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US, Connecticut: Man Placed Hidden Cameras in 3 Starbucks Bathrooms

© unknown
Paul Deveau admitted to placing them and apologized.

The man accused of filming men in the bathroom of Starbucks on Albany Avenue in West Hartford admitted to placing the camera there several times, as well as in other men's bathrooms, and apologized for it, according to the recently released court documents.

One video file showed a man adjust the camera, which was pointed at the toilet in an open bathroom with no stall and police used that to identify a suspect.

Police arrested Paul Deveau, 51, of Hartford, on July 27, after Starbucks employees identified the man in the file as "Paul," a frequent customer who works as a graphic designer at Hartford Hospital, according to court documents.

Deveau told police he was gay and would hide cameras in men's rooms, not women's rooms, according to court documents. He admitted to placing hidden cameras in the Starbucks men's room "between 10 and 20 times" as well as in the men's rooms at a Starbucks at 852 Cottage Grove Road in Bloomfield and a Route 66 gas station in Hebron.


US, California: TSA Staff at LAX Undergoing Transgender Training

© The Associated Press / The Canadian Press / Damian DovarganesAshley Yang, a transgender woman poses for a photo at Los Angeles International Airport, (LAX) on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, in Los Angeles. Yang was fired from her Transportation Security Administration, passenger screener job at LAX for using the women's room. She recently received a five-figure settlement, back pay and mandatory transgender sensitivity for TSA managers at the LAX airport.
Transportation Security Administration managers at Los Angeles International Airport are undergoing mandatory sensitivity training after a transgender employee alleged she was ordered to dress like a man, pat down male passengers and use the men's restroom.

Ashley Yang, 29, who spent two years as a security checkpoint screener at LAX, was fired last summer after co-workers observed her using the women's room, according to a copy of her termination letter obtained by The Associated Press. She contested the firing, resulting in a settlement that mandated the training.

"Ashley lives her life as a woman. Her co-workers recognized her as a woman. Passengers recognized her as a woman. But her employer didn't," said attorney Kristina Wertz of the San Francisco-based Transgender Law Center, which helped her file a civil rights complaint. "She was asked to hide who she was just in order to earn a living."

The settlement, reached in December and completed last month, also called for Yang to receive five months of back pay and a five-figure award for pain and suffering.

TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said Thursday he could not discuss details of the case because of privacy rules. But he confirmed that the required training of managers started this summer and was ongoing.

Cell Phone

UK: 60% of Teens 'Addicted' to Cellphones

© Daniel Law/PAOfcom says one in three adults and most teenagers classify themselves as highly addicted to their smartphones such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids.
Britons' appetite for Facebook and social networks on the go is driving a huge demand for smartphones - with 60% of teenagers describing themselves as "highly addicted" to their device - according to new research by the media regulator, Ofcom.

Almost half of teenagers and more than a quarter of adults now own a smartphone, with most using their iPhone or BlackBerry to browse Facebook and email.

The study, published on Thursday, also shows that smartphones have begun to intrude on our most private moments, with 47% of teenagers admitting to using their device in the toilet. Only 22% of adults confessed to the same habit. Unsurprisingly, mobile-addicted teens are more likely than adults to be distracted by their phones over dinner and in the cinema - and more would answer their phone if it woke them up.

Separate figures shared exclusively with the Guardian show that, for the first time, smartphone sales outstripped sales of regular mobiles in the first half of this year as the enormous demand continues to rise. Just over half of the total 13.6m mobile sales from January to June 2011 were smartphones, according to research by GfK Retail and Technology UK.


US, Texas: Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After A/C Stolen

A 79-year-old Oak Cliff woman succumbs to the North Texas heat and dies in her home just two days after reporting to police that her central air conditioner had been stolen.

Dolores Grissom's home sits on a corner with the air conditioning unit is completely exposed; only protected by a cage with a lock.

On July 14 Grissom reported that her $2,500 unit was stolen. On July 16 she was found dead. Just this week the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office completed their report that stated Grissom's death was heat-related.

Grissom, who was buried last week, lived with her son and unfortunately this wasn't the first time the home had been burglarized. On at least two other occasions, in previous years, the air condition was also the target of thieves.


