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Sat, 14 Dec 2019
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Utter soulless degeneracy: Woman spent $100,000 to look like "blowup doll", facing complications from multiple surgeries

blowup doll surgery
Color us surprised.

A woman who, by age 24, has had $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to make herself look like a "blowup doll" is now suffering from complications.

According to the NY Post, Mary Magdalene has modified her body with a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, three boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, "Brazilian butt lifts," numerous lip fillers and a "custom-designed" vagina.

She is on a quest to acquire "the fattest labia in the world," according to the article.

Because, you know, you've got to have goals in life.

But her surgeries have resulted in swelling and pain that requires frequent trips to a doctor. She told Jam Press:
"It's a lot better than it was [but] I have complications with the fat, so I will need to keep getting vagina injections to even it out. I am worried about one side, because it keeps growing. I think it's probably from the swelling."
But she claims the surgeries are worth it, because he confidence has risen dramatically. She started stripping at age 17 to begin funding her appearance.

Comment: Good God. Sadly, this and many other types of grotesquery, degeneracy and idiocy seem to be having a sweeping influence over the minds and souls of many. We don't want to look, but can't afford to look completely away from what appears to be a literal crumbling of basic values in Western society.

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Trump tweets obvious satire: Snopes triggered; CNN's Don Lemon rendered speechless by Avengers meme

The Babylon Bee
© The Baby6lon Bee
Fact checking website Snopes contacted the White House after President Trump retweeted an article from the Babylon Bee, a popular website known for its right-wing satire.

On Tuesday, Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis tweeted the article in question with the preface: "The Bee mocking the Dems," which President Trump retweeted, according to Disrn.com.


School bullies viciously beat 14 year old boy in a MAGA hat

school bus assault
© Twitter
The video shows vicious bullies attacking the young boy and pummeling him on the bus. His mother says the attackers were enraged he'd previously worn a Trump hat to school.
Shocking video has emerged showing a 14-year-old boy being attacked on a school bus, allegedly because he'd previously worn a hat supporting President Donald Trump.

The incident occurred on November 21 in Hamilton County, Florida, and the video first emerged on Thursday after the boy's family retained attorney Foye B. Walker for possible legal action.

The incident left the boy, identified only as Tyler, hospitalized with head contusions, according to his mother, a Trump supporter who tweets under the handle @AmericanDiaries.

The attorney, Walker, verified in a tweet that the incident occurred on a school bus in Hamilton County, and that he was representing the family. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com.

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Los Angeles and Chicago preparing to erase 68,000 nonviolent marijuana convictions

non-violent marijuana convictions
The cities of Los Angeles and Chicago are taking a big step toward ending the damage caused from the war on drugs by getting ready to expunge nearly 70,000 non-violent marijuana convictions from citizen's criminal records.

Kim Foxx, Cook County's State Attorney in Chicago, is preparing to eliminate misdemeanor convictions of close to 18,000 residents which she argues will help mostly racial minorities get back into the housing and job markets, whereas having these cannabis crimes on their record sets up a barrier between them and these life essentials.

The city of Los Angeles has also declared that they will be expunging or lessening the severity of non-violent cannabis offenses for around 50,000 residents. The crimes they intend to clear involve not only cannabis possession, but selling, cultivating, and transporting as well.

"We are undoing the harm prosecutors have caused ... Folks are going to be making billions of dollars on this, selling it by the metric ton, on the backs of communities that were devastated by the war on drugs. Is that fair? No." - Kim Foxx


Neigh-neigh: Man tortures neighbors with horse sounds at night for almost 2 years & now faces prison

© Sputnik / Mikhail Voskresensky
A whole residential building was turned into a living hell by one vengeful resident, who played horse neighing through a loudspeaker almost every night. The man thought he'd get away with it, but he was wrong.

A 46-year-old resident of Nizhny Novgorod on the Volga River was arrested earlier this week and charged with the "tormenting of two or more people." The offense may carry a prison term from three to seven years.

Guards at the Guantanamo detention camp used heavy metal tunes to deprive inmates of sleep, but Yury Kondratyev went even further as he tortured his neighbors with non-stop horse neighing.

He bought a massive loudspeaker specially and directed it at the ceiling to make sure he would be heard on every floor of the building. Banging on the radiators and walls was also employed to amplify the effect.


The 2014 coup through eyes of a grown-up student: 'Maidan was for nothing, I'm ashamed of it'

Denis Datsyuk/Maidan
© Unknown
Denis Datsyuk and 2014 Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine
Denis Datsyuk, a native of the Vinnytsia region, then a student of Kiev Polytechnic.

