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Mon, 19 Nov 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain triggers deadly landslide in Rio De Janeiro state, Brazil - at least 10 people dead

Authorities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, say that at least 10 people have died after heavy rain triggered a landslide in a residential area.

The landslide occurred on 10 November, 2018, in the Boa Esperança Community in Piratininga, Niterói, in metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. At least 6 houses were destroyed.

The Fire Department reported that 11 people were rescued from the debris. It is feared the deaths could rise and rescue workers are continuing to searching for survivors.

Heavy rain has been falling in the area over the last few days. Civil defence in the city (Proteção e Defesa Civil da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro) received 135 calls for assistance between 07 and 09 November due to heavy rains in the city.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods hit parts of Singapore due to intense rain

Several parts of Singapore,
Several parts of Singapore, including Choa Chu Kang, experienced flash floods after intense rain on Nov 10,
Flash floods hit parts of Singapore including Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang on Saturday evening (Nov 10) due to intense rain.

The floods were reported along Choa Chu Kang Way up to Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1, as well as near Bukit Batok Driving Centre and a petrol station located along Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, according to national water agency PUB.

"Several places in Singapore experienced intense rain this evening. About 100mm of rain was recorded over about 1.5 hours from 4.40pm to 6pm at Bukit Panjang," said PUB. "This is about 40 per cent of the average monthly rainfall in November."

PUB officers were at the flood sites to "investigate and render assistance", said the agency.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rains wreck Riyadh airport, Saudi Arabia

King Khalid Airport
© Facebook / Riyadh Airports
King Khalid Airport
The Arabian peninsula has been battered by extreme weather in recent weeks and it's taking its toll on Saudi Arabia's infrastructure. New footage shows a deluge bursting through the ceiling of one of the country's main airports.

Video shows the roof tiling at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh completely buckled under the weight of water which is gushing from the ceiling and pooling on the floor.

The downpour is so heavy that one could be forgiven for thinking that it was raining inside the building.

Cloud Precipitation

Watch as flash flooding causes chunks of bridge to collapse in Israel

israel motorway collapse
Heavy rainfall throughout 9 November, caused flooding in riverbeds and other low lying areas in the Judaean Desert and the Northern Negev in Israel.

A part of the Route 90 highway near the Dead Sea, has been washed out by mudflows, leaving four people blocked and stranded, the Times of Israel reported.

The individuals have been evacuated on a military helicopter and taken to the nearest hospital by an IDF search-and-rescue team.

Comment: Vast swathes of the usually arid Middle East has seen flash flooding in recent days: Although deluges of water are swift becoming the norm all over the globe:

Cloud Precipitation

More flash floods in Jordan kill 11 - Two weeks after flooding killed 21(UPDATE)

Jordan has once again been hit by heavy floods.
© Ahmad Atwah Jordanian tour guide
Jordan has once again been hit by heavy floods.
Seven people were killed on Friday in Jordan after torrential rains swept across several parts of the country, according to Al Arabiya news channel correspondent.

The Jordanian civil defense rescued a young girl and recovered the body of her sister after heavy flash floods swept their father's vehicle in the Malih area of the governorate of Madaba, while 11 others were injured in different areas of the country.

A spokesman for the Civil Defense Iyad al-Amro, told Al Arabiya that members of the Civil Defense were searching for three other missing members of the surviving child's family.

Comment: Update: The Guardian on the 10th November reports:
The death toll from flash floods unleashed by heavy rains in Jordan has risen to 11, according to local media, and forced authorities to evacuate more then 3,700 tourists from the ancient city of Petra.

Saturday's reports came a day after floods struck in several areas of Jordan, including Petra, and the searches for missing people continue.

Government spokeswoman Jumana Ghuneimat and civil defence officials say the death toll rose early on Saturday, after another body was found in the Madaba region south of the capital of Amman.

Hundreds of Petra visitors ran for higher ground on Friday as water surged through a narrow canyon leading to the Treasury, Petra's main attraction.

Jordanian civil protection services work on a road damaged by flash floods, near Madaba, some 30 kilometres south of Amman. Photograph: Petra News Agency Handout/EPA
© Petra News Agency Handout/EPA
Jordanian civil protection services work on a road damaged by flash floods, near Madaba, some 30 kilometres south of Amman.
See also: 18 children and teachers dead, 22 more injured in flash flooding in Jordan

Cloud Precipitation

12 months' worth of rain in 2 days and unexpected snow hit New Zealand's South Island

Bridge collapse on South Island, New Zealand
Bridge collapse on main road between Christchurch and West Coast, South Island, New Zealand on October 8, 2018.

