Yesterday, in comments by the new Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, we were provided with an important lesson in, and example of, essential psychopathy:
Olmert says Iran president is a "psychopath"

BERLIN (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a psychopath and anti-Semite whose declarations resemble those of Adolf Hitler, Israeli acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in a newspaper interview on Saturday.

"Ahmadinejad speaks today like Hitler before taking power," Olmert told Germany's Bild newspaper. "He speaks of the complete destruction and annihilation of the Jewish people."
For starters, the above comment is an outright lie. Don't be shocked, politicians lie all the time, in the most flagrant and manipulative ways, and the mainstream press dutifully and obsequiously carry these lies to the world public. As PM of Israel, Olmert must have paid close attention to the exact wording of Ahmadinejad's speech several weeks ago, where he made comments about the 'Zionist entity'. If you read those remarks, you will see exactly what the Iranian PM was saying, and realise that he was NOT calling for the "annihilation of the Jewish people", although the Israeli PM and the American government would love the world to believe so.
Ahmadinejad has questioned the Holocaust and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." He has also suggested the Jewish state should be moved to Europe or North America.
Indeed, Ahmadinejad suggested that, since the Holocaust is being exploited by Israeli politicians to justify the continued oppression and murder of Palestinians, and since it was European nations and America that facilitated the Holocaust, a home for the Jewish people should be provided at the expense of these nations rather than at the expense of a people that had no part in the Holocaust. A very reasonable proposition in theory and a way to highlight the brutality and injustice of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.
"So you see, we are dealing with a psychopath of the worst kind, with an anti-Semite," Olmert said. "God forbid that this man ever gets his hands on nuclear weapons, to carry out his threats.
Having deliberately and incorrectly portrayed Ahmadinejad as an anti-Semite, Olmert then calls him a psychopath and issues a dire warning about such a person ever getting his hands on nuclear weapons. What Olmert is now deliberately ignoring however, is the fact that Iran has no nuclear program. Of course, this information is also almost absent from the reports of the mainstream press. By now, we have more than enough evidence to prove pretty much conclusively that the long-standing "conspiracy theory" that much of the mainstream media is entirely in thrall to government, particularly the American and Israeli governments, is not a conspiracy theory but an actual conspiracy to silence any dissent to the illegal and inhuman policies of these governments.

Anyone that takes the time to furnish themselves with the truth about Iran, its president and its 'nuclear program' cannot but be shocked at the criminal duplicity of the Israeli and Bush administrations. At the same time that we are regaled with lies about Iran, Israel continues to mercilessly squeeze the Palestinian people and push forward with plans to annex large parts of Palestinian territory in the West Bank and reoccupy the Gaza strip, and Bush and Co. have quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since they took office, asserting that they have the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with their interpretation of the Constitution.

Now think about this: Olmert claims that the Iranian PM is "acting like Hitler before he took power", yet between the Israeli and American administrations, we see:
Massive power being concentrated in the hands of the executive branch of government

The wide propagandizing of a phony existential threat to the populations of both countries (worldwide Islamic terrorism).

A beleaguered people (Palestinians) being corralled into what are essentially ghettos and mercilessly killed when they attempt to revolt.

A concerted campaign to invade and occupy sovereign nations that will likely lead to a major international war.

And let's not forget the shocking example of IDF troops forcing a Palestinian man to play the violin for them. Of course, this was just a bit of fun, right? The kind of fun that Nazi soldiers had when they forced Warsaw ghetto Jews to dance and play for them.
Now tell us again who is acting like Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1930's?

The simple truth is that, while Olmert accuses the Iranian PM of being a psychopath, Olmert's rant is typical psychopathic behavior - accusing someone of being a psychopath for telling the truth. Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology has this to say about it:
We need to understand the nature of the macrosocial phenomenon as well as that basic relationship and controversy between the pathological system and those areas of science which describe psychological and psychopathological phenomena. Otherwise, we cannot become fully conscious of the reasons for such a government's long published behavior.

A normal person's actions and reactions, his ideas and moral criteria, all too often strike abnormal individuals as abnormal. For if a person with some psychological deviations considers himself normal, which is of course significantly easier if he possesses authority, then he would consider a normal person different and therefore abnormal, whether in reality or as a result of conversive thinking. That explains why such people's government shall always have the tendency to treat any dissidents as "mentally abnormal".

Operations such as driving a normal person into psychological illness and the use of psychiatric institutions for this purpose take place in many countries in which such institutions exist. Contemporary legislation binding upon normal man's countries is not based upon an adequate understanding of the psychology of such behavior, and thus does not constitute a sufficient preventive measure against it.

Within the categories of a normal psychological world view, the motivations for such behavior were variously understood and described: personal and family accounts, property matters, intent to discredit a witness' testimony, and even political motivations. Such defamatory suggestions are used particularly often by individuals who are themselves not entirely normal, whose behavior has driven someone to a nervous breakdown or to violent protest. Among hysterics, such behavior tends to be a projection onto other people of one's own self-critical associations. A normal person strikes a psychopath as a naive, smart-alecky believer in barely comprehensible theories; calling him "crazy" is not all that far away.

Therefore, when we set up a sufficient number of examples of this kind or collect sufficient experience in this area, another more essential motivational level for such behavior becomes apparent. What happens as a rule is that the idea of driving someone into mental illness issues from minds with various aberrations and psychological defects. Only rarely does the component of pathological factors take part in the ponerogenesis of such behavior from outside its agents. Well thought out and carefully framed legislation should therefore require testing of individuals whose suggestions that someone else is psychologically abnormal are too insistent or too doubtfully founded.

On the other hand, any system in which the abuse of psychiatry for allegedly political reasons has become a common phenomenon should be examined in the light of similar psychological criteria extrapolated onto the macrosocial scale. Any person rebelling internally against a governmental system, which shall always strike him as foreign and difficult to understand, and who is unable to hide this well enough, shall thus easily be designated by the representatives of said government as "mentally abnormal", someone who should submit to psychiatric treatment. A scientifically and morally degenerate psychiatrist becomes a tool easily used for this purpose.Thus is born the sole method of terror and human torture unfamiliar even to the secret police of Czar Alexander II.

The abuse of psychiatry for purposes we already know thus derives from the very nature of pathocracy as a macrosocial psychopathological phenomenon. After all, that very area of knowledge and treatment must first be degraded to prevent it from jeopardizing the system itself by pronouncing a dramatic diagnosis, and must then be used as an expedient tool in the hands of the authorities. In every country, however, one meets with people who notice this and act astutely against it.

The pathocracy feels increasingly threatened by this area whenever the medical and psychological sciences make progress. After all, not only can these sciences knock the weapon of psychological conquest right out of its hands; they can even strike at its very nature, and from inside the empire, at that.

A specific perception of these matters therefore bids the pathocracy to be "ideationally alert" in this area. This also explains why anyone who is both too knowledgeable in this area and too far outside the immediate reach of such authorities should be accused of anything that can be trumped up, including psychological abnormality.
For recent and past examples of just how the psycopaths are, see today's story on the murder of a Palestinian woman in the West Bank by the Israeli Defence (Offence) Forces.