their lives, will do well to keep that in mind.

Despite the obvious absurdity, the NWO "revelations" about Putin are periodically flaring up around the net, making people panic and distrust their own eyes and commons sense. I keep receiving such questions, accompanied with various links, "sure proofs," etc. Let me repeat myself, there are two reasons why these theories would be surfacing: 1. Discrediting Putin, vilifying and assassinating his character, to make his subsequent elimination, and destruction of Russia, easier. 2. Blaming Putin and Russia for problems created by the US is clearly a convenient way for some Americans to absolve themselves from responsibility.

Putin has successfully derailed all the plans by US, NATO and NWO for the past 14 years. They can't outsmart him and no matter what they do, he always outplays them. Putin is their enemy No.1. They will use all means available to vilify him, and to damage his reputation.

People trust the MSM less and less. So, what should they do? That's right: they employ alternative media, which people trust much more. Alternative media users are more likely to think independently, and be more critical of Western governments. They are also more likely to like and approve of Putin as someone who stands up to the West. If you are a Western propagandist, what would you do? You create a hoax that Putin is in fact a part of the dreaded NWO, that he is a traitor. You ruin his reputation, you put doubt and confusion in people's minds. AND you do it through ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

The sad thing is how easily people, who are normally independent thinkers, get caught in this web. Just proves how good they are at propaganda.

My advice, whenever you hear things like this, first understand who benefits. If Putin just successfully outplayed the West in Syria, then successfully accepted Crimea into Russia without a single shot fired, if he just pushed through the BRICS bank, agreed on Eurasian Union and the phasing out of the dollar, if he just signed mega-deals with China and important deals with Latin America, then don't you think the information surfacing and re-surfacing that he is NWO agent at the same time is a bit more than coincidental?

Putin is too popular and too many admire him. It is clear that they are insanely jealous. Putin may not want to, but the West is bent on fighting a personal war with him all the way. By the way, Putin and Russia will do well to accept this fact and always expect the most elaborate and devious personal attacks, until the West changes (which isn't going to happen any time soon). I believe Putin, and those in his surroundings, have already understood this.

In addition to the 'Putin is NWO' hoax, there is another hoax actively circulated, with the same purpose of discrediting Russia and the rising Eurasian Union, as well as Kazakhstan and its president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Is Astana a future capital of NWO?

Let me just say that the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, would be mighty surprised if he found out that the world banksters, queens, US generals, Western ideologues, such as Brzezinski or Kissinger, and other Western elites all of sudden invaded his capital. Of course, Kazakhs are very hospitable people, and perhaps they wouldn't say no to a large influx of foreign capital (who would?), but I don't think they envision their future side by side with a bunch criminally inclined globalist elites, the ones that were instrumental in destroying their country, which they wanted to continue living in: USSR. Nazarbayev incidentally was the original mastermind of the idea of the Eurasian Union, to counter the West.

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan

This is also Astana. When these images first surfaced, immediately the yelling started that these were Illuminati symbols. Let me tell you, this is called the God's hand, also, the Buddha's palm, and it predates Illuminati by, oh, maybe a few million years. This is a mystical symbol symbolizing the energy of creation, and also protection. And of course, it has nothing to do with NWO. Certain sects, like free masons, Hitler's nazis, and others, stole and distorted the sacred Arian-Rus Vedic symbols of the world. I advise people to get a proper historic perspective on the stuff that is being disseminated on the web. This nonsense is being planted specifically to spread panic, confusion and distrust among the gullible. The fact that people are so poorly educated only helps them.

A nice Astana pyramid. Pyramids are of course the ancient focal points of mystical energy, symbolizing spiritual connection between heaven and earth, and the world of man in between. I call this connection "the Three Realms of Existence" and I write about it in my mystical thriller, THE EARTH SHIFTER. In fact, the whole span of Eurasia is full of ancient pyramids, built there many, many millenia ago by the common ancestors of Russians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, and all other Eurasian ethnicities - I call them the Rus Arians. These structures are called KURGANY or PIRAMIDY. Sorry, no NWO hiding inside.

More Astana. Again, no NWO or Illuminati, but Eurasian Union will gather in Alma-Aty, the second capital of Kazakhstan

Astana EXPO

And here is the Kazakh pro cycling team Astana, with its leader and current director, Alexander Vinokurov (center right), who won the London Olympics road race. Astana's Vincenzo Nibali from Italy (not pictured), just won the most prestigious in cycling, Tour de France. No NWO there as far as I know. Great team though, which, however, almost fell apart when American cyclist Lance Armstrong joined it for a year. Armstrong almost ruined it from the inside with his confrontationism and scheming. I think I sense a whiff of NWO there. ;) As soon as Lance Armstrong was shown the door, peace reigned supreme again. Of course, Lance Armstrong was convicted in 2013 for masterminding and running a massive international doping conspiracy and stripped of his 7 Tour de France victories. In my family, we are avid cycling fans and we follow le Tour very closely. I said Lance Armstrong was rotten goods the moment I first laid my eyes on him years ago - and here it is.
What is NWO?

