© screenshot/RT"President Joe Biden" dancing in RT's latest holiday parody video
US President Joe Biden is actually a secret Kremlin asset and he's being teleoperated by lost Soviet technology from an undisclosed location in Siberia - at least, according to a parody video produced by RT and released on Tuesday as part of a holiday tradition.

Comment: Biden is a stooge alright, but, unfortunately, not for Russia.

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan stars in the two-minute video as the head of "Project Grandpa on a Leash," which takes the premise of 'Russiagate' conspiracy theorists, flips it on its head, and turns it up to eleven for good measure.

What follows is a song-and-dance number instantly recognizable to everyone in Russia, all in good holiday cheer, along with a firmly tongue-in-cheek pledge to "keep interfering" in American politics.

RT has a long history of poking fun at Western narratives about itself and the alleged - but never documented, much less proven - Russian "meddling," starting with a 2015 viral video "revealing" that Simonyan personally takes orders from a bear and keeps American journalists in a dungeon.