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Thu, 09 Jul 2020
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The turning point for capitalism: Full employment, demand for workers, increased salaries

Jobs protest
© Wisconsin Bail Out the People
Jobs protest
Unemployment creates exploitation of workers

Employers favour unemployment because unemployed workers have to accept poorly paid jobs to be able to feed their families. A higher unemployment rate produces cheaper labour. Unemployment is not difficult to maintain because employers most often do not necessarily need to hire employees. Big employers support political parties that keep unemployment through economic policy. It starts with importing cheap labour and ends with rising interest rates. This is how unemployment becomes a state policy and how state policy maintains the exploitation of workers. All the exploitation of workers has its origin in unemployment. I wrote more about it in the article: Let's remove unemployment.

The rich people have imposed believing that unemployment is an unavoidable price that must be paid for technological development. They have pressured economic science to accept that 0% of unemployment is not a positive thing, which they accomplished. The capitalists have found an unemployment rate of about 5% the most convenient to them so that 5% of unemployment has become a "normal" state in capitalism. This "normal" state makes workers dependent on capitalists. It allows the exploitation of workers through low labour costs, while the total purchasing power of workers is still large enough to produce profits for private companies. However, such a policy has enlarged the gap between rich and poor what increases problems in society.

Comment: There does seem to be some logic to the theory. The trick is how to get 'from here to there'.


Tucker Carlson: We can't let dems run America...because they hate it!

Monday, Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson opened his show by giving President Donald Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota high marks. He then pointed to the Democrat backlash and concluded that Democrats and their allies in the media hate the country.

He alluded to remarks made by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to bolster that point. Carlson then posed the question: Could the left in America lead a country that it hates?

Comment: Confusion reigns supreme. Given the lockdowns, health scares, crazy political games, accusations and provocations, fake news, erasure of history (as if one can actually do that) and the nonstop jockey for global position and dominance...where, exactly, does it leave voters? None of it was necessary.


Galloway: If you think Scottish nationalism is bad now...just wait and see

March in Scotland
© Getty Images/Stewart Kirby/SOPA Images/LightRocket
March in Scotland
Scottish nationalists hate me with a vengeance. The separatist movement is on a very vocal rise, and anyone - especially a Scot like me - daring to oppose it, is being told they aren't a real Scot and should get out of Scotland.

"Some men hate a crab. It runs sideways, not straight, disturbs the sand thirstily. They chase it madly, across the beach, with sticks." Forty years ago I had that poem pinned to my office wall. I've felt a bit like that crab in the last few days since I announced I was moving back to Scotland and intended to fight my old foes in the ruling SNP toe-to-toe.

I hate separatism. I loathe the partitioning of countries, particularly small ones. Especially when there's no need and where everyone will end up worse off, and weaker to do anything about it.

I opposed the partition of Ireland all of my life. I marched on the streets of London nearly 50 years ago against the partition of Cyprus. I believed in Yugoslavia, in Czechoslovakia, I even opposed the break-up of the USSR!

Yet oddly, it has become "left" (whatever that means nowadays) to support the partition of Britain and even more ludicrously to rejoin the European Union while we are at it. And those who demur are subject to the now familiar witch-hunt.

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Man shot dead in Bronx while walking with 6-year-old daughter

man shot walking with daughter
Harrowing surveillance footage captured the moment a man was fatally shot while crossing a Bronx street — hand-in-hand with his 6-year-old daughter.

The clip, tweeted by Rodney Harrison, the NYPD's chief of detectives, opens with Anthony Robinson approaching the intersection of Sheridan Avenue and East 170th Street in Mount Eden around 5:50 p.m. Sunday.

Clasping his young daughter's left hand in his right, Robinson, 29, stops at a crosswalk to eye a dark sedan slowing next to them, appearing to check whether the driver was turning into their path.

But the driver continues to roll along next to father and daughter as they cross Sheridan Avenue, the video shows.

Nearly out of the crosswalk, Robinson turns as though to say something to his daughter — leaving his back to the sedan.


The Purity Posse pursues Pinker for countering their ideological narratives

steven pinker
The Woke are after Pinker again, and if he's called a racist and misogynist, as he is in this latest attempt to demonize him, then nobody is safe. After all, Pinker is a liberal Democrat who's donated a lot of dosh to the Democratic Party, and relentlessly preaches a message of moral, material, and "well-being" progress that's been attained through reason and adherence to Enlightenment values. But that sermon alone is enough to render him an Unperson, for the Woke prize narrative and "lived experience" over data, denigrate reason, and absolutely despise the Enlightenment.

The link to the document in question, "Open Letter to the Linguistic Society of America," was tweeted yesterday by Pinker's fellow linguist John McWhorter, who clearly dislikes the letter. And, indeed, the letter is worthy of Stalinism in its distortion of the facts in trying to damage the career of an opponent. At least they don't call for Pinker to be shot in the cellars of the Lubyanka!

After I read the letter and decided to respond to it, I contacted Steve, asking him questions, and he gave me permission to quote some of his answers, which were sent in an email. (Steve, by the way, has never asked me to defend him; I do so in this case because of the mendacity of the letter.)

Comment: Yet another example of the woke left trying to cancel someone who counters their ideological mistruths with facts and logic. It's completely unsurprising that they would come after Pinker, one who is so efficient at countering the activists with simple data that proves how badly they've been mislead (not to say he's always right, of course).