First, let's look at what is NWO, or the "New World Order." This is from Wikipedia: Books
  • The New World Order (Wells), a 1940 book by H. G. Wells promoting a post-WWII new world order uniting the world and bringing peace
  • The New World Order (Robertson), a 1991 book by Pat Robertson presenting a conspiracy theory in which Christians are targeted for persecution
  • The New World Order, a 1944 book by Maulana Muhammad Ali arguing that only Islam can establish lasting world peace
  • The New World Order, a 1990 book by A. Ralph Epperson presenting a Masonic New World Order conspiracy theory
As we see, there is nothing new under the sun. The term was used in the H.G. Wells 1940 fantasy, in which (attention!) the world is united in peace. Another thing that strikes me is that this is the term used by the highly spiritual and positive Indian movement called the 'the Bahá'í Faith.' I have a sneaking suspicion that this term is much, much more ancient than Wikipedia describes, and that it may have mystical origins.

It all goes downhill the moment the giants of thought and spirituality release the beautiful idea into the world and humans taint it with fear, greed and hysteria, as is evidenced by other titles and definitions of the term. Consider what happened to the teaching of Christ: what started out as a beautiful vision of love and light was turned into the destructive and homicidal crusades and inquisition by the Catholic church. Another example: Swastika, the inspiring ancient symbol of our galaxy (not Sun, as many think) symbolizing the wheel of life in the ancient Arian Vedic mother-culture, was turned by Hitler and fascists into the terrifying symbol of death and destruction.

Humans can often soar to the heights of inspiration and creativity, but they can also descend into the abyss of fear, greed and hatred. And this is what happened with the abbreviation 'NWO.'
From Wikipedia: The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States (1776). The Latin phrase "novus ordo seclorum", appearing on the reverse side of the Great Seal since 1782 and on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill since 1935, translates to "New Order of the Ages"[1] and alludes to the beginning of an era where the United States of America is an independent nation-state; conspiracy theorists claim this is an allusion to the "New World Order".

So that everyone's on the same page, let's look at the definition for the contemporary meaning of NWO as conspiracy theory, by Wikipedia:

"As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order
or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government. The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government - which will replace sovereign nation-states - and an all-encompassing propaganda that makes the establishment of the New World Order the culmination of history's progress and an ideology. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal that operates through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes." Link.

Does NWO exist?

Yes, absolutely. There was - still is - the long-standing attempt by Western elites to create a one-world government and one world economic system based on the dollar/euro dominance, the FED, World Bank/IMF and global corporations. The hidden financial interests that are pulling the strings of the Western and non-Western politicians to achieve their global goals is also a reality, although the financial and corporate power is more and more giving way to the militarized geopolitical globalist agenda, where power at all cost is the overriding goal, as I described above. The initially beautiful idea of global unity and peace for all was hijacked by financial interests and power hungry elites.

This is why they needed to destroy the Soviet Union as the only entity that stood in the way of their global ambitions. I have to confess that Russians, myself included, were too gullible and trusting, falling for it initially. However, in the end, It turned out that the Russian world, formerly known as the Russian Empire and the USSR, was much sturdier than they expected. It turned out that the energetic, mystical, cultural and ancestral connections between many of the former citizens extended far beyond the flimsy physical reality on which Western elites operate. These can never be severed.

Incidentally, the reason Yugoslavia had to be destroyed by Clinton and his cronies in 1990s was because it was the integral part of the Russian world - and the US knew it. Unfortunately, it was also the weak link of the Russian world, due to its geography, history and psychology, and that's what the West had used against it.

It is the same reason why Ukraine is now being destroyed. Ukraine is the geopolitical fault line between the two worlds. It's the ground zero of the struggle between the old and the new. This is why, on my blog, I dedicate so much time to Ukraine. A lot is being decided there.

However, the world's energy is shifting slowly but surely and new forces are emerging. As we see from above definition, NWO is a secret conspiracy, where strings are pulled by the invisible power players. Now let's look around. Clearly, it's not that secret any more. Quite a few NWO players, such as the Bilderberg Group, the British, and other European monarchs, Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Koch brothers, Bush, Brzezinski, and others have been revealed. Much more revelations about NWO and its players will continue surfacing in the years to come. In this article I just gave you the main player: US, with its military-MSM-security complex.

The lid is being blown wide open and the truth is coming out. Do you know why? Because the power of the NWO is waning and their plans are failing. As their power wanes, they are unable to control the flow of information. (Incidentally, the NWO conspiracy and its various players are vividly described in my book, The Earth Shifter.)

I have predicted in my early articles about Ukraine (look back at Feb-March, 2014 articles in archives) that the US as the point man of NWO has already lost the battle for Ukraine; they just don't know it yet. Eventually, it will be visible to more and more people. By the time it's visible to most, the change of power in the world has effectively occurred.

