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Sun, 05 Jul 2020
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Cloud Lightning

Houses destroyed by lightning as storms cause chaos across UK

Dramatic lightning was seen across the UK
© Mark Humpage / SWNS
Dramatic lightning was seen across the country last night – but it has caused devastation in some homes. This amazing image was captured in the East Midlands
A number of houses have been destroyed by lightning during devastating storms across the country.

Homes in Merseyside, Birmingham and Sheffield have been pictured up in smoke after they were struck by huge forks of electricity yesterday night.

Fire brigades across the UK had to scramble to the scenes of the fires to get them under control and ensure those inside were safe.

Emergency services were called to one home in Barnston Road, the Wirral, shortly before 8pm last night when Merseyside was being battered by heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

It is believed a fork of lightning hit the house causing the fire, but it is not yet clear whether anyone was inside at the time.


Deep summer snowfall blankets high elevations across Idaho, Montana - 19 inches deep at several locations

Blaine County, Idaho
© Blaine County, Idaho, Sheriff's Office
Is it the middle of June or the middle of January? That's the question some residents in parts of Idaho and Montana may have been asking this week as their communities were transformed into a winter wonderland.

With the summer solstice just days away, Old Man Winter ruffled some feathers across the northern Rockies by delivering a large helping of snow, with totals surpassing a foot across the highest elevations from Tuesday into Wednesday.

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office in Idaho said on Facebook that it was issuing a "felony warrant for Mother Nature for Illegal Dumping." A storm total of about 10 inches of snow was measured north of Galena Summit while south of the summit, a total of 6 inches was measured. The sheriff's office also responded to several stuck vehicles in the area.


Southeastern Turkey's Hakkari still gripped with remaining winter snow in June - 7 meters deep in places

A snowplow in Yüksekova, Turkey, 18 June, 2020.
Hakkari, known for its rough weather, is gripped with heavy snow even though summer has set in. Snowfall bears down particularly in rural areas of this southeastern Turkish province.

In the Yüksekova district, crews have been working to clear snow-covered roads. Snowplows pierce through 3 meters (9.8 feet) of snow in areas with high altitudes. For the past 20 days, crews have worked to reopen roads leading to military bases in the Göllerbaşı region, some 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) from central Yüksekova.

A 16-kilometer road has been largely cleared so far while the snow depth reached 7 meters in some areas. Officials say they expect the road to be cleared fully in about two weeks.

Comment: Related: Massive amounts of remaining winter snow still being plowed in mid-June in Glacier National Park, Montana - up 80 feet deep


Waterspout filmed off Thailand

Waterspout, Marine Tromba spotted in Mueang,Chonburi - THAILAND

Cloud Lightning

Family of 6 killed by lightning bolt, landslide kills 2 after heavy rains in Cameroon

Six persons from the same family in Bangourain, Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon are reported to have been struck to death by lightning Tuesday June 15, and two others buried by landslide the next day in Foumban.

The Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon was the scene of two fatal incidents Tuesday June 16 and Wednesday June 17 respectively.

On Tuesday June 15, four women and two children of the same family in Bangourain were struck by lightning as thunderstorms and heavy rains hit the Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon.


Shallow 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of Kermadec Islands

Earthquake seismograph


Magnitude M 7.3
Date time 2020-06-18 12:49:54.5
UTC Location 33.43 S ; 177.71 W
Depth 10 km

Distances 1096 km NE of Wellington, New Zealand / pop: 382,000 / local time: 00:49:54.5 2020-06-19
695 km NE of Whakatane, New Zealand / pop: 18,700 / local time: 00:49:54.5 2020-06-19


Heavy snowfall in New Zealand - 18 inches in 24 hours

Coronet Peak on 18th June

Coronet Peak on 18th June
Ski areas in New Zealand have been reporting heavy snowfall over the past 24 hours.

Only one ski area has opened in the country so far, Mt Hutt. It reports 46cm (18 inches) of snowfall so far, and still coming down.

There have been several decent snowfalls in New Zealand over the past month, but mostly it has been dry but cold. his has allowed resorts to fire up snowmaking systems ahead of the season.


Ice Age Farmer Report: FOOD CRISIS: "Things are about to get much worse"

food change
Our food system is being systematically destroyed in order to pave the way for a new, FAKE FOOD system of control. UN officials warn that we are now entering Phase 2: "Food Crisis and Economic Collapse," as Germany shuts down its largest beef & pork processing plant, the Netherlands starts culling animals for "fear of coronavirus spread," and the US shuts 60+ food processing plants. Spread the word and start growing food today.



Car destroyed by severe hailstorm in Saint Petersburg, Russia: "Have we found a gate to hell here?"

The Russian city of Saint Petersburg was battered by a deadly hailstorm last Tuesday (June 9). The huge blocks of ice could be seen wrecking parked cars, with one resident writing on social media:"Have we found a gate to hell here?"


Winter returns to the Rockies as storm dumps multiple inches of snow (PHOTOS)

Summer in Utah.

Summer in Utah.
The snowstorm sweeping down the Rocky Mountains delivered yesterday, dumping multiple inches of fresh snow on Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, before moving south into Utah. According to Wasatch Snow Forecast, Snowbasin resort got the biggest totals.
This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for Western and Central Wyoming.

.DAY ONE...Today and Tonight.

High elevation snow in the western mountains this morning,
especially the west slopes of the Wind River Mountains.

Comment: Additionally: June snowfall of 3 inches dropped on Bogus Basin, Idaho