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Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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Oxi: Twice as Powerful as Crack Cocaine at Just a Fraction of the Price

A highly addictive hallucinogenic has exploded on to South America's drug scene, with devastating consequences.

Tom Phillips takes a look at the latest drug to emerge from South America. A highly addictive mix of cocaine paste, gasoline, kerosene and quicklime called Oxi.


US: Casey Anthony Trial: Psychopath or Telling the Truth?

© Reuters
Casey Anthony wipes away tears during her murder trial, as her attorney Dorothy Clay Sims looks on, in the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando
Casey Anthony's alleged crime isn't acceptable to society. We either think she's innocent or label her as 'not one of us.'

The Casey Anthony trial, for the alleged murder of her toddler Caylee Anthony, is chilling and bizarre. It's a mystery that has captured the public's attention ever since the media started covering it in late 2008.

It's irresistible to us because we can't accept the notion that a mother would willingly kill her child out of convenience, so we either think she's innocent or that she's not one of us but a psychopath.

Psychopathy is something else that mystifies and fascinates the public.

Medical science defines it as individuals who don't have the psychological capacity for conscience. They manipulate, lie, and deflect responsibility without batting an eye. They unashamedly gratify their base desires while minimizing their chances of harm. They do things normal people wouldn't think of - like killing your own child to shed some of life's responsibilities.

Evil Rays

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation Part XVIII

"Our music was far from political or antiwar...I never felt comfortable with political advocacy."
- John Phillips
"There were no political speeches or overt protest songs performed."
- John Phillips, discussing the Monterey Pop Festival, of which he was a key organizer
Thus far on this journey, we have seen how what are arguably the two most bloody and notorious mass murders in the history of the City of Angels - the Manson Family murders of the occupants of the home on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, and the so-called Four-On-The-Floor bludgeoning murders of four Laurel Canyon drug dealers on Wonderland Avenue - were directly connected to the Laurel Canyon music scene.

But the city of Los Angeles can boast of one other particularly notorious murder, which stands to this day as both the most gruesome single-victim murder and the most famous unsolved murder in the city's history.

© Wide World Photos
Elizabeth Short
On January 15, 1947, the mutilated body of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short was found posed in a field. The ritualistically butchered body was nude, sliced cleanly in half, and completely drained of blood. Parts of the body had been removed, after which the corpse had been thoroughly sanitized. Bruising clearly indicated that the young girl had been savagely beaten. Forensic evidence suggested that she had been forced to eat feces during her tortuous ordeal. She was quickly dubbed the 'Black Dahlia,' and it is by that name that she is known and written about today.


Senior Scientologist Jan Eastgate Arrested, Charged in Sydney

Church Scientology
© Australian Associated Press
Jan Eastgate, a senior figure of the Church of Scientology, has been granted conditional bail.
A Senior figure of the Church of Scientology has been arrested and charged with over claims she coached an 11-year-old girl to lie about sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather.

Jan Eastgate, who is the international president of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, has been charged with perverting the course of justice in relation to allegations she coached Carmen Rainer into lying about the claims, the ABC reported.

The girl's stepfather was a member of the Church of Scientology.

Police allege Ms Eastgate threatened and intimidated her into providing false statements to police about the abuse.

The allegations were aired on Lateline last year and are backed up by Ms Rainer's mother, who claims Ms Eastgate coached them both on what to say about the allegations.


Italian Seismologists Charged With Manslaughter for Not Predicting 2009 Quake

Seismologists Prison Not Predict
© AP
April 6, 2009: An aerial photo provided by the Italian Police shows the debris of a collapsed building in an area near L'Aquila, central Italy, after a powerful earthquake shook central Italy.
Italian government officials have accused the country's top seismologist of manslaughter, after failing to predict a natural disaster that struck Italy in 2009, a massive devastating earthquake that killed 308 people.

A shocked spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) likened the accusations to a witch hunt.

"It has a medieval flavor to it -- like witches are being put on trial," the stunned spokesman told FoxNews.com.

Enzo Boschi, the president of Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), will face trial along with six other scientists and technicians, after failing to predict the future and the impending disaster.


Burma: Suu Kyi Plans Landmark Political Tour

© Dominique Aubert / Sygma / Corbis
Aung San Suu Kyi
Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi said today she is planning a political tour of Burma, a move likely to measure her popularity and test the limits of her freedom after being released from house arrest six months ago.