Mere mortals only see the very tip of the iceberg of this battle. The battle is mainly raging unseen for most. This tip of the iceberg has flashes of events with little explanation, that perhaps are confusing. Those who cannot see the hidden links between events and their logic, may succumb to panic or doubts. It doesn't help that the Western propaganda inserts various outlandish theories, such as "Putin is part of NWO." This is done not only to discredit Putin and Eurasian Union (as in the case of Astana) but also to confuse the smarter people, who naturally would lean towards Putin and the alternative, cooperative, world system proposed by Eurasian Union and BRICS.

I spoke before about the fact that the West lost its ability to claim the high moral ground after so many double standards and openly aggressive actions around the world. This is very important to understand! If the West can't claim high moral ground, if the Western society, political and economic system discredited itself for all to see, how can they retain the sheeple on their side?

It is no secret that all kinds of polls everywhere from Europe to the US are pretty damning. People all over the world routinely name Vladimir Putin the most powerful politician on the planet. On YouTube people write in comments that they would love Putin to be the president of their country - or the world president. Imagine the frustration of the Western elites when in a US poll Obama gets 20% support, while Putin gets over 50% approval; when in a German poll Merkel gets 3% popularity, and Putin gets 30%, and the number one position.

So, what can they do in such situation? If they can't claim high moral ground any more, if everyone thinks that powers that be are rotten to the core - the next best thing is to make Putin seem JUST AS ROTTEN AS THEY ARE. Taint Putin, compromise him. This won't bring them more popularity, but we are way past that point, aren't we? However, what it will do - and this is what we are seeing - it will put doubt and suspicion into people's minds, it will confuse and take away the trust. Confused people aren't a threat any more - they are paralyzed, they won't act, they won't speak up against atrocities and lies as to them it's all part of the same gang. It now appears to be internal conflict between the bad and the badder. What does it have to do with us, simple people, right?

I'll tell you what it has to do with all of us: while you are sitting back because you are caught in the spider web of their lies, they will continue making strides to take over the world. When you finally figure it out, it'll be too late. They'll take over your life. I've been there; all Russians, and many others, have been there: this is how they almost took over Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and just about everywhere where the Russian world is still alive and breathing.

This is a very old and easy technology of the manipulation of the public opinion. Humans are a piece of cake to manipulate due to their proneness to emotions and sensationalism. This is why I recommend that we all take a deep breath and THINK before irresponsibly repeating things that float around the net (aka the spider web). I recommend we turn on reason before succumbing to panic. Let's discern, analyze and use our common sense. After all, we have been given these fine qualities, too.

Do I even need to say that this is a false conspiracy theory. As someone who knows intimately Russia and Russians, I can confidently say that the people who are pushing this have no idea of the Russian realities and aspirations. Moreover, these people think unrealistically highly of NWO. At this time, NWO is losing on all fronts. Or rather, there are desperate attempts by NWO executives to salvage their power, which is slipping between their fingers, like sand.

There are new, emerging powers in town. The US knows this, and this is exactly why they are going crazy, intensifying attacks on Russia and China. They know the tide has turned. The only strategy they have left is trying to delay the inevitable.

In short, this is yet another hoax to sway and confuse the gullible masses. While the author may honestly believe what he writes, someone is obviously using him for their agenda - and you remember what that agenda is: to vilify and unseat Putin in order to subsequently destroy Russia.


There will be no single world currency for the foreseeable future. The next step is regional currencies. Russia and China will dominate their respective regional currencies.

Russia, China and the BRICS are creating the Multipolar World to replace the uni-polar, NWO infested world we have today. The Multipolar world will be a much fairer structure, where multiple currencies and multiple world centers will be used to balance the needs and rights of all continents.

For many centuries, the majority of the earth's population has been existing as an oppressed, invaded and economically drained appendix to the huge appetites of Western Europe and USA. Centuries old aggression by the West kept the majority of the world poor and stinted.

The current rebalancing of the global players will return the world to a better balance and justice. For that to happen, US must diminish. All Anglo-Saxon countries must diminish. Other regions of the world must rise.

Russia's move of the EU/US/Canada/Australia/Norway agricultural ban is brilliant on many levels. Not only it will help Russian domestic producers to rise and claim their legitimate place in the Russian market, but it will also help Latin American, Asian, Turkish and South African agriculture to rise and become more influential and competitive. This will eventually aid in the creation of the Multi-Polar World!

Note, the latest news is that EU is trying to put pressure on Latin America and Turkey not to do business with Russia. Their intimidation techniques are quite scary to many countries, so we will have to see how it plays out and who will or won't succumb to the EU intimidation. Ecuador already announced they won't bow to the West. Others are more of a question mark. My prediction is that EU won't succeed; although, they will try to make it difficult.

Africa is a bit behind in the process of reclaiming its power and sovereignty, compared to other continents. Africa's time will come later. This is a very interesting subject - I did receive this question, when will Africa rise, from a number of readers. I will discuss my predictions in this regard in one of my future special reports.

Read about Russia's historic and karmic role as the ultimate balancer of the planet Earth in PREDICTIONS.

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