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Horses Could Soon be Slaughtered for Meat in US

© The Associated Press/Sue OgrockiCheri White Owl, founder of Horse Feathers Equine Rescue, is pictured with a horse recently dumped at her sanctuary in Guthrie, Okla., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011.
Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption after Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month.

Slaughter opponents pushed a measure cutting off funding for horse meat inspections through Congress in 2006 after other efforts to pass outright bans on horse slaughter failed in previous years. Congress lifted the ban in a spending bill President Obama signed into law Nov. 18 to keep the government afloat until mid-December.

It did not, however, allocate any new money to pay for horse meat inspections, which opponents claim could cost taxpayers $3 million to $5 million a year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture would have to find the money in its existing budget, which is expected to see more cuts this year as Congress and the White House aim to trim federal spending.

The USDA issued a statement Tuesday saying there are no slaughterhouses in the U.S. that butcher horses for human consumption now, but if one were to open, it would conduct inspections to make sure federal laws were being followed. USDA spokesman Neil Gaffney declined to answer questions beyond what was in the statement.


US: Reagan shooter wants more time outside hospital

John Hinckley
© unknownJohn Hinckley
Attorneys for the man who shot President Ronald Reagan will be asking a judge to let him spend more time away from a Washington mental hospital with the goal of eventually allowing him to live outside the facility full-time.

John Hinckley, who was found by a jury to be insane when he shot and wounded Reagan outside a Washington hotel in 1981, has for years been able to spend days at his mother's home in Virginia. On Wednesday, a Washington judge was to begin hearing arguments that Hinckley should be allowed additional visits of 17 and 24 days. The city's St. Elizabeths Hospital also wants the ability to decide if Hinckley should live away from the facility full-time according to a court document.

Government lawyers oppose the plan, calling it "premature and ill conceived." They say Hinckley is "a man capable of great violence" and that he is not "sufficiently well to alleviate the concern that this violence may be repeated."


US: New Jersey dad arrested in death of 2 year old daughter tossed in creek

© The Associated Press/Ocean County Prosecutor's OfficeArthur Morgan III, 27, of Ocean Township, N.J. Morgan, suspected of killing his 2-year-old daughter by tossing her into a creek while she was still strapped in her car seat, was captured Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 in California.
New Jersey prosecutors say they will move quickly to extradite a man suspected of killing his 2-year-old daughter by tossing her into a creek while she was still strapped in her car seat.

Twenty-seven-year-old Arthur Morgan III was captured without incident late Tuesday afternoon at a home in San Diego, Calif. The arrest came one week after he allegedly killed Tierra Morgan-Glover during a court-approved visit and then fled the state.

Morgan, who could not be reached for comment, had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt and had been featured on the website of America's Most Wanted. He was being held early Wednesday in California, and it was not yet known when an extradition hearing would be scheduled.

The girl's mother, Imani Benton, called police after Morgan failed to return the child on Nov. 21. She had spent several hours speaking with investigators on Tuesday and learned of Morgan's arrest when she arrived at a friend's home Tuesday night and heard people cheering.

"Everybody was outside yelling and screaming - they were like, 'They got him. They got him,'" Benton told the Asbury Park Press of Neptune. "I couldn't get out of the car. I just had to sit and let the tears fall for a minute."


US: LAPD Officers Move into Occupy Los Angeles, Protesters Being Arrested

© KTLA-TVA group of Occupy L.A. protesters prepare for an imminent police raid Tuesday night while wearing gas masks.
Police Across Los Angeles are on Tactical Alert

Hundreds of Los Angeles Police Officers have moved into the park around City Hall where hundreds of Occupy Los Angeles protesters have refused to leave. They have been given a final order to get out or get arrested.

Officers in riot gear have lined the street near Broadway and 1st Street and some protesters have donned gas masks in anticipation of tear gas or pepper spray. There have not been any conflicts between police and protests, but it's clear that police intend to evict Occupy L.A. from the area sometime overnight.

A group of protesters began marching en masse down 1st Street toward Spring Street. They held candles and chanted, "Move your feet! Occupy the street!" The march was lively but not violent.


US: Cops move to clear Occupy Los Angeles, Philadelphia camps

© CBS/KCALPolice line up in formation to push Occupy Los Angeles protesters out of their encampment at City Hall.
Los Angeles police began tearing down tents in the Occupy Los Angeles encampment Tuesday night, nearly two days after a deadline passed for protesters to clear out, as demonstrators with the movement in Philadelphia marched through the streets after being evicted from their site.

Los Angeles police in riot gear holding batons stood in the street facing a line of protesters as hundreds chanted, "The people united will never be defeated." Someone played the national anthem on a horn as helicopters circled overhead.

More than 1,000 officers who staged for the operation outside Dodger Stadium were briefed on the potential for violence and the possibility that demonstrators could throw everything from concrete and gravel to human feces.

"Please put your face masks down and watch each other's back," a supervisor told them. "Now go to work."


'Lost in Detention': US Immigration Enforcement Criminalises hundreds of Thousands of People

A year long investigation by Frontline and the American University Investigative Reporting Workshop examines the current U.S. immigration enforcement system and uncovers hidden stories of abuse in the U.S. detention system. Hari Sreenivasan recently interviewed Frontline Correspondent Maria Hinjosa.


Worse than Bush: Obama deports a record 400,000 immigrants

For the third straight year, the Obama administration has set a record in the number of undocumented immigrants deported, expelling nearly 400,000 from the US during the fiscal year ending in September.

The number of immigrants deported in 2011 (396,906) is equivalent to the populations of such major US cities as Miami and Cleveland. More than 1 million immigrants have been deported since Obama became president. This is despite the fact that three years of economic crisis have sharply curtailed immigration.

"These record-breaking deportation numbers come at a time when illegal immigration rates have plummeted, the undocumented population has decreased substantially and violent crime rates are at their lowest levels in 40 years," said Joanne Lin, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, in a statement.

Behind this forced human exodus, surely one of the largest such operations in history, are countless broken families and communities - fathers and mothers separated from children, husbands from wives, sisters from brothers. As Lin notes, the Obama administration's deportation campaign has left a "wake of devastation in Latino communities across the nation."


US: Occupy L.A. Eviction: Is LAPD Restricting Coverage With Last-Minute 'Pool Media'?

occupy la lapd standoff.jpg
© Ted SoquiWill the final LAPD-Occupy standoff be photographed?

​Updated at the bottom: If the LAPD doesn't lift media restrictions, the ACLU plans to file an injunction against them.

Creating limited media pools at high-profile, heavily policed events isn't an uncommon practice at the Los Angeles Police Department.

"When we don't have resources to accomodate every single outlet that wants to be there, we often do that," says Officer Karen Rayner in the media-relations office.


Pepper-Spray Creator Decries Use of Chemical Agent on Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters


American Airlines Bankrupt

American Airlines aircraft
© The Associated Press/Tony Gutierrez
American Airlines' parent company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it seeks to unload massive debt built up by years of accelerating jet fuel prices and labor struggles.

The nation's third largest airline also said its CEO Gerard Arpey will step down. He's being replaced by Thomas Horton, currently the company's president.

Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR Corp., along with its regional affiliate AMR Eagle Holding Corp. said Tuesday that they filed voluntary petitions to reorganize.

American says it sought protection to reduce its costs and debt to remain competitive.

The airline says it will continue normal flight operations during the reorganization.

American was the only major U.S. airline that didn't file for bankruptcy protection after the 2001 terrorist attacks. The last major airline to file for bankruptcy protection was Delta in 2005.