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Sun, 28 May 2023
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Netherlands: Total ban on smoking in cafes and bars delayed by three months‏

Plans to reinstate the smoking ban in bars and cafes across the entire hospitality industry in July will not be achieved, junior health minister Martin van Rijn has confirmed.

'In practical terms, it will be very difficult to make it by July 2014,' Van Rijn told MPs. The delay has been caused by the slow processing of the legislation through parliament.

'We are ready to do so and café and bar owners know it is coming,' the minister said. 'I will try and implement it as soon as possible, perhaps by October.'

Top Secret

That's not the Loch Ness monster on Apple Maps

© Apple Maps
Okay, we'll grant that the new satellite images of Loch Ness make you do a double-take. The photos that astute monster-hunting fans have turned over to the Daily Mail show something that certainly looks like a giant lurking prehistoric sea creature.

But don't go making plans for Megashark versus Nessie just yet.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club has a website that fittingly looks like it crawled out of an earlier century, but they're ahead of the technological curve when it comes to monster-hunting. Two different members of the club had the bright idea to trawl web-based satellite imagery to see if they could spot the monster. One, a 26-year-old charity worker named Andrew Dixon, told the Daily Mail that he stumbled across the images by accident.

The image clearly shows what looks to be a lurking giant creature swiming just below the surface of the water:


Dozens of widows dropped due to Obamacare in Alabama

© Politicaloutcast.com
Over two dozen widows in Alabama were dropped from their health care plans due to Obamacare, WHNT reports

"More than two dozen widows who were married to retired Madison county employees, lost their health insurance coverage earlier this year. And now one commissioner says it's time to give it back to them. The change was sparked by the new federal health care law, but whether or not coverage can actually be restored really isn't clear," said the anchor.

Says the reporter, "Madison county commissioner Roger Jones says no one realized just how much the new federal health care law would change things, especially for the spouses of some of his former employees."


Real Americans are ready to snap - sense that something is coming; a great change, or an unstoppable reckoning

© Alt-Market.com
Despite popular belief, every culture of every nation draws a line in the sand against government tyranny. The problem is, many draw this line so close to total defeat that it rarely matters. For the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, for instance, it wasn't until the Germans had already herded millions onto railroad cars destined for death camps and cornered the rest into dilapidated central housing that the ZOB resistance was formed, only to be wiped out a month later. Perhaps hindsight is 20/20, but clearly too many freedom movements throughout history waited too long to respond to the trespasses of oligarchs.

The Founding Fathers frequently struggled with the proper measure of resistance. Many colonials wanted vengeance on the British after the Boston Massacre in March of 1770, but patriots knew that the timing was not right. The battle to rally citizens to the cause and to educate the masses as much as possible on the facts took precedence over the desire to enter conflict. The Founders endured five more years of British government criminality until nearly 80 farmers and militiamen stood outnumbered on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775 to confront an army of 700 British regulars on a mission to capture rebel leaders and destroy weapons caches. No one knew at the time that the war would be sparked that day, but everyone knew that a fight was inevitable and near.


New York students suspended indefinitely for displaying Confederate flag

Two Long Island high school students have been suspended for allegedly bringing a Confederate flag to school.

Brother Gary Cregan, principal of St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington, said the two seniors walked in with a Confederate flag draped around their shoulders during an after-hours sporting event at the school.

As CBS 2′s Kathryn Brown reported, there is outrage and disgust on Long Island.

"The African-American students who immediately saw it really exercised heroic restraint and fortunately a teacher immediately confiscated the flag and took the students out of the gym," Cregan said.


Teen caught urinating in reservoir - 38 million gallons will be discarded

© The Oregonian
Mount Tabor reservoir
Call it the Big Flush 2, and this time the sequel promises to be much bigger than the original.

Portland officials said Wednesday they are flushing away millions of gallons of treated water for the second time in less than three years because someone urinated into a city reservoir.

In June 2011, the city drained a 7.5 million-gallon reservoir at Mount Tabor in southeast Portland. This time, 38 million gallons from a different reservoir at the same location will be discarded after a 19-year-old was videotaped in the act.

"The basic commandment of the Water Bureau is to provide clean, cold and constant water to its customers," bureau administrator David Shaff said Wednesday. "And the premise behind that is we don't have pee in it."


