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Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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Cloud Precipitation

India and Bangladesh - Cyclone 'Bulbul' leaves 24 dead, over 2 million displaced - 11 inches of rain in 24 hours

Tropical Cyclone Bulbul approaching West Bengal
Tropical Cyclone Bulbul approaching West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh, November 2019.
At least 24 people have died and more than 2 million displaced after Tropical Cyclone 'Bulbul' hit coastal areas of Bangladesh and the states of West Bengal and Odisha in north east India.

Bulbul made landfall in West Bengal on 09 November, 2019, with wind gusts of 135 km/h. According to media reports, the fatalities and much of the damage were the result of the strong winds.

Over 26,000 houses have been damaged in West Bengal and Odisha, India, where 12 people have died as a result of the storm. Over 120,000 people were moved to safety.

Cloud Precipitation

Southern Italy battered by storms, floods and tornadoes

Flooded olive groves in Salento
© Coldiretti
Flooded olive groves in Salento
Heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, and winds of more than 100 kilometres per hour hit many parts of southern Italy on Tuesday.

The Italian Civil Protection Department issued a red alert for the regions of Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, and a lower orange alert was issued for Puglia ahead of fierce storms which began in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Schools across many parts of the southern regions announced closures for Tuesday, and the Civil Protection Department warned drivers of the risk of falling trees and swollen rivers.

Since Monday night, firefighters in the four southern regions have been called out a total of 460 times to deal with storm damage, the fire service wrote on Twitter.

Comment: Further north: Two reported dead as Venice flooded by highest tide in 50 years - 85% of city under water


Two reported dead as Venice flooded by highest tide in 50 years - 85% of city under water

High waters peaked at 1.87 metres as the flood alarm sounded across the Italian city of canals

The mayor of Venice is poised to declare a state of emergency after the city was hit by the highest tide in more than 50 years, with another surge expected to cause further destruction on Wednesday.

Comment: Venice does have major flood defence plans in the works, but not the funding to pay for it.

Stock Up

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Tapestry for hyperinflationary food prices

European farm closures 2019
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Europe loses 1000 small farms a day, China 1.7X pork prices this year almost double, US corn and soybean harvest far behind schedule as a new blizzard rips through the mid-west grow zones, Hard Red Winter wheat transitioning to sorghum planting, I feel its a grow zone shift in play.

Comment: A good way to invest your money: Store large amounts of food, like now


Earthquake swarm raises concerns for big volcanic eruption in Iceland

Iceland earthquake swarm
© Icelandic Met Office.
Earthquakes reported between November 11 and 12. The cluster of red dots corresponds to the Askja swarm.
One of the most active volcanic areas in the world is rumbling again.

Sitting atop the spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge and one of the planet's hotspots, Iceland is famous for its seismic activity. There are about 130 volcanoes on the island and 30 active volcanic systems.

While volcanic behaviour is difficult to predict, researchers do look for certain seismic signs that indicate an eruption might be imminent. Over the past week, one of Iceland's volcanoes has been attracting attention. On November 6th, an earthquake swarm began at the Askja volcano, located on the eastern part of the island. Since then, roughly 700 earthquakes have been reported at the site, the largest of which was Magnitude 3.4.

Icelandic officials continue to monitor the volcano's activity, although, at the moment, they say the swarm is more likely due to the movement of the continental ridge rather than tremors involving the volcano itself, adding that swarms "occur regularly" around Askja.


Very large tornado hits KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

South Africa tornado
© Twitter screenshot
A massive tornado ripped through parts of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa, on Tuesday with several video posts showing it hit New Hanover outside Pietermaritzburg in the KZN Midlands. SAWX - Weather Forecasts for South Africa has also posted several satellite images.

The KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance, Sipho Hlomuka, confirmed the tornado to Jacaranda FM. His spokesperson said: "There are fears of possible missing people and deaths."

Disaster management teams have been dispatched to the affected areas - including Thokozani and Mpolweni.

It is feared that many people have sustained injuries, and homes have been destroyed. Trees were blown over and roads have been closed, the KZN spokesperson told Jacaranda FM.


November snowstorm shocker dumps up to 30 inches in Michigan

Steven Holston of Detroit helps out an aging family member by managing their snow on E. Grand Blvd. as snow hit the region Monday, Nov. 11, 2019.
© Mandi Wright, Detroit Free Press
Steven Holston of Detroit helps out an aging family member by managing their snow on E. Grand Blvd. as snow hit the region Monday, Nov. 11, 2019.
The unseasonable snowstorm that pounded southeast Michigan with more than a half-foot of snow on Monday will conclude in metro Detroit by Tuesday morning — but only to see temperatures plunge to single-digit wind chills.

