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Fri, 05 Jun 2020
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Earth Changes


Severe flooding strikes Prochladny, Russia

Severe flood, storm hits Prochladny, Kabardino Republic - Russia


Eyewitnesses film large tornado in Kherson region of Ukraine

Eyewitnesses have filmed a tornado in the village of Khorly in Ukraine's Kherson region.

A meteorologist of the Kharkiv Regional Center for Hydrometeorology, Ihor Kybalchych, commented on his Facebook page on the photos and video of the vortex.

"A large tornado, probably a waterspout, was spotted by Dmytro Ryzhko in the village of Khorly, Kherson region, on June 3. You can see in the photo that a whirlwind began to form over the water surface and then came out directly on the coast of the Hirkyi Kut peninsula," Kybalchych wrote.


Severe flooding hits Managua, Nicaragua

Severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Cristobal in Managua NICARAGUA - June 3, 2020.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm hits Tàrrega, Spain

Hail Storm hits Tàrrega, Catalonia - Spain June 3, 2020.

Ice Cube

Greenland Ice Sheet growing at record levels

ice ice
Had you heard about this in the mainstream media? No? Has something been diverting your attention?

Vast regions of southwestern Greenland are currently gaining record levels - record levels! - of snow & ice. Never before in June has the Greenland ice sheet grown by more than 4 Gigatons in a single day, until now that is - according to Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) data going back to 1981.

Here are the latest measurements (as of today, June 4, 2020). Notice how much blue (ice growth) you see on the map. And how little red.

Cloud Lightning

Symbolism: Lightning strikes the Washington Monument

A Washington, D.C. news station's sky camera captured an incredible video of lightning striking the Washington Monument during a thunderstorm in the city Thursday night.

"INSANE video from our @wusa9 SkyCam WOOOOOW," WUSA-TV tweeted during the storm.


Black bear mauls pipeline contract worker near Prospect Creek, Alaska

black bear
A black bear mauled a contract worker for the trans-Alaska pipeline last week near a pump station in the area of Prospect Creek, officials said Tuesday.

The man the bear attacked Friday evening was seriously hurt but is expected to recover. The bear, which was later killed, appeared to be hungry but not emaciated, said Glenn Stout, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Michael Becwar, 53, of Wasilla notified security staff that he was going for a jog shortly after a 6 p.m. shift change, said Katie Pesznecker with Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. He headed down a road outside the station that connects to a small airstrip. Pesznecker said employees often exercise along the road.

When Becwar hadn't returned from jogging 80 minutes later, security guards started looking for him.

Comment: Related: Bear attacks increasing worldwide

Cloud Precipitation

Hail causes extensive damage to fruit, agriculture crops in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Hailstorm again stormed Shopian, Kulgam villages and extensively damaged the horticulture and agriculture crops.

Locals from many areas from the twin districts told Kashmir Reader that hailstorm has heavily damaged the crops.

In Kulgam districts an intense hailstorm witnessed in whole Aharbal belt including villages like Manzgam, Nowgam and adjoining villages caused damges to crops.

Similarly in Shopian heavy hailstorm that lasted for 15 minutes resulted in accumulation of an inch deep hail cover that ripped the standing fruit and agriculture crops on ground. The worst affected villages which were hit by the storm include Pinjora, Pehlipora, Pargochi, Voterpora, Pahnoo, Aglar and other adjioning of villages.


Eruption at Sakurajima volcano, Japan on June 4

Sakurajima volcano
At 16:38 JST an explosion was registered. Cloud obscured.


Eruption at Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico on June 4

At 23:01 CDT an explosion was registered. Time-Lapsed, 3 cameras.