US: New Hampshire Mom Charged With Using Gun To Steal Teen's Bike

© unknownKelley Feeley is charged with robbing a teenager.
A 40-year-old New Hampshire woman has been charged with robbing a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint in a dispute over a bicycle.

Officers say the teenager was riding a friend's bike on Ash Street in Manchester, NH.

At one point, the friend's neighbor, 40-year-old Kelley Feeley came out of her apartment and accused the girl of stealing the bike from her daughter.

Witnesses told police that Feeley demanded she be allowed to inspect bicycle.

When the girl denied that she stole the bike and refused to hand it over, police say Feeley pulled a gun, pointed it at the girl's neck, and took the bike.

Officers later seized the disputed bicycle from Feeley's apartment along with several guns.

Feeley is charged with robbery.


UK: Lib Dems Move to Decriminalise ALL Personal Drug Use and to Allow Controlled Use of Cannabis

© AlamyMPs and campaigners say decriminalising cannabis will drag young people into a life of drug use
Liberal Democrats will vote to legalise cannabis and decriminalise all other personal drug use under plans put forward for approval at their party conference.

Nick Clegg's party bosses have given the green light for a debate on the controversial proposal which would mean a 'regulated market' in marijuana overseen by the Government.

The Deputy Prime Minister's aides expect party members to adopt the plan, making it official Lib Dem policy and creating tensions with Mr Clegg's Tory partners in the Coalition.

MPs and drugs campaigners yesterday denounced the idea as likely to drag young people into a life of drug abuse.


UK: Shaking Hands in Celebration on a Bus, Thugs Who Had Just Hunted Down a Schoolboy, 16, Like a Pack of Animals and Stabbed Him to Death

Leaning across the bus seat, these teenage killers shake hands in a sickening moment of self-congratulation.

One is heard to say to another: 'You're the new young boss.'

Just half an hour earlier they had been among a vicious gang who hunted down a schoolboy 'like a pack of wild dogs' before knifing him to death.

Triumphant: Lamarr Gordon and Dale Green shake hands on a bus after the stabbing of Nicholas Pearton, with Gordon heard to call Green 'the new young boss'

© PASauntering off: Dale Green casually looks back at the murder scene after fleeing following the stabbing of Nicholas Pearton


US: F-16s Intercept Plane During Obama's Chicago Visit

© EPARestricted airspace: A Kitfox Model 2 being flown by Myrtle Rose was intercepted by two F-16 fighter jets during Barack Obama's visit to Chicago
Two F-16 fighter jets intercepted a plane flown by a 75-year-old woman after it entered restricted airspace during President Barack Obama's recent visit to Chicago, federal officials said Thursday.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command told The Daily Herald that the jets were summoned when air traffic controllers couldn't contact the pilot Wednesday afternoon. The president was in Chicago for a fundraiser celebrating his 50th birthday.

The jets intercepted the Kitfox Model 2, a kit airplane, piloted by Myrtle Rose of South Barrington, a Chicago suburb. Rose turned the plane around and returned to Mill Rose Farm Airport, NORAD spokesman Lt. Michael Humphreys said.

Rose's plane didn't have a radio, which forced NORAD to use the jets to identify and intercept the plane, Humphreys said.


Mexico Town's Entire Police Force Quits After Officers Gunned Down

© Daniel Aguilar/ReutersThe drug trade in Mexico has left many police forces powerless due to corruption or intimidation.
Drug gangs blamed as 20-strong squad resigns in Ascension after series of targeted attacks on new force

An entire 20-man police force has resigned in a northern Mexican town after a series of attacks that killed the police chief and five officers over the last three months, state officials confirmed.

The officers' resignation on Thursday night left the 13,000 people of Ascension without local police services, Chihuahua state chief prosecutor Carlos Manuel Salas said. State and federal police have moved in to take over police work, he said.

The mass resignation appeared to be connected to a Tuesday attack by gunmen that killed three of the town's officers, Salas said. But it wasn't the first deadly attack on the police department this year.

In mid-May, police chief Manuel Martínez, who had been in office just seven months, was gunned down with two other officers on a nearby highway. The three had been kidnapped a day before police found their bodies riddled with bullets in the back seat of a sedan.