A massive dumping of spring snow hit South Canterbury today, leaving the town of Fairlie looking like a winter wonderland.

Spring lambs were also feeling the cold, caught out by the unexpected snow.

One Fairlie resident told 1 NEWS: "I think it's global warming gone mad, November the 9th and look at it, it's incredible, who would have forecast this?"

The weather made for an unexpected day off school for kids, some who were out and about on their bikes embracing the novelty.

Road snowfall warnings have been put in place for Arthur's Pass and Porters Pass (SH73).

The snow comes as NIWA says the amount of rain which fell on one West Coast glacier between 12am Wednesday and 9am today was more than Christchurch typically gets in a year.

Comment: See also: Road closures as spring snow hits South Canterbury, New Zealand

Stormy weather: Woman swept away by floodwater in New Zealand - Over half a metre of rainfall in 24 hours

Cloud Precipitation

National Guard called in to help as rains wreak havoc across Kuwait

Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Friday called on people, especially motorists, to be careful due to unstable weather conditions.

Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Friday called on people, especially motorists, to be careful due to unstable weather conditions.
Heavy rains wreaked havoc across Kuwait Friday, resulting in massive flooding of major highways, streets and neighborhoods. The Minister of Public Works Hussam Al Roumi resigned in the wake of the crisis, reported local Arabic newspapers and the Kuwait National Guard was called in to help as roads and homes were flooded, vehicles submerged and emergency services stretched to the limit responding to flash floods in various parts of the country.

Kuwait has received 33.70 millimeters of rain within the last 24 hours, reported Kuwait's Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Meteorological Department with rain still failing as of 10pm local time. The semi-arid country typically receives around 21 millimeters of rainfall for the entire month of November.

Cloud Precipitation

Wet season rice production down in Laos due to flood

Working in the wet rice fields of Laos

Working in the wet rice fields of Laos
Wet season rice production in Laos is expected to be reduced by about 300,000 tons after widespread flooding this year that affected many parts of the country.

The Lao government, especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has encouraged farmers around the country to produce 3.5 million tons of rainy season rice, but authorities expected the harvest to achieve about 3.2 million tons, local daily Vientiane Times on Friday quoted the ministry officials as saying.

A total of 101,000 hectares of wet season rice were impacted by flooding, about 12 percent of the total planted area of 817,800 hectares. Some 66,000 hectares of the rice crop was estimated to have been destroyed by this year's deluge in Laos.

Cloud Precipitation

Stormy weather: Woman swept away by floodwater in New Zealand - Over half a metre of rainfall in 24 hours

The Goat Creek bridge on SH73 has been washed out in the deluge.
The Goat Creek bridge on SH73 has been washed out in the deluge.
A mother of 11 from the Glorivale community has died after being swept away in a swollen West Coast river.

A source told the Herald that Rejoice Steadfast had been missing since yesterday afternoon near the flooded Haupiri River, near Gloriavale, in the West Coast's Grey District.

Rejoice Steadfast is the daughter-in-law of Gloriavale secretary and treasurer Fervent Steadfast.

Police this morning said a Search and Rescue team had recovered her body at 8am.

Her death has been referred to the coroner.

A Gloriavale spokeswoman declined to comment this morning.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flooding hits north Trinidad - Second such event within 3 weeks

Divali celebrations on Tuesday were again marred by heavy showers and flash flooding across parts of north Trinidad.

Viral videos showed a car which had been caught in flood waters along the Eastern Main Road in St Augustine. Heavy flooding was also reported near Pasea Road in Tunapuna.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) warned the public to stay away from the Eastern Main Road along Tunapuna and St Augustine as the roadway was impassable up until midday Tuesday.

"Citizens are kindly advised to proceed with caution on the nation's roadways, as heavy rainfall has been reported across the country."

Comment: This is the 2nd major flooding event for the island nation within the last 3 weeks and the 5th in the past 17 months, for details see: National disaster declared in Trinidad after catastrophic flooding

Flash floods ravage parts of Trinidad and Tobago

Parts of Trinidad swamped by flood waters after 24 hours of non-stop rainfall

Floodwater as high as 8 feet in Williamsville, Trinidad