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Wed, 20 Oct 2021
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Earth Changes


Tornado rips through area near Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Tornado rips through regional NSW

Tornado rips through regional NSW
Several homes have been damaged after a tornado hit Meadow Flat and Clear Creek, located north north-east of Bathurst.

There are reports one person has been injured.

The damage spreads over a 25 to 30 kilometre line, running roughly north-west, says the Bureau of Meteorology.


Another dead dolphin found on ​​Kuakata beach in Bangladesh - 22nd for the locality this year

Locals spotted the dolphin's body on Kuakata beach on Wednesday, September 29, 2021
© Dhaka Tribune
Locals spotted the dolphin's body on Kuakata beach on Wednesday, September 29, 2021
The dolphin death toll reaches 22 this year

The body of a seven-foot-long dolphin was found floating on Kuakata beach in Patuakhali on Wednesday.

Locals spotted it in the second Jhaoban area, about five kilometres east of the Kuakata Zero Point.


Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island

About 28 minutes into Wednesday’s eruption
About 28 minutes into Wednesday’s eruption
The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has erupted after hours of increased activity, according to officials at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The alert level has been raised to the highest level but there is no immediate threat to populated areas.

The eruption began at about 3:20 p.m. on Wednesday when the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) detected a glow while looking at webcam images from the volcano's summit. Lava became visible a short time later and the eruption appeared to intensify around 7 p.m.

The eruption is taking place within the Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Kīlauea's summit caldera, which is part of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, according to an advisory from the USGS, which raised the volcano's alert level to the highest level.


Large waterspout lashes German port of Kiel

Several people were injured by flying debris

Several people were injured by flying debris
Local police say a large waterspout made landfall in the Baltic Sea city damaging property and throwing several people into the water. Emergency and rescue services are on the scene.

A tornado lashed the northern German port city of Kiel Wednesday as high winds caused destruction and injury. Police, firefighters and rescue services are currently on the scene.

The German Weather Service (DWD) had previously forecast winds of up to 110 kmh (70 mph) for the area from Wednesday evening until around midday Thursday, as well as exceptionally heavy rain into the weekend.

Local reports on Wednesday showed images of uprooted trees and houses that had their roofs torn off.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm and heavy rain hits Adelaide, Australia

Hail at Cleland Wildlife Park near Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills.
© Cleland Wildlife Park
Hail at Cleland Wildlife Park near Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills.
Hail and heavy rain has hit the outskirts of Adelaide, closing the main road to the Adelaide Hills and whitening backyards across the city.

The State Emergency Service (SES) has had more than 60 call-outs, mostly in the Adelaide Hills, including to a baby and mother stuck in a car in rising floodwaters at Oakbank.

Fortunately, the water had receded by the time crews arrived and the pair had been removed without incident.

Jon Carr from the SES said the largest number of calls were around the Onkaparinga Valley Road in Balhannah, Verdun and Oakbank.

Several roads are flooded in the area and at Hahndorf.

Snowflake Cold

Scotland's weather sees early snow as temperatures plunge to -7C

2cm of snow was spotted on Lochnagar in the north of Scotland.

2cm of snow was spotted on Lochnagar in the north of Scotland.
The first snow of the season has hit Scotland just weeks after summer officially ended.

Scots woke up to frost this morning and will need to dig out their warm winter gear as snow arrived a bit earlier than usual this autumn.

The Met Office says temperatures plunged as low as -0.5C this morning in Kinbrace in the Scottish Highlands with the mercury below average as we near October.

Ben Nevis saw around 2cm of the white stuff, with reports of 5-7cm of snow landing on the Cairngorm plateau on Monday.

Comment: Related: Unusually early and severe snowstorm hits Iceland


Unusually early and severe snowstorm hits Iceland

Rescue team at work yesterday.
Rescue team at work yesterday.
Rescue workers were called out more than 100 times yesterday in the northern and western parts of Iceland, Morgunblaðið reports. A severe storm with heavy precipitation hit those areas with wind gusts in excess of 45 m/sec. Most of the calls involved drivers whose vehicles were stuck in snow.

"We would have liked to see people heed the repeated warnings yesterday, stressing that no travel was advised," states Davíð Már Bjarnason, media representative for ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue. "In the afternoon, there were reports of drivers in the most surprising of places," he adds. There was, for instance, one vehicle stuck on Kjalvegur road in the central highlands. "We didn't expect people to be traveling in the highlands in this kind of weather," he explains.

Cloud Precipitation

Another hailstorm hit 17,200 hectares of crops in Spanish region of Valencia

Last weekend, the agricultural sector in the Spanish Region of Valencia was affected by another hailstorm that hit approximately 17,200 hectares of crops throughout the province of Valencia, according to initial estimates of the Valencian Association of Agricultural Producers (Ava-Asaja).

The hardest hit were the areas of Casinos, Llíria, Domeño and part of Pedralba, with around 8,000 hectares of damaged persimmons, citrus, and almond trees and vegetables that were ready for the harvest. Hailstones of considerable size hit the crops hard, causing the fall of fruits, defoliation and damage to the wood. As for the degree of affectation, Ava-Asaja estimates that the extent of the damages is highly variable, with some fields having lost practically the entire harvest.


6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan, no tsunami warning issued

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan's northwestern coast on Wednesday but no tsunami warning was issued, Japanese and US authorities said.

The quake produced shaking across a large swath of the northeastern coast and was also felt in Tokyo, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake hit at a depth of 368 kilometres (228 miles) in the Sea of Japan, known as the East Sea in Korea.

Japan's meteorological agency said there was no tsunami risk following the jolt.

Japan sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire", an arc of intense seismic activity that stretches through Southeast Asia and across the Pacific basin.

Source: Agence France-Presse


Russian passenger plane plunges hundreds of feet then is struck by lightning, pilot manages emergency landing at nearest airport


Passengers clung to their seats and tray tables for stability as the plane dropped hundreds of feet in turbulent air
A video has captured the terror of passengers on a tourist plane from hell which plunged hundreds of feet in a storm before being struck by lightning on Saturday.

The Russian Azur Air Boeing 737-800 with 175 on board 'went into free-fall' as it approached Black Sea resort of Sochi in southwestern Russia.

The plane had left Ekaterinburg earlier that day but was forced to abort its flight plan and make an emergency landing in Krasnodar, some 180 miles north of Sochi, after suffering severe turbulence and the lightning strike.

'It was a wild horror,' said one passenger, while another said they were saying goodbye to life convinced they would crash.

Comment: Considering our changing atmosphere and the surge in strange sky phenomena, it's notable that there have been a number of plane crashes recently, in Russia in particular, which leads one to wonder whether at least some of those incidents could also have had some weather-related cause. As documented in a 2015 SOTT report The sky's the limit? Aircraft crashes and accidents for June, this trend does appear to have been around for at least a decade: Also check out SOTT radio's: