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Amid Mourning, Norway Massacre Suspect Appears in Closed Court Hearing

Oslo - A 32-year-old man accused of this country's worst massacre since World War II arrived for a closed arraignment hearing on Monday shortly after Norwegians paused in grief and self-examination for a minute's silence to mark the deaths of at least 93 people in last Friday's attacks.

A lawyer acting for Anders Behring Breivik, the only person accused so far in the killing, had indicated that his client wanted to wear uniform in court and to use his appearance as a platform to expound on his views, presenting judicial authorities with a choice between denying him the opportunity to do so, and allowing a public hearing reflecting Norway's reputation for openness but possibly provoking public turmoil.

Shortly before news agencies reported Mr. Breivik's arrival for his first court appearance in the massacre, the court said in a statement, "Based on information in the case, the court finds that today's detention hearing should be held behind closed doors."

"It is clear that there is concrete information that a public hearing with the suspect present could quickly lead to an extraordinary and very difficult situation in terms of the investigation and security," the court said, according to The Associated Press.


Obama Reaction To Norway Massacre Betrays US 'War on Terror' Fundamentalism

A government building burns in downtown Oslo from the explosion there Friday 22 July, 2011, which no group has yet claimed responsibility for.
Within hours of Norway's deadly bomb and gun attacks claiming at least 91 victims it has become clear that the horror was perpetrated by a Norwegian loner with rightwing Christian fundamentalist affiliations.

Yet President Barack Obama reacted immediately to the news of the atrocity to insinuate an Islamic connection and to justify America's war on terror.

Obama spoke on Friday while hosting New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in the White House.

The US President said of the attacks: "It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring, and that we have to work co-operatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks."

Prime Minister Key added: "If it is an act of global terrorism I think it shows that no country, large or small, is immune from that risk, and that is why New Zealand plays its part in Afghanistan as we try and join others like the United States in making the world a safer place," he said.

Comment: Yes, the bloodbath was a "reminder" to Norway that it must take the War on Terror seriously and it must "play its part" in the imperial wars of aggression, otherwise more terrorism will be carried out against their population.

On Friday evening local time, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik was captured by police moments after he went on a two-hour shooting rampage at a youth summer camp, killing at least 84 people, most of whom were aged between 14 and 18.

Hundreds of teenagers had gathered on the island of Otoeya, about 20 miles northwest of the capital, Oslo, for an annual summer camp organised by the Scandinavian country's ruling Labour party.

Six-foot blond-haired Breivik was heavily armed and dressed as a policeman when he arrived on the island and beckoned the youths to assemble near him. About two hours earlier, a massive car bomb had exploded in the downtown area of Oslo ripping through government buildings and killing at least seven.

Comment: We have a slightly different take on it to the author. What if Obama and New Zealand president John Key were not insinuating that Islamic fundies were responsible? Consider for a second that these two men know full well that 'Islamic terrorism' is bogus. Now re-read their pre-planned press statements:
"It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring, and that we have to work co-operatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks."

"If it is an act of global terrorism I think it shows that no country, large or small, is immune from that risk, and that is why New Zealand plays its part in Afghanistan as we try and join others like the United States in making the world a safer place,"
Both appear to be thinly veiled messages: Obama is saying that the attacks were carried out to remind Norway that they must follow the diktats of the 'International Community' i.e. the One World Government. Key, by referencing his country's acceptable behaviour with respect to its involvement in Afghanistan, is letting on that he knows his country won't suffer such attacks as long as it plays by the rules set by the Powers That Be. And he is backing Obama up by insinuating that the attacks were a consequence of Norway's reluctance to play ball in Libya.

Red Flag

With impeccable timing, WikiLeaks releases cables showing that Norway was "unprepared for terror attack"

© APMourning roses cast by sympathizers float in the lake near the island of Utoya, Norway, Sunday, July 24.
Norway's intelligence service had previously been criticised for its failure to keep track of suspected terror cells and the country was felt to be complacent about the prospect of a terror attack, secret cables from the WikiLeaks files reveal.

A memo written in 2009, describes the country's security service as "in over its head" and adds "it simply cannot keep up."

Separate cables state that the country felt "immune" from terrorism and that groups such as Al Qaeda were "not a direct threat".

One memo describes how US authorities had to "press" their Norwegian counterparts to take terrorism seriously and says there was a feeling "that terrorism happens elsewhere, not in peaceful Norway."

Talking about an attempt by the Police Security Service (PST) to track one particular suspected Al Qaeda terror cell, a cable written by the US Ambassador to Norway, Barry White, describes investigators as "committed, competent and co-operative, generally".

But he goes on to describe how they refused the help of the UK authorities to put surveillance on a potential suspect and adds: "Not only will they not put their own resources on him...but they also just turned down the visiting UK intel service's offer of two twelve-person surveillance teams."


Police anti-terror drills in Oslo 48 hours before bombing: tragic irony or Standard Operating Procedure for State Terrorism?

© UnknownPeople attend to a person injured in the explosion which rocked Oslo on Friday.
The bombing in Oslo, Norway, and the mass shooting of youngsters at a youth camp near the capital two hours later on Friday are embroiled in tragic irony, following a distinctly more peaceful approach to global policies by the Norwegian government.

A large explosion tore apart government offices in Oslo on Friday afternoon, killing seven people and injuring many more, inside and outside the buildings in the city centre.

Later the same day, a lone gunman dressed in a police uniform opened fire on people attending a Labour Party youth camp on an island at Tyrifjorden Lake, where at least 10 people were reportedly killed. One eyewitness said he saw 20 bodies.

