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The cover-up begins? MH17 black boxes will go to UK for analysis

mh17 black box
© APMalaysia takes custody of MH17's black boxes
Black boxes from the Malaysian jetliner downed over eastern Ukraine will be sent to a lab in the United Kingdom, said Malaysia's deputy transport minister on Tuesday.

"The procedure is to have the black boxes sent to the nearest lab that is authorized by the ICAO for analysis," Aziz Kaprawi told Reuters, referring to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The two black boxes are now in the possession of Malaysian authorities after Prime Minister Najib Razak brokered a deal late on Monday with eastern Ukraine's separatists leader to hand over evidence that could shed light on the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 last Thursday.

Aziz said that the black boxes would travel to a lab under the Air Accidents Investigations Branch in the U.K.

A Belgian Air Force jet was already heading towards Kiev on Tuesday afternoon to collect the boxes. A Belgian defense ministry spokesman said it should deliver them to Britain in the evening.

The Malaysia Airlines plane crashed last Thursday while en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and a ground-to-air missile is suspected of bringing it down.

Comment: Given the sensitive nature of the current situation, with accusations coming from all sides, the handling of the black boxes should be overseen by a team of international experts, and the data should be made public. There is simply too much room for evidence tampering with a U.S./Kiev-friendly country overseeing the data analysis.

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Russia will respond to NATO aggression: Key Putin quotes from defense policy address

Russian Security Council Putin
© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina ShtukinaPresident Vladimir Putin (center) holding a meeting with Russian Security Council permanent members, July 22, 2014.
Moscow will respond to NATO's expansion towards Russia's borders, President Vladimir Putin said at the emergency Security Council meeting in Moscow. Here are his key quotes on Russia's defense, Western sanctions, and violence in eastern Ukraine.

On NATO'S missile system and Russia's defense
Putin quote
NATO forces have been increasing military presence in Eastern European countries bordering Russia and sending warships to the Baltic and Mediterranean due to the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. NATO has also stated that it will endorse new funding for Ukraine's defense, blaming Russia for destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

"We shall provide an adequate and well-measured response to NATO's expansion towards Russia's borders, and we shall take note of [the West] setting up a global missile defense architecture and building up its arsenals of precision-guided weapons," Putin said on Tuesday.

"No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what's going on. As it stands, NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale."

Putin stated that NATO's military build-up near Russia's border is not just for defense, but is an "offensive weapon" and an "element of the US offensive system deployed outside the mainland."

"With that in mind, we need to promptly and diligently implement all the measures we have planned to strengthen our nation's defense capabilities, including our plans for Crimea and Sevastopol, where we will practically have to set up our military architecture from scratch."

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Putin will use influence on Ukraine rebels, calls U.S. behavior "strange and unacceptable"

© Mikhail Klimentyev
President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday Russia would try to ensure Ukrainian separatists cooperate with an investigation into the downing of a Malaysian airliner, but said the West must do more to persuade Kiev to end hostilities.

Putin came out fighting in his most detailed comments since the plane was brought down on Thursday, dismissing criticism of Russia's role in events in rebel-held east Ukraine and describing the West's position as "strange and unacceptable".

Comment: That's polite diplomatic speech for illogical, psychopathic, and totally divorced from reality.

Accusing the United States indirectly of pulling the strings in Kiev, trying to bully Russia and meddling in Russia's domestic affairs, the president said in televised remarks: "Such methods will not work on Russia."

Reading from notes at the head of a long table flanked by his top government, parliament, security and defense officials, Putin spoke much more forcefully than during brief televised remarks on the plane's downing first released in the early hours of Monday, when he looked tired and less assured than usual.

Comment: Putin and Russia are fighting an information war against the world's most efficient propaganda machine. They need all the help the can get countering the egregious lies spewing from the mouths of the psychopaths in charge of the U.S. No wonder Putin is looking worn down.

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Kiev holding evidence, hampering MH17 investigation, covering up crimes against humanity

© RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov
The Russian Foreign Ministry has said Ukrainian authorities refuse to hold peace talks or help the international investigation of the Malaysian airliner disaster, preferring to throw absurd and unfounded accusations against Russia.

