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SOTT Focus: Israeli release of prisoners an example of Zionist propaganda

In the last 2 weeks, the mass media has been flooded with news about the Israeli release of 250 Palestinian prisoners. As a matter of fact, the propaganda exercise started 4 weeks ago on the 26th of June when this article from Reuters announced:
"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday he was ready to free about 250 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to help President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction."

Comment: A note on the video at the beginning of this editorial:

Israeli and US propaganda about the "Middle East conflict" has effectively convinced most people that there is indeed a real "conflict" going on between Israelis and Palestinians, or more to the point, that there are two sides that are in fact "at war" with each other. This is simply not true. And it is this propaganda that we sought to fight in making this video.

In general, we must consider the fact that people have been misled by this propaganda, but we cannot promote any part of this propaganda in our efforts to fight it. The reality of the situation is that, while a small percentage Palestinians have rudimentary weapons, they have no effective way to use even these weapons, meaning that they may as well not have them. In most instances, the ONLY weapons that the Palestinians have to fight back with are stones. This is the reality that is not presented by the mainstream media.

Further evidence that this is in fact the reality on the ground in Palestine is seen in the record of Israeli soldiers that have been killed by Palestinians with guns. Virtually none. Recent reports of the activities of the Fatah party and in particular Mohammed Dahlan, shows quite clearly that the weapons in the hands of Palestinians are put there by Israel and are either for propaganda purposes (to suggest that the Palestinians have an effective means to wage war against Israel) or are used to sow discord between the Palestinian factions.

As for "suicide bombings", we have already revealed the reality that lies behind this here

Every one of the 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip are targets for Israeli guns. There are 168,000 active IDF troops, ALL of them have access to the latest weaponry. Of the 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip, about 10,000 at most, are Hamas members/militia and only they have access to the weapons that are allowed them by Israel. The other 1.29 million Palestinians have stones, or nothing, as shown in the video, yet everyone on of them is a target for the 168,000 heavily armed IDF.

So basically, 10% of the Gaza population has a gun, and 100% of their enemy has a gun. Portraying the IDF Vs the Palestinians as rocks against high tech weapons is therefore a largely accurate reflection of the situation.

Picture, if you will, the scenario of a landlord and an unruly peasant worker. The peasant has insulted the "honor" of the landlord in some way and he demands "satisfaction". Basically, the landlord wants to kill the peasant, yet he does not want it to appear to others that he has murdered the peasant in cold blood. So he arranges a "duel".

Before the duel, he arranges for his men to break the peasant's arms, and then supplies the peasant with a gun that does not work with which to fight. The duel takes place with the expected results. To the onlookers however, it appears that a "fair fight" has taken place.

This scenario describes the situation in the Middle East conflict very well.

For all its contrived complexities, the Israeli/Palestine matter is not complex. It is creeping genocide. From an historical point of view, the Nazi murder of 12 million people was not "complex". It was mass murder. Exactly HOW the Nazis went about committing their crimes and how they covered it up IS perhaps complex, but the FACT of what they did is not complex. The events of Nazi Germany vis a vis the Jews and 6 million other minorities in Germany at that time provides another very real parallel to what is happening in Palestine.

Genocide is the most heinous act that can be perpetrated by psychopaths against normal human beings. In each historical instance, genocide has been carried out under a cloak of lies and subtle and not-so-subtle disinformation and manipulation of the facts of the matter by one or more of the perpetrators or "interested parties". This manipulation is always an attempt to "muddy the waters" and create the impression that the blame does not lie only with one side, but is shared between the two sides. This is a common ploy of the psychopath when committing unspeakable crimes, crimes for which they are the SOLELY responsible.

The end result of this propaganda is that the public is left with the feeling that "the truth lies somewhere in the middle", that war "just happens", that war in fact has a sort of life of its own and that no one is really responsible. Consider the fact that it is by way of this meme that ALL wars instigated by psychopaths have been and continue to be sanctioned by the masses, even those who suffer most as a result.

The only method at our disposal by which we can hope to level the playing field in favor of the victims (ultimately ALL normal human beings) is to continuously reveal the FULL Truth of the matter - that, in the case of Israel/Palestine "conflict", there is NO conflict. It is not a low level "war" between two armed forces, it is the slow creeping genocide of one defenseless people by another fully armed one.