Norwegian police caught the gunman (a Norwegian man) alive; however, no one has claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks in the city.

Comment: It has since come to our attention that the alleged 'police anti-terrorism exercises' occurring 48 hours before the attacks actually took place in 2010. The above article and comments will remain on Sott.net for archive purposes.


Lone gunman myth: Witnesses say at least two terrorists carried out Norwegian youth camp massacre

© REUTERS/ Lasse TurAt least two terrorists behind Norwegian youth camp massacre - witnesses
Witnesses of Friday's mass killings in the Norwegian youth camp say there were two terrorists as the shootings were coming from "two different places on the island at the same time," Norwegian VG paper reported on Saturday.

At least 92 people were killed in two separate attacks in Norway on Friday. Seven people reported to be killed in a bomb explosion at a government headquarters in Oslo and 85 were killed in a shooting at a youth summer camp on the Utoya island, near the capital.

Several young people who survived Utoya's massacre, told VG paper that the shootings were coming from "two different places on the island at the same time."

"I believe that there were two people who were shooting," VG quoted a 23-year old Alexander Stavdal.

Alarm Clock

Best of the Web: Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag

Anders Behring Breivik - mind programmed patsy?
More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Police Drilled Bomb Blasts; Was It NATO's Revenge for Norway's Decision to Stop Bombing Libya?

Washington DC, July 24, 2011 - The tragic terror attacks in Norway display a number of the telltale signs of a false flag provocation. It is reported that, although the world media are attempting to focus on Anders Behring Breivik as a lone assassin in the tradition of Lee Harvey Oswald, many eyewitnesses agree that a second shooter was active in the massacre at the Utøya summer youth camp outside of Oslo. It has also come to light that a special police unit had conducted drills or exercises near the opera house in downtown Oslo which involved the detonation of bombs during 2010 - exactly what caused the bloodshed a few hundred meters away this Friday. Further research reveals that United States intelligence agencies had been conducting a large-scale program of recruiting retired Norwegian police officers with the alleged purpose of conducting surveillance inside the country. This program, known as SIMAS Surveillance Detection Units, provided a perfect vehicle for the penetration and subversion of the Norwegian police by NATO.

A motive for the attack is also present: as part of its attempt to mount an independent foreign policy, including the imminent diplomatic recognition of a Palestinian state as part of a general rapprochement with the Arab world, Norway was leading the smaller NATO states in dropping out of the imperialist aggressor coalition currently bombing Libya. Norway was scheduled to stop all bombing and other sorties against the Gaddafi forces as out of August 1 at the latest.


Something in the air? 29 Shot In Three US Shootings

With the Norway massacre happening around the same time, we have to wonder if there might be some 'frequency' being broadcast to set off susceptible people.

© KOMO NewsPolice cordon off the scene of a shooting in Kent on Saturday, July 23, 2011
KOMO news reports "At least 11 injured in mass shooting at Kent car show... One witness told KOMO News... 'I saw a lot of people running everywhere, running across the street, then the cops showed up.' ...She said the shootings shattered what had been a 'very peaceful celebration' at a La Raza low-rider car show and concert. Another witness, who was inside a nearby Subway restaurant, said about 200 to 300 people were at the car show when the shooting started. He said he saw people running and heard 10 to 12 gunshots. He hustled people inside the restaurant and locked the doors as shots echoed through the parking lot."

An article from CBS Fort Worth reports "A shooter opened fire at a skating rink during a private family event Saturday night, killing five and wounding four before turning the gun on himself, Grand Prairie Police spokesman John Brimmer said. Brimmer said a family member attending the private event at the Forum Roller World at 1900 S. Great Southwest Parkway pulled a pistol and started shooting after getting into an argument with his wife. The first emergency call came at 7:15 p.m., Brimmer said. The suspect shot himself in the head and was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead, said Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye. Including the gunman, six people were killed..."


At Least 92 Die in Norway Massacre - Suspected Second Gunman Arrested

Utoya massacre
Dramatic photos that may show the Norway gunman during his killing spree have emerged.

The blurry images - taken from a helicopter - appear to show a tall blond figure in a dark uniform holding what may be a rifle.

At his feet are what look like bodies floating on the water.

The man is believed to be Anders Behring Breivik, a crazed hunting fan arrested over gun and bomb attacks that killed at least 92 innocent people yesterday.

Dressed as a policeman, the gunman massacred 85 youths camping on an island - two hours after a huge car bomb wrecked government buildings in capital Oslo, killing seven.

Light Sabers

Anonymous hackers hacked by young Turks

'Snobby, arrogant, IGNORANT little f*cking children'

AnonPlus, the social network set up by anarcho-hacktivista collective Anonymous, has itself been hacked.

Affiliates of the group began to set up the site after profiles established by its members on Google+ were turfed out last week. Days later the pre-beta site was defaced by rival hackers in Turkey, who replaced the site's front page with the image of a dog wearing a suit, a joke version of the standard Anonymous logo, together with a message (below) mocking the group in Turkish and English.

This logo suits you more ... How dare you rise against to the World ... Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire? We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be social Now all of you go to your doghouse ...


Heathrow to get new facial recognition scanners

If your face doesn't fit ...

Passengers going through terminals one and five at Heathrow will have their faces scanned from September before they board their planes, airport operator BAA has announced.

Travellers will be enrolled into a facial recognition system and the biometrics linked with the boarding pass on entry into the common user lounges at the terminals. Passengers will then be verified against their previous enrolment before boarding their flight.

The aim of technology, which will be provided by biometric software firm Aurora in partnership with security company Atkins, is to help prevent an instance where an international passenger swaps tickets with a domestic passenger in the departure lounge.