Russia is mourning the passengers of the Malaysian Boeing together with the whole world, Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said in an official statement released on Wednesday.

These innocent people were killed in the war that is currently being waged in Ukraine and it is important that the Kiev authorities refuse to announce an armistice which has been repeatedly suggested by the federalist fighters. The Ukrainian military continue to use heavy weaponry on towns and villages, including those that are in the immediate vicinity of the Flight MH17 crash site, Lukashevich said.

"Every day and every hour representatives of the Kiev regime consider it necessary to make absurd and completely unfounded accusations against Russia instead of helping the full and unbiased international probe into the reasons for the disaster. According to recent reports, instead of helping Ukraine's security services are holding some covert interactions with data carriers and employees of the Ukrainian air traffic controllers," Lukashevich said in the statement.

All this is obviously against the objective and unbiased investigation, the Russian diplomat added.

Lukashevich also said that this was not the first case of such behavior on the part of the Ukrainian authorities.

Comment: While Russia is doing everything it can to get to the bottom of what really happened to MH17, Kiev is holding onto important evidence, bombing the region where the crash occurred, and generally acting like the savage, hypocritical beast that it is. But the mainstream media has nothing bad to say about Kiev, and paints Russia as the devil incarnate.

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Russian PM Medvedev: Ukraine crisis will not divide Russia and Europe

© RIA Novosti/Ekaterina ShtukinaRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
The Russian Prime Minister has acknowledged that relations with the EU have become more complicated, but assured foreign trade representatives that the situation in Ukraine would not become a barrier between Russia and Europe.

Despite the current crisis and the sanctions against Russian citizens and companies, Moscow is interested in further development of mutually beneficial relations with European nations, Dmitry Medvedev said in a speech on Wednesday.

"This is true that the Ukrainian crisis has complicated our relations with the European Union. Sometimes these events are called a dividing ridge between Europe's past and future. But this is not true for our country - the EU will remain our major trade partner for a long time and we value our reputation as a reliable supplier," the Russian Prime Minister stated.

At the same time, Medvedev emphasized that Russia would use all lawful means to protect its business interests in the current complicated conditions.

"I would like to raise the issue of protecting Russian companies' interests. All cases of discrimination must be thoroughly monitored and if possible such actions should be foreseen. We must protect our interests, explain the meaning of our reciprocal moves and the reasons behind them," the Russian PM said.

Comment: Actions speak louder than words, and Russia has been living up to that standard lately. The same can't be said for U.S. leaders.

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Lowest deeds from loftiest heights

© AFPIt's not the colour of the sky or the beauty of the clouds. It is sheer terror that impels this little girl to look up as an Israeli drone flies over her home in Gaza City early Tuesday, July 15. The look in her eyes speaks of the fear and trauma in the lives of Gaza's children. It is their childhood, their innocence, their lives, that was and is about to be lost.
They are the most articulate, polished, brilliant and educated of soldiers. They study at the best universities during the course of their military service, come from the best homes, the most highly regarded high schools. For years they are trained for their job, in electronics and avionics, strategy and tactics, and of course flying. They are the very finest of Israeli youth, destined for greatness. They really are the very best, 'bro: They are the ones who become pilots, the best pilots, and they are now perpetrating the worst, the cruelest, the most despicable deeds.

They sit in the cockpit and push buttons and joysticks. It's a war game. They determine life and death, from their lofty place in the sky they see only black dots running around in panic, fleeing for their lives, but also some who wave their hands in terrible fear from the roofs. The black arrow points at the target, and already a mushroom of black smoke rises - poof, a slight tremor in the wing, as the saying goes; a "good" hit, and they're already embarking on the next sortie.

They have never seen an enemy plane coming toward them - the last aerial battle of the Israel Air Force took place before most of them were born. They never saw the whites of the eyes and the red blood of their victims from up close. They are heroes who are battling the weakest, most helpless people who have no air force and no aerial defense, barely even a kite.

Comment: As a result of this column, Haaretz reports that angry Israelis unsubbed from the newspaper. Well, good riddance!


Getting warmer... Malaysian airlines MH17: another "false flag operation" by the US-NATO-Israel war cabal?

