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Sat, 19 Jan 2019
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Anoka County, Minneapolis sinkhole is growing

  • A homeowner living near a massive sinkhole that closed an Anoka County road says the huge hole is getting even bigger.

    The hole appeared on Saturday morning, taking out 15 feet of Kettle River Boulevard and 165th Avenue in Columbus, Minn. -- but it's still growing around the edges.

    The roadway has been blocked to traffic, and the Anoka County engineer says crews will be out on Thursday morning to begin repairs.

    Officials say heavy rains and an aging infrastructure caused the pipe beneath the road to give out.


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    Massive Sinkhole Forms Near Central City, Colorado

    © CBS
    The sinkhole near Central City.
    Central City, Colorado - A massive crater alongside the road in between the cities of Black Hawk and Central City has traffic moving along a bit slower than usual after crews had to close a lane.

    The sinkhole happened at the end of Gregory Street just east of Central City. The asphalt on the side of the road gave way to a small cavern early Saturday morning. By midday the cavern had turned into a crater.

    Officials said an old mine shaft caved in. There's some speculation that recent, heavy rains and heavy Memorial Day weekend traffic may have been a contributing factor.

    The shaft is about 30 feet wide by 50 feet deep. Crews will fill it in with large rocks and then add filler to the rock for stabilization.

    Experts say such collapses aren't uncommon in Gilpin County.


    Huge sinkhole opens in Montreal after student protest

    © Via @DemetriPro, Twitter
    Pothole on Sherbrooke Street, Montreal
    A four-metre square sinkhole opened up in a major downtown Montreal street just hours after a massive student protest had marched over it.

    The protest, which attracted tens of thousands of people, had already passed and gone down another street when the four-metre-deep sinkhole opened up late Tuesday afternoon.

    Denis Roy, an operations chief with the Montreal fire department, said there were no injuries to any passersby.

    Public works officials are attempting to determine the cause of the collapse.

    The sinkhole is located not far from McGill University on Sherbrooke Street, one of Montreal's key east-west arteries.

    The collapse, which happened around rush hour, added to the headaches of drivers already dealing with detours because of the huge student protest over tuition fee hikes and a special law to limit demonstrations.

    Source: The Canadian Press

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    Three sinkholes open up in Prince William County, Virginia

    Prince William County, Virginia - The Virginia Department of Transportation is working to repair a massive sinkhole in Prince William County.

    The hole opened up in the middle of Aden Road early Tuesday morning.

    VDOT says this was one of three sinkholes to open up within the last 24 hours in Prince William County.

    VDOT believes heavy rain and flooding may be to blame.

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    Update: Massive Florida Sinkhole Expanding

    Windermere, Florida - The sinkhole in the backyard of a Windermere home that has attracted tourists and increased the home inspection business appears to be getting larger.

    The sinkhole was originally estimated to be more than 100 feet across and 50 feet deep, and located about 3 feet from the back of a home at 4926 Indian Deer Road last week.

    But when Local 6 news helicopter Sky 6 flew over the home on Friday, the sinkhole appears to have grown larger. The sinkhole is now about 2 feet from the home.

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    Sinkhole in Arkansas parking lot swallows SUV

    © Sandy Allain
    A car sank into a hole in the parking lot at T.D. Bank in North Conway Friday morning.
    Conway - A sport utility vehicle parked in a lot in North Conway Village fell into a sinkhole on Friday morning after the ground under the pavement became undermined.

    An employee of Priscilla's Country Cafe left her blue 2007 Dodge parked in a space between the restaurant and the T.D. Bank office, but by 7:30 a.m., officials said, its passenger-side front tire had buckled the pavement.

    The pavement under driver's side was also clearly undermined, Conway Police Sgt. Russell McLauchlan said, and it wasn't long before that side also fell into the three-foot deep hole. The vehicle sat perched, its front tires in the hole, its rear tires on the pavement, the undercarriage against the jagged edge of the pavement.

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    Massive Florida Sinkhole Forced Evacuations

    One family are grateful to be alive after a massive sinkhole opened up in their back garden stopping just three feet from their home.

    Lou and Denise Lambros and their four children were immediately evacuated from their Florida home after the huge hole, that measures 100 feet across and nearly 50 feet deep, suddenly appeared overnight.

    A few days after the 'unreal' incident, Lou Lambros says it has sunk in that his family narrowly escaped potential tragedy and spoke of his relief that none of the neighbourhood children, who often came to play in the garden, were hurt.

    Florida Sinkhole_1
    © WFTV
    That sinking feeling: A massive sinkhole 100-ft across appeared in the backyard of the Lambros family's house overnight.
    Florida Sinkhole_2
    © WFTV
    Wake-up call: Denise Lambros noticed the huge sinkhole around 7am when she let the dog out.
    Florida Sinkhole_3
    © Splash
    Unbelievable: It took Denise Lambros a few moments to comprehend what she was witnessing when she first saw the sinkhole.
    'It is almost frightening for me. I know that my kids played back there...neighborhood children used to come over to play,' he told MSNBC Today.

    The cause of the sinkhole is unknown, but officials believe the dry weather conditions experienced in parts of the south could have contributed to the hole.

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    Family's terror as their Florida house is nearly engulfed by 100ft wide sinkhole

    A massive sinkhole opened up in a residential neighbourhood in Windermere, Florida today that was 100 feet across and nearly 50 feet deep.

    Luckily, no one was hurt in the freak accident, though the massive hole displaced a family of six, which had to be evacuated with aid of the fire department.

    The cause of the sinkhole is unknown, but officials believe the dry weather conditions experienced in parts of the south could have contributed to the hole.
    © Unknown
    A massive sinkhole 100-ft across appeared in the backyard of a Florida family's house

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    Teen Girl Falls Through Massive Unseen Sidewalk Sinkhole in China

    Cab driver climbs down to rescue girl from six-metre deep pit

    A teenage girl walking along a sidewalk in China fell six metres into a sinkhole after the seemingly normal section of pavement collapsed right under her feet.

    She was talking on her phone, but that distraction can't be blamed for this unknown weak section of sidewalk in Xi'an, the capital of the China's northwest Shaanxi Province.

    Luckily, a taxi driver named Wang Wei saw the girl fall, stopped his cab in the middle of the street and jumped out to help.

    "I called out to her and she didn't respond," said the cab driver and Good Samaritan in the video above. Wei then climbed into the pit. "After I shook her a little she came to."

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    Sinkhole swallows girl in China

    A cab driver comes to the rescue of a young girl after she falls into a sinkhole under a pavement in the city of Xi'an in northern China.