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French space agency to publish UFO archive online

Paris - The French space agency is to publish its archive of UFO sightings and other phenomena online, but will keep the names of those who reported them off the site to protect them from pestering by space fanatics.

Jacques Arnould, an official at the National Space Studies Center (CNES), said the French database of around 1,600 incidents would go live in late January or mid-February.

He said the CNES had been collecting statements and documents for almost 30 years to archive and study them.


Unknown Objects Photographed over Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

On Dec. 23, 2006, here in Oshawa, we had great clear skies. I took a moment to sky watch around after 12:30 PM, and took some pictures facing south, over Lake Ontario.This particular photo caught my eye of two unknowns photographed. The top one near the clouds appears disc shaped, as the bottom one appears capsule shaped and brilliant white. The temperature was unusually warm here, even bringing out insects .I can't really say what has been photographed.

UFOs over Oshawa


'Ridicule factor' fading, UFO buff says

Among the 26 people who attended a local UFO conference last Saturday night was a Wolf Creek resident who also saw two large orange balls floating over the area in February 2005.A report of the sighting over the Mary Lake subdivision next door to Wolf Creek was filed with UFOBC by a couple who watched the unidentified flying objects together with the husband's parents.

It was later learned that others also witnessed the UFO event. They included a couple of building contractors who were in the subdivision looking at a house project with some children in their company.

It's reported the group actually took refuge under the house because the objects appeared so close there was a fear they would actually land on the roof.

Grey Alien

Gorbachev and Reagan: A Military Alliance Against a Hypothetical Alien Attack

My question to the great Russian politician was an unusual one for a statesman - it concerned certain public statements by Ronald Reagan about the possibility of "an alien threat [to the Earth] from outside this world "coming from "another planet," which would eventually help all people recognize the common bond which "unites all the members of humanity." (Speeches at a high school in Maryland on December 4, 1985, and before of the General Assembly of the United Nations during the Forty-second Session on September 21, 1987.) During my question, ex-premier Gorbachev interrupted me and, referring to Reagan, said, "Among other things he once talked about it with me as well."

On June 23, 2006 ex-Soviet premier Michail Sergeyevich Gorbachev held a press conference for a large gathering of national and local reporters on the first day of an international seminar entitled "Media between Citizens and Power" at the congress centre of the Venice Province on San Servolo Island in the Venetian Lagoon. The international seminar (June 23 and 24, 2006) was supported by the Venice Province and by the World Political Forum founded by Gorbachev.


Stan Friedman Discusses UFO Frauds and Bob Lazar

I interviewed Stan for 10 hours back in 2001 for the documentary Stanton T. Friedman is Real. As the film was only 48 minutes in length, obviously there was a lot of stuff that didn't make it in the final cut. Here's one of those clips, where Stan talks about the problem of frauds in ufology, and then Bob Lazar in particular.


I Saw a Sea Monster

Have any of you ever seen a sea monster? No? Very well-I have!

It is an amazing story-and true in every detail. I am quite aware that it takes square issue with science. I have no illusions as to inevitable scepticism. Nevertheless, I know what I saw-and I tell it as I saw it.

Just at the moment sea monsters constitute what is known in newspaper parlance as "hot copy." Almost any week in the daily papers, in Sunday supplements, in magazines, the reader can find some yarn telling of this or that strange creature seen in the sea. It is almost as though all the hidden monsters of the depths had suddenly taken it into their heads to pop up to the surface.

Of course there is nothing new in this matter of sea monsters. For hundreds, even thousands of years, sailormen have brought to port tales of sea serpents-but their stories have been scoffed at. Scientists have gravely declared that no such creatures exist. To a layman such certainty cannot help arousing wonder. We know that strange and monstrous forms of life existed on land when the world was young-and in the sea as well. Granted that the land creatures are long ago extinct by reason of revolutionary changes in living conditions, nevertheless, those same changes have not been so pronounced in the sea. It would not seem beyond the realm of possibility that some of them may have survived. For good and sufficient reasons, as will be seen, personally I believe they have.

Be all that as it may be, however, the fact remains that recently there seems to have been a sudden revival of these intriguing tales.


Predator might not be wolf

Billings, Montana -- Was it a wolf, or wasn't it?

The mysterious, sheep-killing predator shot and killed a month ago between Jordan and Circle was initially thought to be a wolf.

But now, wildlife officials aren't so sure.

"Frankly, it has mixed characteristics," said Carolyn Sime, head of the wolf program for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Some clues indicate that it's not a wolf from among the 1,200 or so that live in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The animal shot in Garfield County in early November had shades of orange, red and yellow in its fur, unlike the Northern Rockies wolves, which tend more toward browns, blacks and grays.

The orangish coat may be more indicative of wolves that roam the upper Great Lakes region, Sime said.


If not from space, where?

Cryptoterrestrial lore is replete with allusions to underground habitats, subterranean labyrinths navigable only to an enlightened few, and even modern-day below-ground facilities staffed, in part, by government operatives. From Richard Shaver's fancifully paranoid tales of the "Deros" to Bob Lazar's depiction of S-4 (allegedly a supersecret base a stone's throw away from Area 51), the "alien" meme challenges us with the prospect that our world is separated from the other by the merest of partitions . . . and that the CTs are almost as comfortable in our bedrooms and on our roadsides as they are in their own realm.

The image of a "Hollow Earth" populated by beings remarkably like ourselves is by no means new, yet the modern UFO phenomenon has infused it with a newly conspiratorial vigor. Stories of alien bases below the unassumingly bleak surface of the American Southwest surfaced in the wake of the MJ-12 controversy, carving the mythos into irresistible new shapes. In "Revelations," Jacques Vallee recounts a memorable exchange with the late Bill Cooper and fringe journalist Linda Moulton Howe. Told matter-of-factly about the existence of a sprawling subterranean base near Dulce, New Mexico, Vallee asked his hosts where the presumed aliens disposed of their garbage -- a sensible question if one assumes that the "Grays" in question are physical beings burdened with corresponding physical requirements.

Bizarro Earth

Unexplained force shakes New South Wales, Australia mid-north coast

Residents in towns along the NSW mid-north coast inundated police with calls of a tremor that shook homes on Monday evening.

Taree police said they took "a lot" of calls from people in the area reporting an earth tremor about 9.30pm (AEDT).

But in Canberra, Geoscience Australia, the agency that measures seismic activity, said it had not recorded any tremor in the area.

"We have registered absolutely nothing at all on our seismograph," a spokeswoman said.

Police said they received calls from concerned residents.


Poland: Alleged UFO reported in Wroclaw Area

A couple from Mirkow reported a sighting of a probable UFO on 5th December 2006.

"Yesterday, on 5th December, just about 11 pm. I noticed a strange light over Dlugoleka [Wroclaw area]. I observe the sky on regular basis hoping that someday I manage to perceive some unknown object. The night was exceptionally bright because it was full Moon shining very brightly. It was located over Dlugoleka, i.e. about 3 km away from my house." - says Mrs. Ewa from Mirkow.

"At first I thought that it is a lamp located on a top of some tower [seen at nigh on tall buildings]. I was looking at that light trying to remind if there is any tower or high chimney there. There is indeed a tower in the vicinity with two red lights always visible. In went to the balcony to check it better but the light was still in the same place. Then I realized that there is no towers in the area and it must be something 'hovering' in the air."