9 Trillion Missing
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Hypothetical: "Can I have an extra 2 years to pay my $7,000 in back property taxes Uncle SAM?" Response: "No. We are going to take it from you tomorrow. Oh, by the way. and we misplaced $28,000 dollars of your money. See you tomorrow."

The Federal Reserve has kinda, sorta misplaced $9,000,000,000,000 as shown by a recent video surfaced on you tube (see video below). Your tax money is being stolen. No one at the federal reserve is keeping track of what happened to 9 trillion dollars.

With black budgets and under the table deals can we just guess where all the money has gone? Into the pockets of the Bilderberg fortune 100 attendees. We provided detailed evidence the organization exists with actual documents from their conference recently released to us! Read the documents at Unusual Bilderberg Documents Uncovered at Georgetown University.

So thats $28,125 roughly stolen from every American citizen. Its time for a class action lawsuit . The Federal Reserve is private isn't it?

Rep. Alan Grayson questioned the Federal reserve Inspector General where $9 Trillion dollars went... um...ahhh...err Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasn't a clue...Kinda misplaced it did you?

Keep your ears open for when she says - they have no jurisdiction to investigate the fed!!! Only the federal reserve programs!! That's crazy!

What you have been seeing across the world the last few weeks is a scramble for gold, silver & copper as sound currency will be the only thing of value to local business's. People preparing for the collapse of the U. S. dollar as World Reserve Currency. They are stocking up on precious metals and if you where smart you would as well.

Ive watched this video several times and I still am horrified how the federal reserve can steal $28,000 dollars from me and the government knows and has not made me aware. However, they can use the NSA to bribe local cirtizens with personal information they know as reported in Episode 40 of the Rundown Live.

Not only does that piss me off. If every country is in debt where did all the money go?

Watch in horror yourself.