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Mon, 27 Mar 2017
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Fire in the Sky


Sun Grazing Comet

A new video from NASA shows the sundiving comet of July 5th interacting with the sun's atmosphere as it evaporates above the stellar surface.


Bright Meteor Over UK

Caught on a security camera, July 19th, 2011. No location recorded.


Coronal Mass Ejection Billows from Sun's Northern Hemisphere

Solar activity is low, but not zero. This morning a coronal mass ejection billowed away from the sun's northern hemisphere. SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) recorded the blast:


Another spiral formation points to Earth's changing atmosphere

Spiral lighting flying object in western Mongolia. June 21, 2011.

This video filmed in the province Gobi Altai of Mongolia, at 47 km northeast of the Altai city, which is the center of the province. We saw this glowing and flying object at 23 pm 21st June 2011, almost for 2 minutes. Unfortunately, we were able to photograph and record it with photocamera Canon and iPhone in the last minute of observation.

Comment: As Niall Bradley wrote about this phenomenon earlier this year on SOTT:
Spectacular Russian rocket launch - more evidence of comet dust loading our atmosphere

Be they rocket launches or cometary arrivals - the amazing displays they're producing in the sky are telling us something about the change of its composition. Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote recently about the smokescreen of chemtrails, most of which are not chemtrails at all; the suspension of jets' contrails in the atmosphere are another sign telling us that the very sky itself is changing.
Check out the latest edition of Connecting the Dots for more coverage of another sighting of a rocket trail/fireball spotted over Vytegra, Russia on 22d of June this year.


Massive Meteorite Found in China

© Wikimedia Commons
Although the exact location of the newly found meteorite has not been announced, its general location is the mountainous border region of China's Xinjiang Uyghur province.
As the meteorite specialist for the Beijing Planetarium, Baolin Zhang gets all kinds of unusual reports - like the dramatic (but ultimately specious) tale of a peasant woman who recently found a blue-ice "meteorite" in her yard.

But credible reports of a massive, oddly shaped and colored stone in the remote Altai Mountains of Xinjiang Uygur province (in northwest China) got his attention. So earlier this month he assembled a small team to check it out firsthand. The trek was cold and arduous, involving a rented jeep, borrowed horses, and even a camel to cross rugged terrain and rivers still swollen with snowmelt.

On the afternoon of July 16th, after reaching a mountainous crest 9,500 feet (2,900 m) up Zhang and his team finally spotted their objective: a large dark-brown stone jutting from the ground. It took only moments for him to realize what they'd found. "This is a huge iron meteorite," he exulted as cameras recorded the scene.


UK: Fireballs Spotted in the Night Sky?

© Newtownabbey Times
Spotted high in the sky above Ballyclare by Trevor McCusker, it's thought this object may be a fireball carrying information on the ancient history of the solar system.

Meteorites, fireballs or maybe something more extra-terrestrial may have been seen in the Ballyclare sky in the past fortnight.

Eagle-eyed Ballyclare man Trevor McCusker sent these pictures in of three strange objects he spotted in the night sky.

On Tuesday, July 5, the photographer spotted what he described as a "red ball" in the sky around 11pm.

He said: "It was like a football, It was going very fast from south west to north east. It had no tail just a round ball of fire."

Then on the following Saturday, July 9, he spotted a dark object in the sky at around 9pm.

"It was a black type colour object in the sky," he said.


Bright fireball over Poland

Late evening of July 7th, a bright fireball lit up the sky over southwestern Poland. The meteor has been registered by the Polish Fireball Network (PFN).

The first images obtained by cameras placed in a station in the village of Podgorzyn - operated by Tomasz Krzyzanowski - were very interesting because they showed that the object crossed the greater part of the sky. Recordings of the cameras working in a station in Szamotuly operated by Maciej Reszelski also showed a very bright and long trace at low altitude.
Fireball registered by three PFN's cameras, July 7, 2011

Another camera working as a Fireball Shield in the town of Nysa also registered the object. Due to the noise of the latter camera, it was difficult to determine the exact coordinates of the trace in the sky.

