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Wed, 17 Oct 2018
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New York, US: Sinkhole Swallows 80 Year Old As He Goes for Morning Newspaper

© Greg Bledsoe
Sinkholes can open up when an old well or cesspool collapses.
Chasm may have been from old well or cesspool.

An 80-year-old man who went out to get his morning newspaper fell into an 8-foot sinkhole that opened up in his Long Island lawn.

Michael Ciron was not seriously injured in his Sunday morning ordeal, and even boasted that he managed to hang onto the papers, according to Newsday. He yelled for his daughter, who woke up and came to his aid by calling police and firefighters to the Oceanside home.

Ciron, who was wearing slippers, found himself stuck in wet, shifting sand.

"It was scary down there," he told Newsday.


US, California: Giant Sinkhole Opens up Near UCSD

© unknown
La Jolla sinkhole
Water is expected to be restored late Friday morning in University City where there's a 50-foot-long, 25-foot-wide sinkhole.

Officials say a storm-water pipe ruptured below the middle of Campus Point Drive.

Runoff from the pipe then eroded the ground beneath the pavement.

About 30 commercial properties have been without water service since early Thursday.


US: Sinkhole, Cracks Spark Fears of Landslide in San Pedro California

Cliff-side neighborhood may be shifting once again

A well-known stretch of San Pedro along the Pacific that is prone to land movement may be in danger of a landslide.

Right now, residents say they're just waiting to see what happens.

The city has given the go-ahead to plug sewer lines and move power poles, preparing for the worst.

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Florida, US: Partial closes at site of sinkhole in Tampa intersection

tampa sinkhole
© Unkown
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has closed the intersection of Fletcher and Nebraska Avenues in all directions due to a sinkhole in the middle of the intersection.
The intersection of Fletcher and Nebraska Avenues in Hillsborough County is back open Monday night, after a sinkhole was discovered.

The sinkhole is approximately 6 feet in diameter and approximately 8 feet deep.

Alternate routes were provided for drivers.

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Plymouth Pennsylvania, US: A pickup truck gets lost in a sinkhole

Bizarro Earth

Malaysia: Sinkhole closes road in Puchong

skinhole Puchong
© Farizul Hafiz Awang
Policemen standing guard beside the sinkhole in Jalan TK 5/1, Taman Kinrara, Puchong, last night.
SUBANG JAYA: A portion of the road leading to houses and shoplots in Section 5, Taman Kinrara, off Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, collapsed yesterday, leaving a six-metre deep and 4.5-metre wide sinkhole.

The incident happened at 2pm. The earth in the middle of the road suddenly caved in, leaving a hole deep enough to fit four cars.

Luckily, no road users fell into the hole, located near several apartments,

Serdang police chief Superintendent Abdul Razak Elias said police were notified about the sinkhole at Jalan TK 5/1 by residents, before several officers cordoned off the area.

"We decided to close the road pending investigations and repair works by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council."


US: Sinkhole In Stafford, Virginia Threatens Homes


Chicago, US: Huge Northwest Side sinkhole fixed

The Northwest Side sinkhole that swallowed a car -- and driver -- over the weekend has been fixed.

On Saturday morning, a 2003 Acura driven by Bok Sam Khim was swallowed when part of the roadway near Foster and Elston gave way, creating a 14x14 foot hole that was 12 feet deep. He was able to crawl out with the help of a ladder.

"We got the call at 5 a.m. Saturday morning that there was a car in the street and, again, we wrapped up the repairs on the street and to the sewer main and water main by 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon," Water Commissioner Thomas Powers said.


Canada: ATV Plunge into Sinkhole Kills Researcher

Suzanne Abele
© University of Alberta
University of Alberta researcher Suzanne Abele was leading a group of students when her ATV dropped into a sinkhole on a forestry road.
A researcher from the University of Alberta died Thursday when her all-terrain vehicle plunged into a sinkhole on a remote forestry road 60 kilometres southwest of Manning, Alta.

Suzanne Elizabeth Abele, 27, died at the scene. RCMP said she was leading a group of four undergraduate students when she drove into the sinkhole, which was three metres deep and five metres wide.

Bizarro Earth

US: Detroit - Woman Tells Story Of Being Nearly Swallowed By Sinkhole

© CLickOnDetroit
Amber Flemings said it only took an instant for panic mode to set in when she realized the SUV she, her mother and her 2-year-old niece were in was being swallowed by a giant sinkhole on Detroit's east side.

Flemings, her 62-year-old mother and 2-year-old niece were on their way home from a dentist appointment on Thursday afternoon when they cautiously began approaching a pool of water along Beaubien and Smith streets.

"The next thing we know, the car just pitched forward and it just started sinking. Water started coming in and the baby just started freaking out," Flemings said.

People nearby pulled the trio to safety.

Flemings said she's grateful the situation was only an inconvenience and nothing more serious. She starts her third year of college this week and has been left without some of her things that were in the SUV.

"I'm actually in the process of moving back into the dorms. So, some of my stuff was in the trunk. So, now we have to deal with the stuff that we lost," she said. "We also have to deal with the fact that now I don't have any transportation to get me to school. Not to mention my mom, who is handicapped, she doesn't have any transportation."