See also: Steven Pinker on identity politics: 'An enemy of reason and Enlightenment values'


CNN's Don Lemon clashes with actor Terry Crews: Is BLM about police brutality, or problems in the black community?

Black Lives Matter New York street painting
© REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz
Actor Terry Crews faced an angry backlash after voicing concerns about the radicalization of the BLM movement. His clash with CNN's Don Lemon on why black-on-black crime is not part of the agenda split society even further.

Last Saturday, Crews, who is also a human rights activist, tweeted that he saw good people as allies regardless of the color of their skin, adding that he was"prepared to die on this hill."He previously expressed concern that the Black Lives Matter movement might slide into black supremacy.

Comment: It's totally disingenuous of Lemon to say that gun violence is beyond the scope of BLM as he knows full well that BLM has a much broader scope than merely police brutality and criminal justice reform. The numerous and often destructively violent statue riots are a glaringly obvious example of this broader scope in action.

The fact of the matter is that Lemon and the BLM leadership cannot and will not acknowledge the reality of the devastation caused by fatherlessness and black-on-black violence in black communities, because they don't want to look at anything that would undermine their narrative that the situation of black communities is caused entirely by white oppression. In their minds they're victims, and they want to stay that way.

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Reddit commentors tell platform: You became RACIST yourself, as it issues (then removes) ban on content portraying 'people of color' as 'aggressors'

reddit blm protest
© Global Look Press / Valentin Wolf; REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
Reddit has announced that any type of content deemed offensive to people of color will not be allowed. But as outrage mounted among users over the policy, the post suddenly disappeared from the website.

The policy update was posted by Reddit's AutoModerator bot, which intervened in a conversation on the JusticeServed channel.

"We can no longer allow any posts, comments, or other content that shows a POC [person of color] as the aggressor," the publication warned. Corresponding videos, news and personal stories, photos, police reports, and "any other form of media" will be considered "hate speech and/or harassment."

The announcement itself then disappeared from Reddit. It is nowhere to be found on JusticeServed and other accounts, but still available on the web archive.

[Ed. note: The notice has also been scrubbed from the link above but is reproduced below]


Just #CancelActing? Shia LaBeouf accused of brownface & Halle Berry quits her transgender role - all to please the 'woke' crowds

Shia Labeouf Halle Berry
© RLJE Films/Lionsgate
(L) Shia Labeouf in 'The Tax Collector' Dir. David Ayer (2020) ; (R)Halle Berry in 'John Wick: Chapter 3' Dir. Chad Stahelski (2019)
Cop shows are being canceled & actors are being targeted for saying the wrong thing or playing the 'wrong' role. These knee-jerk reactionary social justice warriors simply do not understand art.

Halle Berry has announced she is stepping away from a role as a transgender character after causing outrage, while Shia LaBeouf is being accused of brownface. The only way to please these woke mobs is to just cancel acting altogether.

The tragedy that stands tall above all others in the world of pop culture in 2020 is cancel culture moving to the mainstream.

While the trend of targeting and penalizing people for doing or saying things that may not fit with whatever the trending social topic of the moment is has hurt careers and art before, it's reached a deafening level this year. The worst part is there aren't many within the entertainment industry who dare to stand up to this groupthink.

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Seven torture chambers & cells inside shipping containers discovered in Dutch police raid after crack of encrypted chat app

torture chamber
© Politie Landelijke Eenheid
Six Dutch men have been arrested after a Franco-Dutch police operation to crack the EncroChat encrypted text app led authorities to seven shipping containers outfitted as grisly torture chambers and cells near the Belgian border.

Police arrested six men after snooping on their alleged plans to kidnap and take hostage fellow criminals, discussed in detail over EncroChat for months, Dutch authorities revealed on Tuesday. The kidnappers were apparently quite meticulous in their planning, with several "teams" preparing to snatch up their victims and one "observation team." The authorities conducted their raid on June 22, swooping in right as it seemed the men were ready to strike - through their assumed victims had been tipped off by police and gone into hiding.

Comment: Certainly makes the case for having a police force capable of taking men like this off the street.


Instagram blocks post by supermodel Bella Hadid saying she's proud to be Palestinian

bella hadid
© Reuters / Andrew Kelly
Bella Hadid arrives for the 2019 CFDA Awards at The Brooklyn Museum in New York, June 3, 2019
Supermodel Bella Hadid has called out Instagram, after it deleted a post honoring her father "and his birthplace of Palestine." The Facebook-owned company said the post broke its community guidelines, but Hadid wasn't satisfied.

Hadid shared a photo of her father's expired American passport on Tuesday, which lists his place of birth as "Palestine." The picture, posted to Hadid's story and accompanied with the text "I am proud to be Palestinian," was soon removed by Instagram.
Bella Hadid
© Instagram / @bellahadid
A screenshot of Bella Hadid's Instagram story showing the passport picture
In a follow-up post, Hadid explained that Instagram sent her a message claiming that the post breached the site's community guidelines on "hate speech, harassment and bullying."
Bella Hadid's
© Instagram / @bellahadid
A screenshot of Bella Hadid's Instagram story showing the message from Instagram
"Exactly what part of me being proud of my father's place of Palestine is 'bullying, harassment, graphic, or sexual nudity'?" she asked. "Are we not allowed to be Palestinian on Instagram? This, to me, is bullying."

"You can't erase history by silencing people," she added. "It doesn't work like that."