The analysis of the collected material establish that the phenomenon began in the Wroclaw area at an altitude of 88.2 km. After 1.5 seconds, at an altitude of 74 km there was a flash of light of about 1 mag, after which the meteor clearly brightened. Perhaps it was then that a fragmentation of the object occurred.

Comment: According to the Polish Fireball Network, the orbit of the body was similar to the orbit of the Alpha Capricornids (CAP), but due to a calm nature of its changes in brightness, the meteor came from the main belt of planetoids rather than being cometary in nature. The approximate mass of the body was likely only 0.5-1 kg.


US: Strange Lights Seen Over First Coast, Florida

© First Coast News
Strange lights seen over First Coast, Michele Casey points out what she saw from Vilano Beach.
Vilano Beach, Florida -- Some strange lights were seen over the First Coast by many of you early this morning.

We had several people call us, and more chime in on our Facebook page about the very bright light that appeared in the sky around 6:15 Monday morning.

Some were worried that it was a plane crashing into the ocean, but the FAA hasn't reported any downed planes, so that's not the issue.

One website, run by the American Meteor Society, said the bright lights were probably a fireball. They define that as an "extra bright meteor."

"At first I thought it was an airplane coming across," said Michele Casey, pointing to the portion of sky where she observed the light.


Hysteria of cosmic proportions! Missouri, US: Cape doctor says he's not leading survivalist group and has been harassed by believers in 'Planet X'

© Fred Lynch
Dr. Byron Glenn at Cape Urgent Care
Dr. Byron Glenn of Cape Girardeau says he wants nothing to do with the people he sees as online crackpots trumpeting a "conspiracy wrapped in an enigma."

He's not alone. The folks at NASA have fruitlessly tried to debunk what they say are wild conspiracies involving Comet Elenin -- a "wimpy" projectile expected to remain more than 20 million miles from Earth.

Glenn said he's been harassed and threatened by doomsday believers of "Planet X," an idea spreading in the blogosphere and in online chat rooms about a brown dwarf star, a low-mass object rapidly approaching the solar system and bent on destroying much of the Earth. He said that believers, apparently followers of Terral L. Croft, or "Terral03" as he is known in anxiety-ridden chat rooms, have shown up at his North Mount Auburn Road family practice demanding answers.

Comment: This article is a good example of how a group of unstable people and their hysterical actions can be used to twist and ridicule valid topics. Yes, comet Elenin isn't Planet X, and the end of the world is not imminent, though the science points out that calamities are highly probable, especially the next Ice Age.

Notice how the seasonal and "heading for the mountains" loonie is being called "out there" and "on the edge," due to him being a "Sept. 11 conspiracist". Although, in this case, the "out there" label is quite justifiable, sweeping generalizations like this influence the minds of others and damage efforts of genuine and reasonable people.

"Earthquakes, volcanoes, rogue tides, mass animal deaths and the whole 9 yards" are indeed happening, and may increase in the nearest future. But there is so much confusion and plain hysteria around the issue, that it plays into the hands of those who have a vested interest in keeping the truth from the rest of us.

Read Elenin, Nibiru, Planet-X - Time for a Sanity Check article for some clarity on this mess.

For further background see:

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Kenya: Meteor Sighted Before Crashing in Kilimambogo

© Unknown
Illustration only
Residents of the towns of Kilimambogo and Tala in Kenya spotted an object in the sky on Saturday. Those who did not see the object, heard it, as it crashed to the ground.

Residents of the nearby towns of Yatta, Kakuzi and Kangundo reported hearing an explosion around 10am, which they said was comparable to a plane crash or bomb explosion.

Eyewitnesses stated that the object was spinning on impact when it landed in a cornfield.

Police and military officers quickly responded to the scene and found an extremely hot object, weighing in at approximately 11 pounds. They eventually took the object for expert analysis.

The object was a smooth black rock, which area officials believe to be a meteor from outer space.

There were no reported injuries from the impact of the extraterrestrial rock.