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Sun, 28 May 2023
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Fire in the Sky


Heads Up! Meteorite Lights Up New South Wales, Australia

PORT Macquarie found itself in the path of a meteorite on Monday morning as the speeding fireball shot through the earth's atmosphere.

The sky lit up, the night rumbled and the earth shook.

Where it was heading and where it landed, nobody knows.

But to witness the strange phenomenon residents had to be within a 50km radius of the meteorite's path; and there was no shortage of witnesses in Port Macquarie.

Mark Shelton had to pinch himself when he woke up.


Three Meteors over Colorado

There have been three meteors recorded at Cloudbait Observatory in Colorado over the past 45 days.

August 9th, 2007


Meteor Seen In The Skies Of Australia

Western Victoria, Melbourne - Tension gripped Western Victoria residents after witnessing bright light in heavens for two straight nights believed to be a meteor form outer space.

ABC News reported that residents of Ballarat, west of Melbourne, said that they saw a bright orange-colored light in the sky about 10 p.m Tuesday.

Reports said that the bright light looks like a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).


Mystery booms rattle windows, residents in Missouri

Around 12:20 p.m. Monday, a series of loud booms was heard in many parts of Jefferson City and Cole County.

The origin remains a mystery, but an aircraft breaking the sound barrier is considered the most likely cause.

Numerous calls were received at the 911 center. Some reports indicated the noises rocked and shook buildings, but authorities reported no damage being attributed to the booms.


UK: Fireball and 'UFO' spotted over Horsham

A mysterious object was spotted in the skies over Rusper on Friday October 5.

Minutes after seeing what appeared to be a meteorite, a group of ten to 13-year-olds say they saw a strange fast moving object with flashing lights.

"About three minutes after we saw the meteorite, we saw the UFO or whatever it was," said Abigail Russell, 13.


Sparks fly over meteorite

It's a story worthy of an "Indiana Jones" sequel: Drawn by outlandish legends, a controversial collector journeys to Peru, purchases pieces of a rare meteorite under shady circumstances, then has to hightail it across the border to Bolivia with police in hot pursuit. Now the plot is nearing its resolution - and the finale could make another meteorite-size splash.


US: The Thing From Space That Destroyed the Car

Luckily for astronomers, it was a Friday night in the autumn. That meant that hundreds of thousands of people were at high school football games, many with camcorders at the ready to preserve any gridiron heroics. What they preserved as well, from at least 16 different locations from Kentucky to New York, was the path of a fireball across the sky as it streaked northeastward at better than ten miles a second.

(More videos of the event.)


Meteorite Crater Guarded by Peru's Police after U.S. Citizens Attempt to Traffic it

Peru's official government news agency reported yesterday that the crater where a meteorite fell in Puno, Peru was being guarded by 20 of Peru's National Police officers.

Chief of the police station, Major Victor Anaya stated that the officers had been placed near the meteorite landing site to keep a group of U.S. citizens from trafficking pieces of the meteorite.

Comment: It seems strange to call it a meteorite landing site, but that could be a translation issue.


Mysterious Object (A Meteor) Falls From Minnesota Sky

Residents from the Twin Cities to the southwestern corner of Minnesota and into Iowa reported seeing a flaming object shooting through the sky Wednesday, and experts said they may have been watching a meteor.

Shortly after 2 p.m., people across the Twin Cities reported seeing a "metallic" object or "flaming ball" falling from the sky, according to broadcasters and emergency dispatchers who got hundreds of calls from people in Edina, Maple Grove and other suburbs. The callers said they saw the object traveling from the northeast to the southwest.


Fireball seen in sky across Minnesota was meteorite

The blazing orange and yellow fireball that Minnesotans reported seeing flash through Wednesday afternoon's clear blue sky was probably a meteor.

And State Patrol officials are confident that the potential meteor did not transmogrify into a wood pallet that caused a minor disruption to drivers in Rogers. "It fell off a vehicle," patrol spokesman Mark Peterson said of the pallet, which was soon removed from Interstate 94 near Highway 101.