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Sun, 09 Aug 2020
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball blazes over California

California meteor fireball
© YouTube/AMS American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 14 reports (3475-2020) about a meteor fireball seen over CA and NV on Friday, July 17th 2020 around 11:01 UT.

A video by David A was uploaded to the AMS website.

Fireball 5

Bright meteor fireball flashes over Michigan

Michigan meteor fireball
© YouTube/AMS American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 24 reports (event 3408-2020) about a meteor fireball seen over IN, MI, OH, Ontario and PA on Wednesday, July 15th 2020 around 05:41 UT.

A video by Pete M. was uploaded to the AMS website.


Comet NEOWISE and meteor fireball seen in Trinidad skies

Comet NEOWISE and a meteor over Trinidad
© David Wilson
Comet NEOWISE aka C/2020 F3 in the skies over Trinidad to the right and in the left center is a small meteor.
A shiny celestial beauty, Comet Neowise, which began showing in the night skies earlier this month will appear again tonight in the Humboldt heavens. Start checking about 9:30 p.m. for the best viewing. Then the comet will set about 12:43 a.m., but for those early risers (or those willing to stay up for hours), it will appear again about 2:44 a.m. Look for the frozen ball of gases, rocks and dust under the Big Dipper to the northwest.

If you're along the coast, patchy fog could interrupt your chance to view the comet. In the Humboldt Bay area, head towards Kneeland or Berry Summit where skies should be clear.

According to photographer David Wilson who captured the image above, tonight the comet will be a little higher in the sky than shown in the photo above. "If you can stay up until it's really dark, you'll see a double tail on it," he told us. According to NASA, the glowing head and tail is formed from gasses and dust released when the comet is heated up as it passes our sun.

Fireball 5

Largest meteorite discovered after sitting for decades in garden in Germany

The out-of-this-world find is being hailed as a "scientific sensation." The meteorite was first dug up in 1989 and sat in a garden for decades before the homeowner shared his unusual rock with researchers.
Meteorite, Blaubeuren
© Deutsche Welle
Researchers announced Wednesday the discovery of the largest-known meteorite to have landed in Germany.

The unusual find had been sitting for years in a garden in the southwestern German town of Blaubeuren, according to a statement from the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

"The find has a mass of 30.26 kilograms [66.7 pounds], which makes it the largest stone meteorite ever found in Germany," meteorite expert Dieter Heinlein said.

DLR posted a video of researchers cutting into the boulder encasing the meteorite on Twitter, saying there was an "unbelievable story" behind the discovery.

Fireball 4

Exceptionally bright meteor fireball in the skies of southwest and central Florida

Did you see the fireball in the skies of Southwest and Central Florida Tuesday night?

For weeks, there's been hardly anything reported in Florida to the American Meteor Society, but suddenly at 9 p.m. it had a flurry of sightings.

The reports largely covered a triangle from Naples through Sanibel and Sarasota to Tampa Bay and across the I-4 corridor through Polk County to Leesburg, Sanford and DeLand.

Experts have ruled out both the Comet NEOWISE, which was supposed to be potentially seen later this week, and the upcoming Perseids.

Fireball 4

Sydney skywatchers report stunning green meteor streaking across night sky

Meteor over Sydney Australia
© 7News
A meteor has been spotted roaring over New South Wales.

Pictures captured on the Central Coast show a ball of light burning with a green tinge.

Others filmed the event streaking through sky over the Sydney CBD.

Social media was alight with Sydneysiders sharing pictures and videos of the meteor.

"Did anyone just see a meteor or something go down over Sydney just now?" one person asked.

"Looked like a fireball. Looked green to me."

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball over Seville, Spain

This meteor overflew the south of Spain on 2020 July 3 at about 3:49 local time (equivalent to 1:49 universal time). It was generated by a rock from a comet that hit the atmosphere at around 69,000 km/h. It began at an altitude of about 87 km over the province of Seville, and ended at a height of around 52 km. The total length travelled by the meteoroid in the atmosphere was of about 67 km.

The event was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, which is being conducted by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN). The event was spotted from the meteor-observing stations located at Sevilla, Calar Alto (Almería), La Sagra (Granada) and Sierra Nevada (Granada).


Source of early-morning boom that echoed in Aspen, Colorado remains mystery

Mystery boom in Aspen, CO
© The Aspen Times
The source of a loud bang or explosion that was heard around the Aspen area early Friday morning remains a mystery as officials from different agencies have not been able to track down where it originated.

Fire and police officials checked around looking for a source of the sound early in the morning and could not locate anything that might be the source, an Aspen Police and Fire Department official said Friday morning. They thought it might have been a transformer of some kind because it was louder than a gunshot.

A Holy Cross Energy spokesperson said they were not aware of any transformer damage or a disruption of service Friday morning in the Aspen area.

Many people reported hearing the loud sound echoing in the upper valley. Police and fire officials said it was not the Smuggler Mine cannon that is shot off on Fourth of July at 6 a.m. each year by the owners.

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball lights up skies above Tokyo as witnesses report explosion

A huge fireball crosses the sky above the Kanto region at around 2:32 a.m. on July 2. (Captured from a video taken by Kagaya)

A huge fireball crosses the sky above the Kanto region at around 2:32 a.m. on July 2. (Captured from a video taken by Kagaya)
A bright meteor crossed the sky above Tokyo early Thursday, with many people saying they heard it explode.

Social media came alive after the 2:30 a.m. sightings, with many people saying they heard a large bang. Some said they mistook the sound for noise made by neighbors.

"I thought a person living (in the condo) above knocked down a shelf," wrote one Twitter user, while another said, "I thought my child sleeping on the second floor fell out of bed."

Others witnessed the sky suddenly light up.


A trifecta of astronomical shows coming in July

© Getty Images
Meteorite streaking over Trona Pinnacles near Death Valley, CA, Perseid Meteor Showers 2019
As if Mercury moving backward isn't enough, July is going to get even wilder for sky watchers.

Three more big astronomical happenings are coming up next month — dueling meteor showers and a lunar eclipse, CBS station WUSA9 reported.

The lunar eclipse starts at roughly 11 p.m. July 4. And more moon magic takes place July 5 when the orb passes extremely close to Jupiter and Saturn. The trio will be packed together so tightly that they may even appear as one to those looking through telescopes or binoculars.

A week later, Jupiter and Saturn will blaze in the sky as they will "reach opposition, or the point in their orbits when they are closest to the Earth," the TV station noted.

Perhaps the most spectacular starry display will take place July 28 and 29 when both the Alpha Capricornids and the southern Delta Aquarids showers peak on the same nights, adding a double dose of natural fireworks.