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Fri, 22 Sep 2023
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High Strangeness


UFO Or Meteor Or Spy Plane Observed in Western Iran?

A radiant Unidentified Flying Object was observed in the sky of the town of Yasouj in western Iran from 20:00 to 20:30 hours local time (16:30 to 17:00 GMT) Wednesday night.

Witnesses told FNA that the object has been observed for more than an half an hour.

Witnesses also said that the UFO which was as big as a ball and with a blue color disappeared after the weather grew cloudy.

Officials declined to comment on the event.

In similar incidents in the last few months, 4 Unidentified Flying Objects were witnessed in separate cases in the same area and almost at the same time.

In one of such cases a UFO crashed in Barrez Mounts in the central province of Kerman.


Chile: UFOs Reported Over Iquique

Two unidentified flying objects were recorded Saturday night from the Tierra de Campeones stadium during a match between Municipal Iquique and Temuco.

A journalist for a sports channel managed to capture the image and only became aware of the phenomenon two days later upon reviewing the recording. He realized that two UFOs could be seen flying very close to the moon.

The reporter was shocked when he inspected the images. According to his story, his attention was drawn to the brightness of the Moon as it appeared over Alto Hospicio. Due to this, he trained a high-resolution digital camera on Earth's satellite for 15 seconds. He was in the stadium and focused toward the east in the vicinity of Hospicio.


Triangular UFO sighting in Shanghai

The hard working staff at Shanghaiist once again takes you to the front lines with a report of a UFO sighting over Hongkou and Yangpu districts on the night of April 12. According to the report (in Chinese), the UFO was seen by many residents, and pictures subsequently spread over the internet, starting (exclusively?) from the Fudan University BBS (they are in that area).

©Fudan University BBS

©Fudan University BBS

©Fudan University BBS


Canada: UFO spotters probe the paranormal in Maidstone, Saskatchewan

There's no hesitation in the man's hand as he sketches the shapes of the UFOs he has spotted near this rural Saskatchewan community over the years.

"Once you've seen them, you never forget. The images are burnt into your memory," he says, taking a sip from his coffee cup in the truck stop restaurant outside this small town near the Alberta border.

These experiences with the unknown are not so bizarre, according to a recent report. Numbers released by the Winnipeg-based Ufology Research Institute show Saskatchewan posted an all-time record of 98 reported UFO sightings, and Maidstone accounted for more than half of those reports. That's a big chunk of the total 736 reported sightings across Canada.

Let's call this particular UFO spotter Dave, as he doesn't want his real name used because he feels his creditability as a federal employee might be tarnished.


UFO Videotaped over Oregon

There are always a lot of new photographs and videos of UFOs going around the Net, but recently I received a video via email from a lady who lives in Oregon that I found very compelling. I have included a frame grab from the film for you. The object certainly appears to be a traditional disc-shaped object-the film is fairly clear, and in my opinion, would be very difficult to hoax. After communicating with the lady, I am thoroughly convinced that her sighting is legitimate. Although she was in the car with her husband, he was not able to see the object and navigate traffic at the same time.


Chinese "experts" debunk UFO hovering over Shijiazhuang airport

Experts 'identify' UFO after 'white light' from sky An unidentified flying object appeared over the airport of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, for more than half an hour on Monday night and then disappeared, said eyewitnesses, some of whom took pictures.


UFO survey records 736 sightings across Canada last year

Aliens and spaceships are a bit passe these days, but 736 reported UFO sightings across Canada last year shows an "underlying, real phenomenon" going on, says one of the country's top UFO researchers.

"It's true, we don't have as many aliens on TV as we used to - they used to be on commercials selling us everything from Pepsi to decongestants," says Chris Rutkowski, director of the Winnipeg-based Ufology Research institute.

"And yet the phenomenon persists, which to me says there is a basic underlying, real phenomenon that extends beyond media and pop culture."


Mysterious Lights over north China's skies

A mysterious luminary is seen in the skies of NE China's Changchun city. In the evening of April 2, a moving luminary appeared over Jilin University of the city and was pictured. Whether it is a UFO or just astronomic phenomenon is still not clear.

©People's Daily


A Victorian encounter of the blurred kind; witness describes triangular UFO

It was around 10 p.m. one night in mid-March that the Victoria woman, standing in the driveway of her acreage, saw a UFO.

"I heard a very powerful blowing noise, almost a white noise as it grew louder just to my left and just over the tree line. What came first was a very large, but dull, flashing red beacon in the centre of what began to appear as a massive triangular shape. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.

"As it approached very low, just over the trees and my house, it had a very strange white light on each side of the triangle; they seemed to be extremely bright but did not illuminate the ground at all. As it crossed overhead I thought I should be able to get a good look at it as it was a clear, starry night, but it brought a darkness with it. Darker than the night. Blacker than black, making it unable to distinguish any actual lines."


Third close encounter over Dumfries

A mother and daughter saw a UFO over Dumfries - the third sighting this month.

Debbie Easton and daughter Imogen witnessed unusual objects in the sky last Thursday.

Their sighting adds further intrigue to the Dumfriesshire UFO Mystery which has left the public and the police baffled.