Suu Kyi, who spent seven years in detention until last November, was asked at a video conference in Hong Kong to confirm reports she will launch political rallies across the nation, her first tour since being freed.

"I hope to travel ... in the month of June," the Nobel Peace Prize winner told more than 1000 academics, students and members of the public gathered at the University of Hong Kong.

"Where I will be going I can't tell you yet. We are trying to work out the itinerary," said Suu Kyi, who was freed less than a week after a widely criticised election that cemented the military regime's decades-long grip on power.

Suu Kyi's travels around the country have landed her in trouble with the Burmese authorities several times in the past, and the 65-year-old said she had not been given any security guarantees for the trip.


US: Masked Man and Woman Dressed as Nuns Hold up Chicago Bank

An armed man and woman dressed as nuns robbed a Chicago bank on Sunday in a heist that the FBI said looked like a scene from the movies.

© The Associated Press/Charles Dharapak
On the run: Surveillance footage shows an armed robber in the raid on the Chicago bank
The masked thieves made off with a bag full of money after they raided the bank in Palos Heights wearing nun masks and habits like those featured in the film The Town, said the FBI.

Bank surveillance footage shows a resemblance to the eerie plastic-faced disguises that have slits for eyes that were worn by robbers in the 2010 film starring Ben Affleck.

Police said the suspects pulled out handguns and forced bank workers to hand over cash before they drove off.

The robbers went into the bank on Sunday afternoon just before closing time at 1:58pm.

They jumped over the counter and ordered a bank teller and the brank manager to the vault where a Nike duffel bag was filled with money.


US: Psychics, Spiritualists Assist in Search for Caylee Anthony

Cindy Smith calls herself a spiritualist and not a psychic. Smith has spoken with the Anthony family and on Monday, she spoke with investigators to say that she knows where missing Orlando toddler Caylee is.

With few clues in the search for the missing three year old, some have suggested that the Anthonys turn to the world of the paranormal for leads.

Cindy Anthony claims that her family has not consulted with a psychic. She denied such a meeting when questioned by FOX 35. "No. No, we haven't," she said with a look of amusement. "It's not funny, but it is. You know there are probably people out there who have a power or a gift. We're told that they're following up on those as well."

Two weeks ago, FOX 35 crews observed Cindy Smith leaving the Anthony home. Smith shared details of her visit. "I told her (Cindy Anthony) 'I was gonna bring her home,' that 'she was not going to be happy, but I was going to bring her home' "

Smith claims she can "see things" by laying her hand on a person's belongings. She stopped short of describing these visions as those of clairvoyance.


US: One Dead, Two Injured After Virginia Sheriff's Deputy Goes on Bloody Rampage

Jonathan Agee will be charged with murder after he shot his ex-wife Jennifer Agee.

An off-duty county sheriff's deputy killed his ex-wife and shot a state trooper before he was wounded during a bloody Memorial Day rampage in Roanoke, Virginia.

The chaos began when Jonathan Agee shot his former wife Jennifer at a Sheetz convenience store parking lot, WSLS 10 reported.

After he drove away from the scene, police issued an alert with information about his vehicle and an advisory to be on the lookout for him. Shortly thereafter, Sgt. Matt Brannock spotted a car fitting the description and followed it, a police spokesman said.

As Brannock pulled up beside Agee on the highway exit ramp, Agee began firing at the officer, hitting him and causing him to take cover.


'Lady Blue Eyes' - Sinatra's Wife Tells it Her Way

© The Associated Press/Crown
In this book cover image released by Crown, Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank, by Barbara Sinatra, is shown.
Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank (Crown Archetype), by Barbara Sinatra: In her memoir, the widow of Frank Sinatra tells it her way, adding a unique perspective to the history of one of entertainment's greats.

By now, the self-centered if often generous nature of Sinatra is as well-known as his unequaled voice. What's fascinating about Lady Blue Eyes is how Barbara Sinatra turns to love, admiration and denial in explaining her place at Frank's side.

From her youth in the Midwest to her days as a model and showgirl, Barbara Blakeley longed for a well-heeled life of excitement. In her telling, it was Sinatra, then in his mid-50s, who initiated their affair. Soon, she was Frank's companion - marriage would be years away - and her husband at the time the second unfaithful spouse she had left for a more successful man.

Little love notes and rather large jewels were part of the good times with Sinatra. While she tends to excuse the darker moments in their three decades together, Barbara accepts that Frank's inner demons came with the glitter and glamour.