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A new Wall St. scam.

Rumors are circulating about a new Wall St. research service scam that goes like this...

Research reports are written with both recommendations and coded phraseology that enables pre-market manipulation.

The way it works - a report that gives recommendations also contains coded phraseology that programs trading bots on the exchange that 'read' the report and make various trades. Certain word, symbol and number combinations in the report are picked up by the bots who put on the trades based on the coded info.

In the following research report - the report spells out a recommendation - that will make the trades put on as the result of the previous report profitable.

Let's say in January, the research says "We love tech. and big pharma" but hidden in the report is coded info that was picked up by trading bots who went long Co. X.

The following report recommends Co. X, making those pre-trades profitable (while containing new coded messages for the trading bots in anticipation of the next report).

This 'research' service is sold to traders for a hefty fee. It's inside info that is virtually impossible to detect available to a firm's best clients on a regular basis.

Simply buy the service and enable your computer software that 'reads' the research to pick up the code that will trigger what trades will be profitable when the next report is published.