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How can the Social Services in Great Britain so readily separate loving and caring parents from their children? How can family men Police officers fire 50,000 volts into grannies? How can a group of youths stab a father to death for a supposed insult? The answer in all examples is the same. Lack of spirit. These people are drones (droids) and are a massive threat to your life. You must consider them the platoons of the psychopath banksters. They are your enemy.

The greatest tragedy of the last 40,000 years of human life must certainly be the indifference felt to suffering. The lack of empathy felt by millions towards their starving million fellow sentients on the surface of this blue globe. This is the true story; not that psychopathic and malevolently minded people search for glory and outside happiness by killing, raping, pillaging and conquering. These violent tendencies are easily understood, we feel, for deep down in our darkest corners we can understand rage, misdirected passion, mistakes, and the folly of hate.

What we, as a resistance movement, have a real problem with is the unsympathetic way that our fellow people can disregard a problem, walk past someone struggling in the street; continue to pay taxes to a puppet-murderous government, continue in their finance jobs, and generally be totally indifferent to the suffering of others on a massive scale. We all know them. We have all shared time with those who astonish us with their lack of care. We feel almost as if we are in the company of droids. Of robots.

Alas, this is a spectacularly huge problem. Fear not your enemy, for he is as committed to the polar opposite of your goal as you are to yours. You co-exist in a stunning cosmic battle, learning from the other. This is something we can rationalise. But we struggle with the multitude who do not take sides, and if they do, they side with the state, the bully, the greater physical strength. They accept murder and brutality without flinching. They view things as "ok" whilst another 30,000 children die of starvation. STARVATION! We can be so desensitized to the facts; oh people starve: we sometimes forget the true visceral and vicious REALITY of

This resistance movement is difficult because we despair at the increasingly obvious elephant staring us in the face, smokescreened behind our greater hopes and sentiments of optimism, but we cannot escape the terrible truth that most people do not have the spiritual energy in them necessary to be a true human. They have had the organ of true-human ironed out of them by an unjust and violent society interested in standardization and producing drones.

Yes, Drones. My affectionate term for those incapable of seeing the horror of their reality; living in denial and hoping that "all this must be real". You see them on the subway, you see them in your office; those boring ambitious types who seem to be forged from the same corpo-droid mould at obedient-man factory.

It's not the psychopathic international banksters who pose a threat to us. In essence, they have no power. They are fat, gout-riddled, unfit and spiritually empty vessels pressing forward the agenda of some anti-human but albeit very testing alien code. We can handle them. We know where we stand. The battle-lines are drawn. Our most pressing enemy is not them. Our most pressing enemy is the hordes of droids who obey blindly. Until they are woken up, they are the foundations of the pyramid of control. They hold it together. They are much more of a threat to you because they are not fully human. I will say it again. They ARE NOT fully human. They lack a certain cog in the fabric of their consciousness. They lack wisdom. And for this they will side with the power-structure against you.

In essence, we are in a psychological cage of the people around us. Not our close friends and family, but the wider community who are ready at a moment's notice to bow down to the state and shop you in if you display any form of revolutionary/resistance fervour.

For this reason, do not plan things on the phone. Do not plan things on facebook. I do not speak of the normal protests and debates; I speak of the time in the near future when we will need secrecy in terms of resisting the machine at a more tangible and physical level. There will always be an obedient slave-drone reading and listening in, fellating the power structure, the snivelling swine who has foregone humanity for obedience to the system. My blood boils when I think of them. Alas, many have the excuse of a troubled upbringing. But millions of people have troubled upbringings without turning into malicious and callous operators of the matrix. These people have something wrong with them at the soul-level. They are your biggest threat.

Beware the Drone. Accept that their spiritual awakening may, or may not happen. Until it does, they are your enemy.

Now, I know that on a meta-level we have no enemies; we are all one in the great cosmic dance, the beautiful holographic projection of our minds into the ether. But I am going to play this game with honour, with devotion to what is right, as a light-warrior in a world of darkness, repression, and ignorance. I will fight for what is right, I will fight the good fight.

Let us not forget that we are all here as the result of the winning tribe. We have a direct line of ancestry to the very creation of life from complicated molecules in the water one billion years ago.

You are here for a reason. Do not cower, do not hide. Fight for what is right.

Stand firm. Victory is assured.