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Moderate Earthquake hits SW Western Australia

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Comment: A reader of SOTT sent the following report:
"Earthquakes are rare in this area and it was the first for both myself and my wife who was woken up by it. A number of people at work had also been woken up by the shaking and the noise of the quake. When I looked on the news this morning there was no mention of it and also on USGS no mention. The initial report on the geoscience Australia site was of a 5.2 magnitude quake, which happened at 11.33pm local time. Later it was downgraded to 4.6. We live probably 30-40km outside of the 113km 'felt radius'. "

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Winds Fan Wildfire Near Idaho Ski Lodge

KETCHUM, Idaho - Gusty winds pushed a wildfire closer to Sun Valley Resort's ski area on Tuesday, while hundreds more homes were ordered evacuated in the valley below.


Curiouser and curiouser: White waves of foam blanket Australian beaches

It was as if someone had poured tons of coffee and milk into the ocean, then switched on a giant blender.

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Boy in the bubble bath: Tom Woods, 12, emerges from the clouds of foam after deciding that surfing was not an option

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Floods cut off villages in Romania

Rain-swollen rivers overflowed Sunday in Romania, killing at least one man, cutting off around 2,000 people in several villages and forcing the evacuation of tourists.

A 15-year-old boy also died in the southern village of Visina after he was struck by lightning while grazing cattle in the village fields, local authorities were quoted by state news agency Rompres as saying.


August rainfall heaviest on record in northeastern Illinois

"Rainfall amounts in northeastern Illinois already have established this as the wettest August and wettest summer since regional records began in 1895," says Jim Angel, state climatologist, of the Illinois State Water Survey, a division of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. "As of the morning of Aug. 24, rainfall for northeastern Illinois -- including those counties from Boone to LaSalle and eastward -- averaged 11.32 inches, 8.10 inches above normal, and beating the 1987 record of 11.02 inches. Totals for June-August thus far in this area averaged 20.02 inches, 8.91 inches above normal, and beating the 1972 record of 19.26 inches.

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Why the Weather Went Mad in August on the Korean Peninsula

The weather has been fickle this month and will continue that way. It had been scorching for some time when on Monday the weather suddenly changed. Torrential downpours lasted 10 to 20 minutes in many regions including Seoul and Cheolwon, Gangwon Province, with rain stopping and starting repeatedly. The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on Monday said similar showers with thunder and lightening are expected in Chungcheong Province and southern parts of Korea on Tuesday.

Two major reasons are cited for the unexpected weather changes. A hot and humid North Pacific anticyclone collided with cold air from China and that made air above Korean peninsular unstable, causing the fickle weather, the KMA said. Experts also pointed to an abnormal cloud belt that formed in the air above the Korean Peninsula.

Satellite picture of sky in East Asia by Japanese weather satellite NTSAT. The ordinary east-west cloud belt is seen in the picture taken on Aug. 27, while clouds are stretched north-south in the picture on Aug. 14.


Paracas National Reserve Sea Lions Disappear After Earthquake

Peru's Natural Resources Institute (INRENA) has reported that since the earthquake which struck Peru's southern coast and devastated most of the Ica Region, 60 percent of the sea lion population, which lived on Paracas Bay, has disappeared.

Representative for INRENA Protected Areas, Luis Alfaro, told Peru's Andina News Agency, "We can only see 50 sea lions where there used to be 150."

Paracas National Reserve sea lions.

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5.5 magnitude earthquake reported in Russia's Kuril Islands

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck off the coast of Russia's Kuril Islands, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake occurred 110 miles (177 kilometers) southwest of Severokurilsk in the Kuril Islands - 1,210 miles (1,950 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo - on Tuesday at 1:16 p.m. local time, the survey's National Earthquake Information Center said.

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Cave-in in Barbados swallows house

Ralph Adams, a structural and civil engineer, said that the building collapse at Arch Cot, Brittons X Road, St Michael, was bound to happen at some point.

Adams, who was on the scene offering advice from Sunday, said the neighbourhood knew about the existence of a cave and still allowed people to build on it.

An aerial shot showing the extent of Sunday's cave-in and the surrounding district including nearby construction.

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UK: Cuckoos and hedgehogs on the at-risk list of our best-loved wildlife

They were once among the most common sights and sounds of the countryside.

But decades of intensive farming, chemical pollution and habitat loss have taken their toll on some of our bestloved wildlife.

From today, the cuckoo, hedgehog and house sparrow join the official 'priority' list of the UK's most threatened animals.

Cuckoos are among birds threatened

According to the Government, more than 1,000 plants and animals are under threat from extinction or serious decline - twice the number on the last major conservation list published a decade ago.