© APWorkers in Ukraine seen carrying the bodies away from the wreckage from the downed flight MH17. The western media has seen fit to criticize every aspect of their handling of the crime scene to the point of absurdity. And all this occurring right in the middle of a war zone - due to relentless attacks by Kiev's forces.
One would have thought that the Zionist Anglo-American war cabal would learn from their failures in propaganda warfare, especially now when their credibility is at rock bottom.

Post 9-11 and the Iraq wars, people the world over have got wiser to the devious propaganda ploys orchestrated by the global mass media.

Pointing an accusing finger within an hour of a false flag operation no longer carries any weight even if it is repeated hour on the hour by CNN, FOX, BBC etc. without an iota of evidence.

Obama and Hillary Clinton, war criminals and mass murderers, for all the bravado and rhetoric, sound hollow and come across as devious and opportunistic.

In trying to lay blame at Russia and the Donesk opposition forces that are fighting against the Kiev coup leaders installed by the Neocons, the propaganda stooges of the mainstream media have tripped themselves by making the most elementary mistakes.

Comment: The author of this article writes: "It is a matter of time when the truth about who fired the missile at MH 17 and from where will be established."

So far, it cannot even be established that there was a missile involved in the downing of flight MH17. There wasn't even a ground to air stream of smoke in the skies seen near the explosion which is what usually accompanies such a missile launch.


Geopolitics: A chessboard drenched in blood

© Unknown
"The intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." Everyone remembers the Downing Street Memo, which unveiled the Bush/Blair "policy" in the run-up to the 2003 bombing/invasion/occupation of Iraq. The "policy" was to get rid of Saddam Hussein via a lightning war. The justification was "terrorism" and (non-existent) weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which had "disappeared", mounted in trucks, deep into Syria. Forget about intelligence and facts.

The tragedy of MH17 - turned, incidentally, into a WMD - might be seen as a warped rerun of imperial policy in Iraq. No need for a memo this time. The "policy" of the Empire of Chaos is clear, and multi-pronged; diversify the "pivot to Asia" by establishing a beachhead in Ukraine to sabotage trade between Europe and Russia; expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to Ukraine; break the Russia-China strategic partnership; prevent by all means the trade/economic integration of Eurasia, from the Russia-Germany partnership to the New Silk Roads converging from China to the Ruhr; keep Europe under US hegemony.

The key reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin did not "invade" Eastern Ukraine - as much as he's been enticed to by Washington/NATO - to stop a US military adviser-facilitated running slaughter of civilians is that he does not want to antagonize the European Union, Russia's top trading partner.

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SOTT Focus: Telegenically Dead Palestinians and the Subversion of your Soul

Dead women, dead children, dead babies. Limbs missing, brains missing, guts spilled out on the floor. It's impossible to put a positive spin on those kinds of images, unless you're Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Two days ago, Bibi sought to explain why, in the space of a few hours, Israeli soldiers, under his orders, massacred 63 people, including 17 children, in the Shuja'iya neighborhood to the east of Gaza City. He said:
"We have to protect ourselves. We try to target the rocketeers, we do. And all civilian casualties are not intended by us but actually intended by Hamas who want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can because somebody said they use telegenically dead Palestinians for the cause. They want the more dead the better."

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After Obama why not: Israeli soldiers deserve Nobel Peace Prize says Israeli ambassador to the US

Israeli operation Protective edge in Gaza
© Unknown
The Nobel Peace Prize should be given to Israeli forces for their "unimaginable restraint" in their offensive against the blockaded Gaza Strip, says the Israeli envoy to the United States.

Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer made the appalling remarks at a pro-Israeli event in Washington on Tuesday.
The Israeli forces "should be given the Nobel Peace Prize... a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint," Dermer said, claiming the Israeli soldiers do not "target a single Palestinian civilian."
"Our soldiers are dying so that innocent Palestinians can live," he said, censuring Human Rights Watch for its criticism of the Israeli aggression.

Comment: Since Obama was rewarded the Nobel war prize, why shouldn't Israel get this prize. Seems logic in our Orwellian world, where peace is war, where condolence is given to the aggressors and where fascism is getting a big come-back.

Is something up? Is the cosmic influence getting so strong that people cannot hide their true nature anymore whatever that may be and where those aligned with the dark forces can no longer hide it?