The snowfall snarled traffic across the region as Metro Airport was hit by 7.6 inches by early Monday evening, Ann Arbor had 9.3 inches, Flint 7.7. The highest snowfall in metro Detroit was 9.6 inches in Wixom.

Elsewhere across the state, snowfall totals varied but were especially intense along Lake Michigan because of the lake effect, with some communities getting about 18 inches of snowfall, said National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Lutz.

"Lake effect snow can fall very intensely for a short period in a small area," he said.

Grand Rapids and Alpena had 5.5 inches, but Gaylord and Petoskey got only a trace of white.

Comment: Today, MLive reports:
Complete snow totals look from Veterans Day snowstorm, including 30 inches burying a city

Michigan experienced its first widespread snowstorm yesterday. The only sections really missing the snow were far northeast Lower Michigan and part of the U.P. The snow totals following reflect the widespread south across southern Lower and the very heavy lake effect in the snowbelts.

snow totals
Statewide look at snow totals

The map above shows the storm system snow that moved across the southern half of Lower Michigan. Southeast Lower was hit the hardest from the widespread storm system, with five to nine inches being very common.

You can also see the huge snow totals around the Leelanau Peninsula.

snow map


Too much fuel causes extreme bush fires, not climate change


Flames bear down on Harrington, some 335kms northeast of Sydney, 8 Nov 2019
What was Australia's Environment Minister thinking?

Melissa Price succumbs to pagan witchcraft:
"There's no doubt that there's many people who have suffered over this summer. We talk about the Victorian bushfires; (in) my home state of Western Australia we've also got fires there," [Melissa Price] told Sky News this morning. "There's no doubt that climate change is having an impact on us. There's no denying that."
Let's look at her home state. After 67 years of fire management in the giant, hot, dry state of WA, the trend is clear — the more prescribed area we burn, the less wildfire does. In the graph below the prescribed burns declined for forty years and wildfires increased for thirty. After the Dwellingup Fire in 1961 the state ramped up the preventative burns, and reduced wildfires.

As the BushFireFront team say:

"We can't control the weather but we can control the fuel loads"

Tough call — what do we do, redesign our energy system, pay billions, change our cars, our houses and our light globes in the hope that bush fires will be nicer, or do we just go back to doing what we used to do that worked?

Australia bushfire data
© Jo Nova

Comment: 'Uncharted territory': Out-of-control bushfires rage across Australia's eastern regions

Meanwhile Sydney is facing a 'catastrophic' threat as the Australian state declares a wildfire emergency.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said 'It's going to be a long, difficult fire season,' adding about a million hectares of land had already been scorched in the biggest firefront ever recorded in Australia.

Ice Cube

Are you ready for a catastrophically cold winter? Here's what the media isn't telling you

Experts are warning us that this will be a "freezing, frigid, and frosty" winter, and even though the official beginning of winter is still over a month away, it already feels like that in much of the country right now. Over the next several days, it will literally feel like it is mid-January in much of the central and eastern portions of the United States.

Many areas will be hit by temperatures that are 30 degrees below normal, and heavy snow is expected in some areas of the Midwest. Unfortunately, this bitterly cold weather is coming at a very bad time for corn farmers. According to the latest USDA crop progress report, only 52 percent of the corn in the middle of the country has been harvested. So about half of the corn is still sitting out there, and these extraordinarily low temperatures could potentially be absolutely devastating.


Thousands of migratory birds die mysteriously at lake in Rajasthan, India

migratory birds die mysteriously

Migratory birds die mysteriously
Officials said they suspect water contamination as one of the reasons for the deaths but were awaiting viscera test reports.

Thousands of migratory birds of about ten species were found dead around Sambhar Lake, the country's largest inland saltwater lake near Jaipur, sending shock waves among locals and authorities.

Officials said they suspect water contamination as one of the reasons for the deaths but were awaiting viscera test reports. Though the official toll was 1,500, locals claimed the number of dead birds could be as high as 5,000.

"We have never seen anything like that. Over 5,000 birds died mysteriously all over the place," 25-year-old Abhinav Vaishnav, a local bird-watcher, told PTI.