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Sat, 18 Aug 2018
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US, Missouri: Sinkhole Closed Section of Prospect for Six Hours in Kansas City

© Brandon Billinger/KSHB
Both directions of Prospect were closed on Aug. 8, 2011, from 67th Street to 67th Terrace in Kansas City, Mo., due to a large sinkhole.
A section of Prospect Avenue was closed Monday for about six hours in Kansas City, Mo., due to a large sinkhole.

The sinkhole was reported before 2:30 p.m.

Officials closed Prospect from 67th Street to 67th Terrace. By 8:30 p.m., the roadway was reopened to traffic.

Colleen Doctorian with Water Department said an 8-inch main caused the break.

Approximately 25 customers were affected by the water main break.

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US, Pennsylvania: Excessive Rain Causes Widespread Sinkholes in Palmyra

Excessive rain has caused a sinkhole mess in Palmyra, Lebanon County.

Residents said on Tuesday, you live with the risk of sinkholes living in Palmyra, "I'm not nervous," said Sandy Forker. Forker added, "Who knows - my house may go in."

But after last weekends, heavy rains, residents said they haven't seen so many sinkholes sprout up all at once.

Cherry and Duke Streets, the Rite Aid Parking lot, and Franklin Street were some areas where sinkholes formed over the weekend.

One of the worst areas however was between Kevin Collins' home on North Grant Street.

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US, Alabama: Rain creates sinkhole on Ingram Road

A sinkhole on Ingram Road off U.S. 31 stranded a man Thursday, trapping his SUV on the road. According to a county official, the road will be closed through the weekend.

Emergency crews said a towing company was able to pull the vehicle from the sinkhole just before 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

Matthew Keil told WAFF 48 he was driving home from work when he saw what looked like a pothole in the road. When he tried to drive over it, the road buckled underneath him. Keil said he was afraid the SUV might fall if he tried to exit it. Both he and the SUV are fine.


US, Washington: Sinkhole Opens in East Vancouver Roadway

© Troy Wayrynen
Aaron Hendrickson, a Clark County maintenance specialist, watches over a sinkhole while waiting for gravel to be delivered Thursday on Northeast 165th Avenue near 80th Street. The sinkhole, which was caused by a collapsed drainage pipe under the street, left a hole about 18-inches in diameter and a void underneath big enough to accommodate an older model Volkswagen Beetle, Hendrickson said.
The Clark County Public Works department is working to repair a sinkhole that has opened on a residential street in east Vancouver. Department spokesman Jeff Mize said crews hoped to have the hole filled later Thursday night.

"This is the type of thing we try to get on right away," Mize said.

The sinkhole was reported at Northeast 165th Avenue and 80th Street, caused by a collapsed drainage pipe under the street, Mize said.

The opening in the street measured about 18 inches in diameter, but the sinkhole underneath was about 6 feet around and about 8 feet deep.

Public works crews will likely fill the hole with packed gravel at first, Mize said, then return next week to repair the pipe.

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200 Meter-long Crack Opens in Chile

The authorities were unable to explain the causes of the fissure in the ground measuring about 200 meters.

Fear, disbelief and surprise are some of the expressions of the neighbors in the south east of the city who see a large crack was created in front of their homes. The issue has concerned neighbors, who called on the authorities to go to the site and verify field causes strange phenomenon.

Until the area became ONEMI staff, Sernageomin, Aguas del Altiplano and the police, who cordoned off the affected site, located in a vacant lot of 1.700m2 Tucapel dividing populations VII and Villa Primavera, road frontage Ignacio Vergara (Spring) and William Source (Tucapel VII).

Franz was Schmauck, regional director of ONEMI, who said he is still working to determine the causes of the fact that last night was only a small area, and today dawned older residents said, with 170 meters and a width that reaches 10 cm. It is expected that the next few hours of awareness of the technical report to confirm the cause, however there is talk of a possible leak of water that would have caused the softening of the soil saline.

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US: Storms Cause Sinkhole in Major Intersection of Ellsworth, Maine

The Maine Department of Transportation is going to use an underground camera to help determine what caused an 8-foot by 10-foot sinkhole to form in a U.S. Route 1 intersection in Ellsworth before making a permanent fix.

Department of Transportation crews filled the hole with gravel early Tuesday after the hole formed following a Monday night storm.

Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Latti says an old, underground drainage system was undermined during the storm. The hole was filled with 10 yards of gravel.

Latti tells the Bangor Daily News officials will make a more permanent repair, but they want to diagnose the problem properly first. So they're going to use an underground camera to investigate the drainage system.

Source: The Associated Press

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Canada: Huge Sinkhole Reported in Montreal

© Radio-Canada
The pothole is at the corner of Ontario and Plessis Streets.
Traffic was rerouted in east-end Montreal Tuesday, after a 4.5-metre wide pothole opened up on Ontario Street.

The pothole, at the corner of Plessis Street, is at least 1.5 metres deep.

The city says the ground gave away beneath the asphalt, causing the hole to appear.

Traffic will be detoured away from the intersection until at least Wednesday.


US: Cleveland - St. Clair crack still a mystery

It's been more than a month since St. Clair Avenue developed a crack down the middle of the street on the southern boundary of the Medical Mart/Convention Center project. The crack runs from Ontario to East 6th Street. The pavement is filled in but the cause remains a mystery. Was it caused by brittle pavement, a one-time geological hiccup, or something else?
© Unknown
Identifying the cause is necessary to remove any concerns about present or future impact on the $465 million taxpayer-funded project

Attorney Jeff Appelbaum is Cuyahoga County's counsel and MMPI's representative for the project. He says a lot of brainpower and technology have been thrown into action trying to learn what caused the crack and whether it's an issue that could repeat itself.

Appelbaum says tiltmeters, inclinometers, ground-penetrating radar and core borings have all been used to gather data. Some tests had to be repeated. All the data was to be collected last week with experts analyzing it this week.

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US, Minnesota: Massive sinkhole triggered by Burnsville water main break

If you doubt the power of water, try taking a drive down County Road 11 in Burnsville.

Just be ready to slam on the brakes... hard.

An apparent water main break has triggered a massive sinkhole across the southbound lanes of County 11 between McAndrews and Palomino Drive.

The sinkhole is more than 30 feet deep and at least 30 feet across. Crews worked through the night on the problem and hope to have the road open sometime on Thursday or Friday.


US, Indiana: Airport Runways in No Danger After Sinkhole Discovery

The runways at the Monroe County Airport appear to be in no immediate danger after sinkholes were discovered in May.