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Sat, 08 May 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Four killed, two injured in lightning strike in Chhattisgarh, India

Four members of a family were killed, while two others injured after being struck by lightning in Chhattisgarh's Korea district, police said on Friday.

The incident took place on Thursday evening, when the victims, including three sisters, were at their paddy field near Bichhli village under Kelhari police station area, an official said.

The deceased include Jailal Khairwar (45), his two daughters Pramila (20) and Subhadra (15) and son-in-law Bhupendra (25), he said.

Khairwar's son Surajbhan and daughter Budhhi sustained burn injuries in the incident, the official added.

On being alerted, a police team rushed to the spot and bodies were sent for post-mortem, he said, adding that the injured are undergoing treatment at the district hospital in Baikunthpur.


Comment: On the same day a teenage girl was killed by a lightning strike in Nepal.


Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts, spewing massive column of smoke and ash up to 2,800 metres high

Mount Sinabung erupted on Friday,

Mount Sinabung erupted on Friday
Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupted on Friday, spewing a massive column of smoke and ash up to 2,800 metres into the sky.

The volcano in North Sumatra province started belching ash and volcanic material at 9 am and the eruption lasted almost six minutes, a local geological agency said.

Images showed a thick column of ash spewing from the inside of Sinabung towards the east.


6.0-magnitude quake hits west of Macquarie Island: USGS

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 jolted west of Macquarie Island at 15:21:14 GMT on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The epicenter, with a depth of 10.0 km, was initially determined to be at 54.3761 degrees south latitude and 144.1926 degrees east longitude.

Snowflake Cold

Spring where are you? Heavy snow hits Lapland Finland


Enjoy the amazing views of Finnish Lapland with us!


Unseasonal snow gives skiers chance to return to slopes in Lake District, England

ski uk

Unseasonal snow gives skiers a chance to return to the slopes
Unseasonal snowfall has given skiers in the Lake District ideal conditions to return to the slopes after a winter of lockdown.

Ice Cube

"Covert" NASA data reveals global snowfall has *Increased* over the past 40 years

Experienced data analyst, 10-year Wall Street veteran, and self-proclaimed "Mrs. Smarty Pants," Zoe Phin of phzoe.com crunches the data on GLOBAL SNOWFALL and reveals a surprising trend (surprising to the alarmists, at least).

Zoe was curious to know what the global snowfall trend was in this era of "extreme global warming."

"Luckily," she writes, "NASA covertly provides us with all the necessary data to figure this out."

Zoe downloaded all available monthly images from 1980 to 2020 (inclusive), such as the one shown here:

Snowflake Cold

Parts of Ireland report coldest April since Records began (in 1943), as Iceland registers lowest May temperature ever

According to Irish Meteorological Service's monthly report (issued May 5, 2021), Ireland just suffered a historically cold month of April.

Dominating high-pressure systems set up to the west or northwest of Ireland, reads the report, which brought brutal polar air masses over the country, leading to below average temperatures.

The cold was intense.

Across the country, ALL weather stations logged a mean air temperatures that was either at or below their Long-Term Average (LTA) for the month; in fact, only one station matched their LTA - see Newport in the chart below:

Cloud Precipitation

Afghan flash flood toll increases to 56

The death toll due to flash floods in Afghanistan reached 56 Thursday with 30 people still missing, officials said.

Around 1,000 houses got damaged in days of heavy rains and flash floods across the war-ravaged country.

Tamim Azimi, a disaster management ministry spokesperson, told EFE that 56 people were confirmed dead.

"Twenty-five more are injured and another 30 missing in rains and flash floods," Azimi said.

Women and children are among the victims of the floods.

Comment: Earlier report: Flash floods in Afghanistan leave 16 dead, 10 missing


Three more whales wash up dead near San Francisco — eight total in five weeks

Muir Beach saw many visitors and a gray whale carcass on April 17, 2021.
© Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times
Muir Beach saw many visitors and a gray whale carcass on April 17, 2021.
Three more gray whales have washed up dead in the San Francisco Bay, adding to the fatal beachings of five others in the region over the last month, including a 46-foot fin whale, scientists from the Marine Mammal Center and the California Academy of Sciences said Thursday.

In 2019, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it was going to investigate an unusually high number of gray whales found dead along the North American west coast. The investigation is continuing.

Although the number of dead whales may seem alarming, the numbers are actually lower than they have been the last two years, said Michael Milstein, an NOAA spokesman.


First wildfires are registered around the world's Pole of Cold in Yakutia

1 May 2021 wildfire south of Oymyakon (Yakutia)
© Pierre Markuse
1 May 2021 wildfire south of Oymyakon (Yakutia), the coldest inhabited settlement on Earth.
Could burning ground in an area as extremely cold as Oymyakon be caused by zombie fires?

The air temperature in the Oymyakon district of Yakutia is still negative at nights, with daytime just about climbing over 1C.

Snow is beginning to melt, but rivers are still locked in ice for at least a couple weeks more - which is completely normal for Oymyakon, the coldest permanently inhabited settlement on Earth.

What is abnormal is the sight of a dozen wildfires burning a short distance north and south from this famous Pole of Cold.

The first was registered as unusually early as 29 April by the settlement of Teryut, a short distance north from Oymyakon.

Sentinel-2 satellite caught sight of frozen Indigirka River, snow-covered mountains, and ominous dark-orange dots scattered along the valleys.

The second set of fires was recorded south of Oymyakon and even closer by distance (within 20km, or 12 milds) on 1 May.

Last summer was one of the worst in the history of Yakutia for the number of wildfires, with many registered above the Arctic circle.

Comment: Over 100 wildfires burning across Arctic region have generated smoke plumes visible from space