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Welcome to the American Police State: 75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police?

The Police State. Are we there yet? In this local NBC news report you will see US cops shooting a man dead, punching women in the face, electrocuting someone pleading for mercy and screaming at a youngster on a skateboard while shoving him to the ground. But none of them are going to jail. Instead, Micheal Allinson is facing 75 years behind bars for 'eavesdropping on the police without their consent' when he recorded police coming to confiscate his car at his mother's home.


Jack Abramoff: How to Prey, Bribe and Own a US Congressmen?

Crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains how he asserted his influence in Congress for years, and how such corruption continues today despite ethics reform. (mirrored from

Source: CBS

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Immortal Technique: 'Revolution here to stay!'

The following video is the full interview of Marina Portnaya, RT journalist, with rapper Immortal Technique at the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York in October. IT has some prescient things to say about the movement and what it is up against.


US: Initiative would let illegal immigrants work in California legally

Nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants could live and work openly in California with little or no fear of deportation under an initiative unveiled Friday by a state legislator and others.

Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, a Democrat, is helping spearhead the measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act.

The proposal was filed Friday with the state Attorney General's Office, marking a first step toward a drive to collect the 504,760 voter signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Fuentes called the measure a "moderate, common-sense approach" necessitated by the federal government's inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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US: Man dead at Occupy campsite on North Texas campus

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An official at the University of North Texas says a man has been found dead at a campsite on the school's campus where Occupy Denton protesters have been gathering.

The Dallas Morning News reports that university spokesman Buddy Price says officers from the school's police department found the man's body Saturday after someone called authorities. Price says no one else was at the encampment when police arrived.

He told the newspaper the man is believed to have been a member of the Occupy Denton encampment.

The man's name and age have not been released. An autopsy is pending.

University police referred calls to Price on Saturday night. Price did not immediately return a phone call to The Associated Press.

Denton is about 40 miles northwest of Dallas.

Source: The Dallas Morning News


US: 85-year-old says she was strip searched at JFK

© The Associated Press/Bruce ZimmermanLenore Zimmerman, 85, who arrived in a wheelchair for a flight at New York’s Kennedy Airport on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011, said that she was required to go through a strip search after she asked to be patted down instead. She was concerned that passing through the airport’s body scanner would interfere with her defibrillator.
An 85-year-old woman said Saturday that she was injured and humiliated when she was strip searched at an airport after she asked to be patted down instead of going through a body scanner, allegations that transportation security officials denied.

Lenore Zimmerman said she was taken to a private room and made to take off her pants and other clothes after she asked to forgo the screening because she worried it would interfere with her defibrillator. She missed her flight and had to take one 2 1/2 hours later, she said.

"I'm hunched over. I'm in a wheelchair. I weigh under 110 pounds (50 kilograms)," she said from her winter home at a seniors community in Coconut Creek, Florida. "Do I look like a terrorist?"

But the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement Saturday that no strip search was conducted.

"While we regret that the passenger feels she had an unpleasant screening experience, TSA does not include strip searches as part of our security protocols and one was not conducted in this case," the statement read.


A Disturbing Truth: The Deception of Media

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Why is the American establishment media sanitizing reality?

The December 5th, 2011 cover of Time Magazine represents a disturbing truth: the American corporate-controlled establishment media presents a picture of the world that is meant to placate and pacify the people of the United States in favor of presenting reality as it is.

While the covers of the European, Asian, and South Pacific editions have an image of chaos in the streets in Egypt with "Revolution Redux" in bold white letters in the center, the American edition is a cartoon with the headline "Why Anxiety is Good for You."

Is this just a meaningless marketing tactic or does it exemplify the greater trend in how the American corporate media presents the world to the people of the United States?

I tend towards the latter, given the fact that this is something that is inescapable when consuming media marketed to people in the United States.


Crossing Police Lines: US cops defect to OWS

Police in Los Angeles have cleared one of the last and longest-standing 'Occupy' camps in the U.S, making 300 arrests in the process. These latest arrests bring the total across the whole 'Occupy' movement to almost 5,000, but now police are starting to defect to the other side. Our correspondent Marina Portnaya has been finding out why some people have been choosing to make history instead of making arrests.

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US: Governor Walker intends to charge citizens fee to protest


Free speech is getting expensive in Wisconsin.

Following demonstrations earlier this year which drew up to 100,000 people to the Wisconsin Capitol, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has proposed new policies that would require future protesters to pay in advance to stage an event, at a cost of $50 per hour, per Capitol Police officer.

Police may also require a liability insurance or a bond, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

Demonstrators will also be on the hook for any damage and cleanup following protests. Walker's administration had claimed that the pro-union protests earlier this year had costs as much as $7.5 million, but later admitted that the actual costs were far less.

Under the new policy, permits will be required for groups of four or more people who want to do any activity inside the Capitol. Groups of 100 or more gathering outside the Capitol must also apply for a permit 72 hours in advance. Police will have some leeway if unforeseen events lead to spontaneous gatherings.

American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin executive director Chris Ahmuty agreed with the state's allowance for spontaneous protests, but worried that some groups might have their right to freedom of assembly curbed because they could not afford to pay.

"It leaves too much discretion to the Capitol Police," Ahmuty told the Journal Sentinel.

For their part, many activists are vowing not to be cowed by the new rules.

"This will only embolden people and get them to protest louder," Nicole Desautels, who participates in a daily pro-labor, sing-along protest, explained to The Chicago Tribune.


Canada: A Facebook comment, a dead girl, and an anti-bullying bill

© The Canadian PressMarjorie Raymond is shown in a undated photo taken from a facebook tribute page. Raymond took her own life on Nov. 28 in the tiny town of Ste-Anne-des-Monts, Que., telling her mother in a suicide note that she couldn't endure the physical and psychological abuse any longer.
A flip comment made on Facebook several weeks ago cut chillingly to the heart of a debate on bullying raging Wednesday in Canada.

"Suspended 5 days! ahahaha! Not bad," the teenaged alleged aggressor of Quebec schoolgirl Marjorie Raymond wrote on Facebook on Nov. 1, apparently unperturbed by the penalty handed down by her school.

Within a month, Raymond had killed herself.

Cases like this one were the inspiration behind legislation tabled Wednesday in next-door Ontario. Following other high-profile teen suicides in that province, the McGuinty government introduced a bill that would allow schools to permanently expel students for bullying.

The Facebook post was one of several referring to the teen's run-ins with Raymond, who became severely depressed over the torment she faced at school.

When Raymond committed suicide, someone posted on the other girl's page: "You must be proud of yourself with a death on your conscience. . . .Pathetic."