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A big boom, followed by earthquake-like tremors in Charleston

A big boom, followed by earthquake-like tremors. That's how people are describing what they felt Thursday morning.

Starting around 9. the Count on 2 newsroom started getting calls into our newsroom from viewers, from Johns Island, up to Isle of Palms and McClellanville and all the way over to Nesmith.

South Carolina typically sees 10-15 earthquakes a year. But, we don't feel most of them.


Suspected meteorite goes through Illinois window

At a 71-degree angle, going 60 mph, an object went through the house of Bloomington residents David and Dee Riddle at 9:40 a.m. Monday morning. Although it has not been officially confirmed, the object is suspected to be a meteorite.

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James Day, a professor of Geology at Illinois State University examines a space object that fell through the atmosphere and crashed through the window of a Bloomington home on Monday.

"I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of glass breaking," Dee Riddle, whose house is located off of West Miller Street, said. "There was also a thump and a shake."


Wisconsin: Fireball thought to be meteor

From southeastern Wisconsin to as far as Des Moines, Iowa and St. Louis, people reported seeing balls of fire, possibly meteors, streaking across the sky Sunday night.

No major meteor showers were expected in the northern hemisphere on Sunday night, said Jim Lattis, director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomy department's Space Place. But he said it was possible that a minor shower may have been what prompted calls to authorities.


California: Fireball in sky seen across Southland

Witnesses reported seeing a fireball streaking across the night skies above San Diego County on Thursday, prompting authorities to look for a crashed plane.

California Highway Patrol officers were among those who told officials they saw an object sizzle across the sky for four minutes over east San Diego County.


New Delhi: Fireball reports baffling Indian officials

Civil aviation authorities in India are struggling to determine what caused at least 10 pilots to report seeing a "ball of fire" in the air Sunday morning.

Described by several pilots as a "ball of fire, orange in color and scattered," the phenomenon was said to have appeared over the Indian state of Gujarat and has left aircraft officials perplexed at its possible cause, the Sunday Express said.


Incredibly bright meteor over Georgia

[...] I was just outside in the back yard in Northern Georgia, and an incredibly bright light illuminated the dark yard like an arc lamp. I looked up and saw a meteor streaking overhead, white hot, which then broke up into orange, glowing fragments. This happened at 10:21PM EST. I apologize for posting something random like this, but it was astonishing. Perhaps it was a piece of space junk that reentered the atmosphere tonight. Did anyone else see this? It was truly spectacular.


Mystery Over Australia

©Ray Palmer
Space Junk?

Recorded Tuesday at about 2 am, the thirty minute long color film exposure also captured a bright but mysterious object that moved slowly across the sky for over an hour. Widely seen, the object began as a small point and expanded as it tracked toward the North (left), resulting in a comet-like appearance in this picture. What was it? Reports are now identifying the mystery glow with a plume from the explosion of a malfunctioned Russian rocket stage partially filled with fuel. The rocket stage was marooned in Earth orbit after a failed communication satellite launch almost a year ago on February 28, 2006. A substantial amount of debris from the breakup can be tracked.


Big meteor lights WA sky

PERTH residents were treated to a natural sky show last night when a glowing green meteor lit the southeastern sky.

Perth Observatory astronomer Ralph Martin said reports of a big meteor began flooding into the observatory from all over the metropolitan area about 10.15pm.

"It was reportedly travelling from west to east and was breaking up as it went," Mr Martin said.


Green meteor flashes night skies

A meteor with a green coloured tail flashed across Perth's skies last night, prompting several calls to Perth Observatory.

People as far south as Dunsborough and as far east as Chidlow reported seeing a flaming ball course through the heavens from about 9.30pm.

Observatory astronomer Andrew Williams said some witnesses reported seeing the meteor break up

Bizarro Earth

Action plan for killer asteroids

A draft UN treaty to determine what would have to be done if a giant asteroid was on a collision course with Earth is to be drawn up this year.

The document would set out global policies including who should be in charge of plans to deflect any object.

It is the brainchild of the Association of Space Explorers, a professional body for astronauts and cosmonauts.

At the moment, Nasa is monitoring 127 near-Earth objects (NEO) that have a possibility of hitting the Earth.

The association has asked a group of scientists, lawyers, diplomats and insurance experts to draw up the recommendations.

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