You are however correct in stating that by presenting the Truth of the matter as we do in this video, we will likely be accused of "misleading" and "distorting the facts", even when in reality we are not. We cannot avoid this because we cannot shrink from exposing the FULL Truth of this particular matter, before it is too late, because it IS getting very late, and we would like to avoid finding ourselves in a situation where, when the "lights" finally go out over the "holy land", we are forced to admit that the FULL Truth of the true reasons for yet another round of mass murder was not laid out, at least somewhere.


SOTT Focus: Book Review: Why Is Peace "Missing"?

A peace divorced from history and the real world is no peace at all.
Book review of The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace by Dennis Ross HarperCollins, New York, 2004.


SOTT Focus: The Problems Of Palestine -The Problems Of Cyprus

©Signs of the Times

Today I read the article Overcoming the conspiracy against Palestine, and I began thinking about the "Cyprus problem" and the "Palestinian problem", the sad stories behind them and the conditions that currently prevail in each country.

You see, when an army invades a country, confiscates the land and kills and imprisons the people, suddenly the whole sum of these people that have been killed, imprisoned and kicked out of their homeland become a "problem". The psychopathic leaders that caused the suffering have the gall to claim that the oppressed and beleaguered people of an invaded nation are the "problem". These psychopaths fume at the idea that their victims would dare to demand their rights, dare to talk of freedom and raise up their voices and arms towards their oppressors. Apparently those that survived the onslaught of the psychopaths in power should be grateful that their lives were spared.

Evil Rays

SOTT Focus: Mind Control and HAARP


I received the following message from someone with whom I have been having a interesting email exchange. He was responding to our podcast on Mind Control, HAARP, and the Coming Catastrophe. He didn't want to post it himself, hoping to preserve some anonymity, so I am posting it in his place. I removed a few personal references, but other than that, it is as he wrote it to me.

The dumbing down of the American public has been the subject of much speculation. It is blamed on the public school system, television, flouride in the water, computer games, and other things. The following looks at the use of technology:

My information only confirms the conclusions I heard on the podcast, but you know enough about it that maybe some of my anecdotes will confirm some things you've guessed for you as well.


SOTT Focus: Contacting the Guardian Over Shoddy Journalism

A week ago, the UK Guardian published an article entitled: US House calls for Iraq pullout by spring by James Sturcke, where he stated:
"There have also been around 70,000 Iraqi civilian deaths as a result of the military action by the US and its allies, according to the Iraq Body Count website."


SOTT Focus: Senate Sleeps As The Middle East Burns

There have been some hilarious goings on in the U.S. over the past few days, and by "hilarious" what I really mean is very, very disturbing. Last night, the Republicrat and Democan members of Washington's permanent big top circus aka "the Senate", staged a "sleep in" in an attempt to convince someone, anyone, that they actually give a damn about the Iraqi people or that US troops should be withdrawn by April 2008.

Red Flag

SOTT Focus: Almost Human - Psychopaths In Power

It's time to wake up to the true cause of all unnecessary war, death and suffering...


SOTT Focus: Ponerology of Apathy and War

Understanding the science of ponerology presents a real and viable opportunity to create a life affirming world rather than the current world ruled by the inhuman laws of war and apathy.

Magic Wand

SOTT Focus: The Art of Deception

The man sitting across the table from you is known for trickery. He is a stage magician. You know he employs trickery, so he tells you he is going to do a card trick in which he can't possibly manipulate the cards. In this trick, you will do all of the card handling. He won't touch the cards at all.

He instructs you to cut the deck into four piles. You do so. He then tells you that you are going to randomize the order of the cards by shuffling them around and moving cards from one pile to another. Pointing to a pile of cards, he instructs you to take the top three cards and place them at the bottom of that pile. Then, take the next three cards and place them, one each, on top of the three piles remaining on the table. You repeat the procedure with all four piles of cards. The cards should now be very well mixed.

The man then begins his patter in earnest. He asks you to confirm the fact that he has not touched the cards. You agree. In no way could he have manipulated how you would cut the cards or handle them. Again, you agree. With a smile, he asks you to turn over the top card from each pile. You are amazed. The four aces sit at the top of each of the four piles of cards. For a moment, your mind might actually entertain the possibility that real magic has been performed, though you "know" you've been duped.


SOTT Focus: Transmarginal Inhibition

Pavlov Dog
Pavlov demonstrated that when Transmarginal Inhibition began to take over a condition similar to hysteria manifested. In states of fear and excitement, normally sensible human beings will accept the most wildly improbably suggestions.