Pork, bacon prices rise as deadly diarrhea virus wipes out newborn piglets in Michigan

© iStockphoto
Love your bacon, ham and baby-back ribs? Get used to forking over more dough for your pork.

A virus that kills piglets at an alarming rate has been found on 93 farms in Michigan, according to the state agriculture department.

Sam Hines, executive vice president of the Michigan Pork Producers Association, said porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) is not a human health concern, but is deadly to newborn pigs.

"This is not a food safety issue," Hines told WWJ's Marie Osborne. "Most hogs do acquire the virus but bigger animals can recover from it. Pigs that are less than a month old will have such a severe diarrhea that they dehydrate. There's nearly 100 percent mortality with pigs less than three-weeks of age."


Beware the police: Cops show up and beat elderly man who called ambulance for his wife

good cop bad cop
© unknown
It seems more and more these days that if you think a loved one is in danger in America, calling the cops should be your absolute last possible resort.

Missourian Elbert Breshears recently called for an ambulance because his elderly wife, who suffers dementia, had endured an episode and knocked a window out of their home.

According to ABC affiliate KSPR33 and unfortunately for Breshears, the cops showed up before the ambulance did:
"The wife and I were standing about here, that's the window she knocked out. I was standing here holding her hand and she was wavering hollering help," Breshears said.

When police got there,"police car drove up, he bailed out ran over and knocked me down. He told me to get up, I told him I couldn't," he explained.

That's when Breshears says police got aggressive. "First thing, I know they grab me, threw me out there on the gravel. One of them sat down on my back, the other sat down on my head. They were trying to get handcuffs on me. I told them I can't get my hands up. I have no objection to being handcuffed," says Breshears.

By then paramedics arrived. Breshears says he and his wife were taken to the hospital. A doctor looked him over. "He dug out the gravel out of my head and sewed my head up," he says.

Comment: Ironically, this situation took place in Humansville, Missouri. The vicious thug cops who beat this man should be banned from the town.


California TV station films dog calmly playing with kids after cop shoots himself trying to kill it

A California deputy accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a dog that he said was threatening his life on Wednesday, but video captured by a local television station later showed the animal much smaller than reported and peacefully playing with children.

According to a Riverside County sheriff's spokesperson, the deputy was serving an eviction notice at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday when a "large" dog tried to attack him, KCAL reported.

"A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner," Deputy Armando Munoz said, according to The Press-Enterprise. "The deputy, (attempting to defend himself) pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg."

"He's OK. He has non life-threatening injuries."

Munoz said that the dog's aggressive behavior ended when it was startled by the gunfire.

When KNBC film crews arrived on the scene later on Wednesday, they found a medium-sized pit bull - named "Precious" - confined to a pen, and calmly playing with several children. The dog's owner admitted that it had been barking when the officer arrived.

Animal Services did not take the dog into custody because there was no evidence it or the owner had done anything wrong.

Watch the video below from KNBC, broadcast April 16, 2014.

Eye 2

Simone Steenkamp says: Pistorius is a 'disgusting liar'


Reeva Steenkamp who was shot on Valentine's day by the Bladerunner
  • In exclusive interview Simone Steenkamp says: Pistorius is a 'disgusting liar'
  • 'Smirking' Pistorius 'seems to be enjoying his celebrity status,' she says
  • Says family had offered forgiveness but feelings have changed since trial
  • Reeva was 'very assertive', Simone believes she 'would have screamed'
  • Reeva's father Barry, who has stroke since tragedy watches trial from home
  • He said: 'When I feel strong enough I'll go there to ask him one thing - "Why? Why did you kill my lovely Reeva?"
  • Simone describes Pistorius as an 'insecure, unpredictable man'
As Oscar Pistorius gave his account of the night he shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, claiming it was a tragic accident, he repeatedly retched and broke down in histrionic, heaving sobs.

A few feet away in the Pretoria courtroom last week, June, the grieving mother of the beautiful 29-year-old model, sat in dignified silence, her eyes fixed on Pistorius's face.

Her remarkable composure faltered only rarely, when she wiped away tears.

But back at their home in Port Elizabeth, 710 miles away, her family are far from composed. They are deeply, devastatingly angry.