On Maidan Datsyuk joined the 38th group of a hundred and stood almost to the end, but he is now grateful to his wife for pulling him off Maidan on the last day of the bloody events of February. "Thanks to her, I did not join the ranks of the heavenly hundred."

In his opinion, Maidan was too idealised, and it was a long way from what it really was. When asked why he went to Maidan six years ago, Datsyuk ironically said that he has "a tiny brain".
"What do we have as a result? Minus Crimea and minus Donbass. The growth of the right-wing movement and the general radicalisation of society. Thousands of young people with post-war traumatised psyche. The economy has collapsed, and domestic and foreign politics are not even politics. Even our masters started to chuckle at us, I mean the United States. In fact, they started this Maidan - for the sake of war with Russia. We have not met US expectations. We have a very low level of managers, we couldn't even ignite the war in Donbass the way they needed it. Our eastern neighbour is not responding as expected. This is not what our Western partners hoped for. That's why we're almost a played card. Moreover, given Trump's foreign policy, we're out of the frame now. He withdraws competent personnel, including from Ukraine. And we will be left only with our fools. I don't foresee anything good."


Corporate giant sells Aussie water rights to Canadian fund during one of worst droughts in history

Drought Australia
© TIME/10daily/KJN
A multi-billion dollar Singaporean food company is selling 89,000 megalitres of Australian water to a Canadian pension fund. The mega sale of Australian permanent water rights comes as the country is crippled by one of the worst droughts in its history.

On Tuesday, NSW brought in a complete ban on hoses as part of the toughest water restrictions implemented for more than a decade.

But no such problem existed for food and agriculture giant Olam International, which sold the 89billion litres of permanent water rights for an astonishing $490 million. The company sold it to an entity associated with the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, one of Canada's largest pension investment managers, according to Straits Times.

It will use the water to irrigate almond trees, in a business venture likely to draw criticism over foreign ownership of farms and water.

The water rights are in the lower Murray-Darling Basin.

Comment: The 'Millennium Drought' began in 2003. Clearly the companies involved in this transaction have little concept of the severity and consequences of appropriating water for profit and non-emergency usage.

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Georgia man, Santa at mall for 50 years, fired this week for posting photo in a Trump hat on Facebook

© Facebook
Frank Skinner's decades long career playing Father Christmas includes 14 years at the Mall of Waycross, the mall that just fired him after receiving a complaint about his post.

The photo in question was taken as the mall was closing, when no children were around, and just meant for his friends and family.

"It really was an innocent thing. It really was," Skinner told First Coast News. He explained that he felt as though his constitutional rights were violated when they told him he could not return to his job.

Comment: This man should not have felt he had to apologize for his own personal freedom, period. Would he have lost his job if he wore a baseball hat with a team logo?


Italian court orders Facebook to restore page of neo-Fascist party in name of political fairness

facebook cube
© Reuters / Dado Ruvic
An Italian court has ruled that Facebook must restore the page of the neo-fascist Casa Pound party, highlighting the impact of the social media behemoth on Italy's politics. So far, the US tech giant has just shrugged it off.

A civil court in Rome has ruled that the decision by the California-based company infringes upon no less than a fundamental principle of equality of political parties enshrined in the national constitution.

By being banned by Facebook, a party is automatically "excluded from (or severely limited in its access to) the Italian political debate," the court said, adding that "almost all" Italian political forces actively use the platform to spread messages or promote their political ideas. The ruling further noted that "relationship between Facebook and its users" cannot be equaled to a relationship between two private entities precisely due to the social network's "special position."

The ruling does not mention the party's Instagram account, which is also owned by Facebook.

Comment: The amount the court is requesting Facebook pay is cents on the dollar to them. Chances are they'd rather pay than to set precedent by restoring a blocked page because legal action forced them to. It will be interesting to see if they cave.


13-year-old suspect arrested in fatal stabbing of Barnard College student, sources say

Barnard College
New York City police have arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with the fatal stabbing of a Barnard College student, according to three law enforcement sources.

The sources told ABC News that the juvenile suspect is facing charges of murder, robbery and weapons possession after he allegedly made statements linking himself to Wednesday's killing of Tessa Rane Majors, an 18-year-old freshman at the private women's liberal arts college which sits just outside Morningside Park in Upper Manhattan, alongside Columbia University.

Detectives believe there may have been as many as three people involved in the incident, the sources said.

Majors was walking through Morningside Park near campus on Wednesday evening when she was accosted by an unknown number of people and stabbed multiple times during a struggle, police said. Majors managed to get herself out of the park and onto a nearby street, where she was spotted by a school public safety officer who called 911, police said. She died soon after at a local hospital, according to the New York City Police Department.